Jurgen Ziewe:

    Jurgen Ziewe posted this on FB. He has written books such as 'Multi-dimensional Man' and 'Vistas of Infinity'. Through a process of meditation he has reached a state where he can access the astral.
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    **CAUTION: POSSIBLE TRIGGER**Fear of Infinity

    I understand why I have this specific fear. I'm curious if anyone else is afraid of the same thing? I'm afraid of and fascinated by empty voids like outer space, and art like the Droste Effect or Matryoshka Dolls intrigues me. I'm not afraid of an afterlife, if there is in fact one. I'm...
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    Frustration/anger builds up to infinity.

    Well, first off: I have a terrible frustration/anger problem. Whenever something doesnt go my way (Like doing stuff on the computer and it doesnt work, and I keep trying diffrent stuff for like 90 minutes and it still doesnt work) then my frustration builds up and up and up. There is NO LIMIT. I...