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  1. O

    Would increasing my Seroquel XR dosage from 300mg to 400mg help my brain fog?

    Would increasing my Seroquel XR dosage from 300mg to 400mg help my brain fog? I have problems with anxiety, and previously one episode of psychosis, for which I am taking 300mg each night of Seroquel XR. I still get anxiety (sometimes quite bad), fixated thoughts (far too many of them), and a...
  2. M

    Citalopram dose upped

    So recently i went to see my gp because my thoughts of suicide were returning and i was doing risky things like driving at high speeds and wrecklessley just that the thoughts were coming back and the citalopram didnt seem to help anymore - so she upped my dose to 30mg i just wanna know how long...
  3. B

    Is it possible to have a "normal" life?

    I don't believe it anymore. But I accepted it. Acceptance doesn't mean that I'm not in pain. I have rapid cycling. I don't want to take medication (I'm on medication). At least I don't want to increase the dosage because you know, they have side effects. But I'm still rapid cycling. I started...
  4. C


    Surrey Oakleaf Enterprise 101 Walnut Tree Close Guildford Surrey GU1 4UQ 01483 303649 [email protected] Oakleaf is the only mental health charity in Surrey working as a social enterprise to provide vocational training for those suffering from mental health issues. We offer...
  5. Unique1

    Panic attacks nd the benefit system..

    Really made myself in a terrible panic. Earlier I Received a standard email from an organisation about help with benefits, went into it and it's really triggered me. I recieve PIP which I know is ok as far as housing benefit is concerned and not means tested. As a result of receiving PIP my...
  6. B

    abilify and eyelid twitch

    Hi eveybody, In the last 6 months this is the first time I'm "stable", for 2 weeks. I started abilify on 15 of Jan. I love this drug and don't want to stop taking it. I'm really tired of episodes and want to have peace at least for some months. But in the last 2-3 days I have eyelid muscle...
  7. dubblemonkey

    there are few choices

    ..bipolar affects me physically ...I was always skinny and fit. lithium and Seroquel has expanded my body in ways that frustrate me and affect me. ...the doc said that everyone gets hungry on these pills. I am not hungry and I continue to expand. ...it's no secret that mood dis-order meds...
  8. Parissa

    I'm depressed

    New anti depressant I thought was working but today I am depressed. The psychiatrist said we might increase it but I wasn't sure. Now I'm sure. I can't do this again. Go through this. Spent too much of my life depressed. :cry2:
  9. S

    Self increasing dose of sertraline

    Hi, I've been on 50mg Sertraline for three weeks and since going back to work on Monday I think I need to increase my dose. I rang the GP this morning and she is off til Monday. We had talked about upping my dose but hadn't agreed it ... is it as simple as taking two 50mg tablets in the...
  10. G

    Lexapro Dosage increase?

    Hey Everybody! I'm a 21 year old student and I've been suffering with GAD for most of my life. It's gotten pretty bad these past few years to the point where I've entered a cycle where at times I've been unable to read/focus on my textbook readings. I have good days where I can read on and on...
  11. supergreysmoke

    Feel Like A Pressure Cooker Set To Explode Today

    Pressure, real and imagined and from the past and the future most feared. It makes me like this sometimes. I'd best withdraw on days like this. God forbid what would happen if I had work or voluntary stuff to attend on days like this? I mean this is not simply anxiety I suffer, not with...
  12. FallenAngel

    Cameron Vows To Protect NHS Spending

    BBC News - Cameron vow to ring fence NHS spending for another five years Another one of those delightful 'headlines' which masks the truth that no doubt the Tories will look for more savings from a budget they don't plan on increasing. So actually Dave you are cutting the budget because you are...
  13. F

    Psychotic disorders confer ‘staggering’ increase in unnatural death risk

    Psychotic disorders confer ‘staggering’ increase in unnatural death risk Mortality among patients during the first 10 years after first-episode psychosis is marked by a huge increase in the rate of unnatural death relative to the general population, a UK study shows. The rate of unnatural...
  14. F

    Self-harm by mental health patients in NHS has risen by 56%, figures show

    Self-harm by mental health patients in NHS has risen by 56%, figures show Growing numbers of people being treated in mental health units are harming themselves and trying to take their own lives, new NHS figures suggest. The number of such incidents at 29 of England's 52 NHS mental health...
  15. JessRar

    How are things getting worse?

    A while back I posted about attempting to increase calories. Ever since then, my count has gone down. Total opposite of what I was aiming for, but panic got the better of me and I decided it just wasn't worth it. I hate myself for letting it get this way. I'm very underweight now but I can't...
  16. D

    What to expect in the first stages of recovery?

    Hello, I have been struggling with anorexia for the past 8 months or so. I am beginning to get treatment and have a pretty good treatment team with a doctor, dietitian, and counselor. However, I have not yet been able to increase my daily intake enough to maintain my weight... My BMI is very...
  17. D

    "Frequently moving schools during childhood can increase the risk of psychotic symptoms in later years."

    "Frequently moving schools during childhood can increase the risk of psychotic symptoms in later years." Frequent school moves can increase the risk of psychotic symptoms in early adolescence "Researchers at Warwick Medical School have shown that frequently moving schools during childhood can...
  18. M

    How long before Abilify increase gets into my system?

    Dear all, I have recently been encountering a voice which is sometimes disruptive, particularly at night. As a result, my medication has been increased from 20mg to 25mg (Abilify). That was 2 weeks ago, but the voice still remains. How long before the increase gets into my system and the...
  19. tigerfish

    even worse!!

    I had the venlafaxin increased recently and I am feeling even more depressed!! It was about a fortnight ago that the Dr put up the pills and I understand it takes a while to settle down again, but how do I know if the medication too strong or that I've got even more depressed despite the...
  20. zoomz

    Psychological wrestle.

    headbutting the wall. They are~ Derogetry, Pleasant, Very Nasty, Commanding, Guiding. come in the form of men and woman that follow me about.. Yesterday saw an increase of invega to 100mg. I isolate myself to the bedroom feeling empty moodless, my mood has been stolen.