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  1. H

    Anti Psychotic medication

    How long you have been taking anti psychotic medications.im taking risperidone 0.5 mg for 6 months for my paranoid thoughts.my symptoms are gone.my worry is that the medicine won't work in future ,i need to increase dose..
  2. calypso

    Feeling better - ish

    I am feeling a bit better, still hearing the 'man', but he is not intimidating me and even called my his little flower (sarcastically, but hey), the other day. The urge to die is still there as is self harm, but not as intensely. Resisting the SH seems to stop it dominating too much. I'm on...
  3. P

    psychiatrist appt

    I have a psychiatrist appointment tomorrow morning and I am really nervous and I won't talk. My mental health worker said I have to see him cos I presenting psychosis symptoms. I don't think I am to be honest cos everything I see and hear and think it real but she doesn't think so I have to see...
  4. H

    Really need help. No dopamine still after coming off all medications

    It doesnt make sense. My dopamine of hugging and kissing dyed down after taking effexor 6 years ago, and have been numb ever since. Down stairs then also became numb when taking seraquel xr ever since. Now ive come off all. And my dopamine feelings are STILL not back? This doesnt make sense...
  5. C

    Depression or Psychosis?

    I have schizoaffective disorder, depressive type. Thankfully, my psychosis went away with medication, but my depression did not. In fact, it has gotten worse. For the past four years, I have been too fatigued to bathe on a daily basis. I'm just too exhausted. Sometimes I go as long as a week...
  6. C

    Post break up depression and eating problems

    My relationship broke down unexpectedly just before new year and I am now unable to eat as I have no appetite at all. I want to eat and I'm worried about health issues this is going to cause, and how long I can survive like this! Today I have managed half a pack of instant noodles. I don't have...
  7. M

    I don't understand

    I really don't understand why the effect of medication doesn't last that long before I need to increase again. I can't go without it (it's been tried) but I get used to doses so easily. I don't understand many things. I don't understand why people are out to get me. I don't understand why I...
  8. F

    Anxiety and sleeping too long

    Do you find it ramps up your anxiety or maybe it's just me? Slept for 11 hours and woke up feeling really anxious with a headache thrown in to make things worse. It's not the first time I've slept too long and noticed this increase in anxiety.
  9. J

    Am I depressed?

    Hi all, I like to think that when it comes to any form of illness that I'd be seen as the complete opposite to a hypochondriac, however due to repetition in my more recent behaviour I've come to question what is up with me. Over the past 6-12 months, I've found I lack energy to go to...
  10. H

    mitizipine and weight gain

    Hi, I am currently taking 30mg of metizipine. I have watched my calorie intake and do exercise x 3 weekly. I am still gaining weight. I know this is a side affect but was wondering if I reduced the dosage would I lose the weight or still keep gaining. It is a wonderful drug as I suffer also with...
  11. fazza

    Stopping meds Too sedated to function

    I am thinking of coming off my meds. I currently take 20mg of olanzapine and 300mg haloperidol depot per month. I still here voices and have a constant running commentary with these drugs and I cant go on clozapine because my white count is too low. I dont see the point of taking these drugs...
  12. F

    Venlafaxine increase & Blood test required?

    Hello Everyone, I am new to this forum and wish to ask advice on the following: My medication for venlafaxine has been increased to 300Mg and my CPN wants a nurse to take a sample of my blood to then send to a Lab for analysis, please could someone explain why this is necessary and what...
  13. Gajolene

    5-HTP: Prozac’s True Alternative

    5-HTP: Prozac's True Alternative | Wake Up World Van Praag’s and Young’s work suggests that 5-HTP is more likely to be effective for those suffering an anxious, agitated, aggressive, irritable depression and is rarely effective for those suffering from a severe, vegetative, total “blahs”￾ type...
  14. R


    I am undergoing therapy and have been on anti depressants ( escitalopram) for a year, respiradone 1mg for 6 months, diazepam and propranolol. Over the last week my mood has plummeted, unable to complete a task, flashbacks, panic, self harm and suicidal and intrusive thoughts. Saw GP who referred...
  15. F

    Study: Low cost interventions can improve patient and staff safety in mental health wards

    Study: Low cost interventions can improve patient and staff safety in mental health wards A recent study, published in the International Journal of Nursing Studies, reveals a set of ten low-cost interventions that can increase safety on psychiatric wards. This Safewards Model reduces...
  16. J

    Spiraling into depression again

    I'm really worried about my depression. Although I'm taking my normal meds, same dosage for the last 10 months, I'm starting to feel worse and am panicking. I had a baby 10 months a go, but don't think this is post natal as I've always suffered from depression anyway, I've got worse since going...
  17. M

    anxiety or panic ?

    Hello I am 32 years old girl and I live with my mother. 2 years ago suddenly my father died because of heart attack. One week after his dead I had one panic attack. Psychiatrist prescribe me medication and started low dosage of Imipramine 10, Fluoxetine 10 and Trifluoperazine 1mg and told me...
  18. B

    Don't know what to do

    I want to increase the dosage of Lamictal 10 fold to die. I can't. I'm on Tegretol, Abilify, Valdoxan and only 25 mg of Lamictal. Today we increased it to 50 mg. I have to be slow since I had an allergic reaction to it in the past. Then I want to increase the dosage of Valdoxan if it could help...
  19. D

    Question about SSRI for OCD?

    I'm on citalopram for more than 2 weeks now and the only side effects I have is sexual disfunction and sleepiness. I'm currently on 40mg. But I was wondering if I swap to a different SSRI, do I have to start on a low dosage and increase it after sveral weeks? Or will I be able to use the new...
  20. O

    Would increasing my Seroquel XR dosage from 300mg to 400mg help my brain fog?

    Would increasing my Seroquel XR dosage from 300mg to 400mg help my brain fog? I have problems with anxiety, and previously one episode of psychosis, for which I am taking 300mg each night of Seroquel XR. I still get anxiety (sometimes quite bad), fixated thoughts (far too many of them), and a...