1. S

    Twenty-three, never had a job, still depending on parents. Why?

    I never had a job and I still depend on my parents, mainly my mom because I live with her. I don't know how to take care of myself. I mean, I can do things like clean up after myself and cook a few things, but I'm far from independent. I wouldn't know how to live on my own or get a job. I feel...
  2. cpuusage

    Local authorities 'spend close to nothing on mental health'

    Local authorities 'spend close to nothing on mental health' | The Independent
  3. M

    Avoidant and dependent

    In every aspect i wish i could get the help i need but being independent feels impossoble no one seems to get this
  4. Unique1

    Magic mushrooms and depression..

    Magic mushrooms could be 'serious breakthrough' for depression treatment, claims drugs expert | Science | News | The Independent
  5. D

    Psychosis is not a sign of a 'broken brain' - it's a normal process

    Human brain may be designed to give us hallucinations, scientists say | Science | News | The Independent
  6. D

    Mental health spending policy under attack by 'top' psychiatrist

    Britain's top psychiatrist Simon Wessely challenges Government to ring-fence mental health spending | UK Politics | News | The Independent
  7. D

    Good news for chocolate lovers

    Chocolate makes you cleverer: A 40-year psychological study proves that the sweet treat can boost our grey matter | Features | Lifestyle | The Independent
  8. R


    hello. i have been diagnosed with bipolar 2, borderline personality disorder, and of course depression. i take prescribed medication and a variety of horrible about consistently taking them, so i couldn't really say if they make a difference or not. i have low self esteem and...
  9. M

    Medical Assessment

    I have been off work now for around 5 months with bipolar depression and anxiety. Work have said I need to go for a medical assessment. they have already had a report from my physiatrist but they want an independent medical assessment. I'm really worried about the future I don't know what they...
  10. C


    Flintshire Advocacy Services North Wales 1 The Podium, Ambrose Lloyd Centre, New Street, Mold, Flintshire CH7 1NP 01352 759332 The advocacy service is structurally independent from statutory organisations. The service is designed and operates in a way which is free...
  11. C

    East Riding of Yorkshire

    Kingston upon Hull Mental Health Action Group 33-34 Caroline Street Hull HU2 8DF 01482 585244 Mental Health Action Group offers a peer advocacy service to people in the Hull and East Riding area. We aim to ensure your needs and wants are listened to, taken seriously and...
  12. C

    North Somerset/Avon

    North Somerset FRIEND- Community Mental Health Resource Centre FRIEND (North Somerset) Ltd. 39 Oxford Street Weston-Super-Mare North Somerset BS23 1TN Tel: 01934 622292. Drop-in Weston-super-Mare Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12.00 to 16.00 Please contact W-s-M Centre Worker, Caroline...
  13. C


    Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland LAMPdirect | Mental Health in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland 65 Regent Road Leicester LE1 6YF Tel: 0116 255 6286 Fax: 0116 247 1073 E-mail: LAMP is an independent voluntary organisation working to promote good mental health...
  14. |||ME|||

    Deaths in Mental Health Detention: An investigation framework fit for purpose?

    Deaths in Mental Health Detention: An investigation framework fit for purpose? Note: About one person per day dies while being incarcerated in so-called mental health hospitals, this has been the ballpark figure for many years ... for example "There were 3,628 deaths in mental health detention...
  15. I

    The Independent: "Bedroom Tax To Be Abolished..."

    This is the link...
  16. Inter Vivos

    Famous last words; ha ha...

    Hello Folks, Perhaps you will remember me: I previously was a member of this web forum in mid 2013(?). I wrote then, with some degree of confidence, that I needed to leave the forum because I felt that I had recovered from schizophrenia and was no longer able to understand with sufficient...
  17. K

    Intrusive neighbours making me feel suicidal

    Hello, Short summary of self: I suffer from depression, anxiety and OCD , these things combined make it difficult for me to leave my home. I have been formally diagnosed with all above and have recently undergone treatment via psychologist visiting my home every week for 8 months. I seldom go...
  18. S

    Supported living in Canada

    Has anyone else on here accessed community services to live in a group home or independent living arrangement for people with disabilities? I'm trying to get into one or the other and wondering about others' experiences....
  19. K

    Dependent upon other half :(

    I have had undiagnosed depression for some time (5years+) and have recently gathered the guts to go to the doctor about it and have been diagnosed with it. Anyway, I have been with my other half for some time, 6 years or so. Slowly (and without me really noticing when it became an issue) I have...
  20. BillFish

    Finally we meet, the head of OT

    The guy that runs the ot department visited an hour ago, he had a good looking student with him, blonde hair blue eyes.As they came in I told them to be careful because the dog might attack them, they were too scared to go into the living room until I told them I was joking :rofl: My dog is a...