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  1. Mayflower7

    ESA Income based

    Hi All, Had the dreaded brown envelope this morning, I am on ESA contribution based and PIP. It seems the DWP want to assess if I should have been on ESA income based dating back to 2011. I am so scared, massive form to fill in. Anybody else had this happen? Thanks so much for any support/advice
  2. P

    Finding A Job

    Im in desperate need for advice, I dont have my diploma or Ged, And i need a job i only get a low income every month its hard to find work because of my schizophrenia
  3. J

    Do people on income based ESA get reassessments?

    Do people on income based ESA get reassessments? And if they do how long do people who are on ESA usually get to stay on ESA before they are told that they are "fit to work" and then lose their ESA?
  4. M

    Severe Disability Premium backdated

    Hi all I currently get PIP and ESA. My father passed away in July this year,so I took over the tenancy and did a quick benefits check online, that is when I came across SDP. I have never heard of SDP before.So I rang the DWP in July this year and applied for it.I got it backdated to May this...
  5. F

    Moving to a universal credit area ,drop in income

    I will be moving to a universal credit area on Monday. I've found via the benefits calculators I'll be over £40 a week worse off . Thus coupled with a previous drop of income in the change from dla to pip I'll have lost nearly £90 a week. This government certainly hates the disabled. The...
  6. I

    Emergency housing without an income

    If I lose my only income would I be able to qualify for emergency housing until I could get my income back? I don't want to have to move back in with my abusive mother! But if I lose my income I lose my apartment. Would they take me without an income? What should I do? PLEASE HELP! Thank you. I...
  7. F

    Treating sons differently, financially. Am I being over-sensitive?

    I am a single man, living alone, with no kids, always had a modest job income. Financially I am very secure, with two properties which are mortgage free and have savings bringing in a second income. I have always been careful with money and have never had expensive taste when buying things. I...
  8. prairiechick

    Slipping Fast

    Down, down, down. Went to bed at 9:30 last night, and got up at 9:00 this morning. Don't feel like doing anything. So stressed about uni application and afraid I won't get accepted. So stressed about money and paying for prescriptions before pharmacare coverage kicks in. Still haven't filed...
  9. R

    Help please

    Hi, Since my benefit has changed to ESA, I keep getting letters telling me about how my housing and council tax benefits are going up, as they keep saying my income has changed, but I am getting exactly the same as I was getting on Incapacity Benefit, council tax has doubled from £15.00 to...
  10. F

    Just wanted to say...

    Just to say something here; although I have not been very good at doing it there's one thing I do understand. Our happiness is something that we have to find from within ourselves; we cannot rely on things such as the right relationship, right job, right income, the list goes on. It's rather...
  11. bootoblue

    It is not true.

    Contribution based esa is commonly thought to last for the first year then over to income based. Contribution based can go for 3 years.
  12. shaky

    Working tax credit assessors are thick

    I filled in my form for working tax credits and sent the form off I got a letter today saying that my award is £0.00 Well, I was apoplectic! So I rang them up to tell them they are wrong And she said that my income last year was xyz And I said - that was when I was employed - and I'm not now...
  13. L

    working out my daughters benefits.

    Hello everyone. This is the first time I have been on any forum (and just learning how to use a computer so please bear with me). Every since my daughter was moved from ib to esa I have just accepted the money she was granted and was grateful for it. She's on contribution esa and dla (high rate...
  14. B

    Mr Confused 28yrs old-ESA- can i retrain

    I hope people can help me with a situation I find myself in..... I suffer quite badly with Anxiety and depression and I am currently going through CBT... I find it useful to some extent but cant help feel that something to look forward to would help me with my recovery. basically I am 28 yrs...
  15. cpuusage

    Psychosocial effects of Poverty

    It's Official - Being poor makes you thick & depressed. Income Inequality & Depression October 30, 2013 Research from Harvard finds that living in states with higher income inequality makes people, especially women, more susceptible to major depression. The study drew on data regarding...
  16. R

    Concerns for mother in home

    my moms in an elderly mentally ill home, doctor said dementia is when you lose control of that part of the brain that controls behaviour, felt the dr got something out of telling me that the home seems worse than highcroft, it's a private home the house was sold to pay for it so looks like i'll...
  17. Wiseowl

    Warning Higher Education and ESA Income Related!!!!

    If you have a part-time student loan for tuition fees this should not be counted as income when you claim ESA income related.
  18. E

    reclaiming overpayment of benefits

    I was on dla for over 6 years and sudddenly it got stopped but when i reclaimed i was given full entitlement back EVENTUALLY. NOW MY PROBLEMS IS is that prior to this all my entitlements where correct and set up and when my dla got stopped everything went wrong once my dla was up and running...
  19. starryeyed222

    help with prescription costs?

    Hi, i earn over the limit to be classed as low income and qualify to have my prescriptions completely paid for, however i am experiencing financial difficulties and have been told by national debtline that my income only just about is enough to live on and was wondering if anyone knows if i...
  20. DizzyPrincess

    Statutory sick pay and income support

    I have been on the sick from work for the past 6 months. I am now only recieving ssp which is not enough to live on. I have recently applied for income support and stated that i still have a job to go back to when well. Has anyone been in this situation or know if there is anything else i can...