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  1. D

    Do i need a higher dose

    I been on 100mg of since may of 2017 and it helps me sleep but I feel like I need to take it early. I used to take it 5;00 and I need to take at 4.30. I am also on it for Paranoid Disorder. I often think people are mad or being mean/rude. I have been getting that on and off I have an appointment...
  2. C

    Anxious about GP increasing medication+Self-Esteem Issues.

    Hi everyone, So I have GAD, Hypochondria and Obsessive thoughts as well as a few compulsions and I'm on SSRI's for my various anxiety disorders and it's been brilliant and i'm only on 10mg a low does and I have been for months and it's been great but both my GP and my Psychiatrist said that...
  3. W


    Hi I'm new to this ! I've been diagnosed with psychotic depression over the last two years , I was wondering how people control there weight ! On the medication. My medication is Amisulpride ,I was on 100mg , but have asked to be put on a lower dose of 50mg because of the drastic increase in...
  4. F

    My many selves: how I learned to live with multiple personalities

    Written by Emma Young My many selves: how I learned to live with multiple personalities | Mosaic I must admit to a certain amount of scepticism due to (a) The massive increase of incidence of DID since the 80s (b) The significant increase in number of alters people claim to have and (c) The...
  5. moyet

    question about lamotrigine

    Posted this in bipolar section but wanted to post here too: Hi, I've been on lamotrigine for around 4 months and have titrated up to 200mg per day. It does seem to be having a positive impact on my depression. It hasn't gone away but I'm generally more motivated and when I do feel depressed...
  6. moyet

    question about lamotrigine

    Hi, I've been on lamotrigine for around 4 months and have titrated up to 200mg per day. It does seem to be having a positive impact on my depression. It hasn't gone away but I'm generally more motivated and when I do feel depressed it doesn't last as long or hit as hard. Just one thing I'm...
  7. BorderlineDownunder


    at the moment we all live under a system that means if we get depressed, the doctors prescribe us something that may increase suicidality. Can someone please tell me how this Makes Sense. :scratch:
  8. C

    It Gets Better

    I have been away from the forum for awhile, as my computer has been broken. I'm using my phone to log on to the Forum. Anyway, what I want to say is that it does get better. For four years, I was too tired to shower more than once or twice a week. With encouragement, this past year I was able to...
  9. R

    the autumn statement what does it mean for us

    i'm just curious what the autumn statement will mean for me, the bbc and media disabled don't work for them, we don;t really exist, looked at the guardian, people like me aren't paying guardian readers for the result of goverment changes to be published Social care no increase, just as well i...
  10. K

    Grit Determination and Discipline

    As my recovery takes off I can count my blessings. I have a supportive family, and I have an education. I am young at 26 and have had many positive work experiences. What I'm wondering is again about coping strategies. What helps the average person be mentally strong and what are quick fire...
  11. cpuusage

    Disability assessments profoundly increase peoples vulnerability

    Disability assessments profoundly increase people’s vulnerability - Disability assessments profoundly increase people's vulnerability - Scisco Media "The government have persistently denied any “causal relationship” between their welfare reforms and an increase in premature deaths and...
  12. C

    Citalopram increase how long 20 to 30

    My 16 yer old son was on 20mg of citalopram and responded really well, he was social and happy after 10 weeks on them. I cant remember when they started kicking in but it was a steady climb. Now he has been put up to 30 and after 2 horrendous weeks of side effects we are currently on week 4,5...
  13. S

    Impact of flowers on your mental health!!

    Hi everyone, Did you know that flowers can have an impact on our mental health?? Well, they can. I never knew that flowers could have so much impact on our mental health. Both at home and at work place, try to have flowers around you. It may help to create an air of positivity and increase...
  14. S

    should i stop exercising ?

    it is associated with increase in manic eposides hearing voices ordering me to stop exercising espaicially running is important for me to maintain my weight and my life quality anything good for me and voices increase and order me to stop what can i do ? thank you friends
  15. O

    Things others have told me that make Schizophrenia worse.

    You ever get advice from others that did the study but they don't have the Schizophrenia to test what they learnt. Two lessons come to mind. 1. The seventh day Adventist church used to get it's best Christians to pray and fast once per week. What my educated Christian friends in other church's...
  16. ElDorado

    Anxiety caused by vitamin supplements...?

    I recently started taking vitamin b-12 as I'm tired most of the day and was looking for ways to increase my productivity. However, it seems as if ever since I started taking them, my anxiety has got considerably worse. I have gone back to the person I was last year and have been pushing my...
  17. M

    Venlafaxine and Mirtazapine = Increase weight

    So the other day while seeing my Psych Nurse, She mentioned that she was concerned that id put on weight. I haven't recently, but since April/May last year i have. And previously on other medications i did too. This time around with Venlafaxine and Mirtazapine i've put on 22lbs since i began...
  18. G

    What chest sensation am I having?

    Im a 25 y/o male from Australia. I suffer from GAD which has gotten progressively worse im the last year. My problem is that I have a sensation in my chest which happens hundreds of times per day. The feeling has progressively become more frequent in this time. The feeling is of my heart...
  19. P

    Increase in sexual activity

    Within the last couple months, I started to feel the need for sex at least twice a day. My Dr tried to cut back on my anti depressant but I began to feel more depressed. Now he wants to increase my Lamictal. Has anyone else had this problem. I tried not to focus on the urges, but doesn't always...
  20. 6

    Citalopram 20 up to 40

    I have been on 20mg for 7 weeks. Tomorrow I see my gp and it is going up at 40mg. Any thoughts? Did the increase help? Was it horrible? Did the initial side effects some back worse than when you started 20mg or easier? Advice?