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  1. M


    Sorry for all the threads. (A tad ironic) I just don't know. Trying so hard to resist everything in my head, want to knock myself out and never wake up. Want to escape. Please ignore me, others are more important.
  2. pepecat

    Request for potential participants for a documentary on BPD.

    Please note this has been approved by the mods. Dear All, My name is Maximiliano Braun (you can call me Max) and I am a reportage photographer and film maker. I am producing a documentary and photographic reportage on BPD with the aim to help audiences understand it better and help with the...
  3. K

    I've been talking to someone online....

    And we seem to really hit it off but I'm afraid he'll abandon me. I told him that I have depression and am prone to just stop caring in general but didn't tell him exactly how and why that situation occurs. In the back of my mind I'm terrified of being abandoned again and that I'll just stop...
  4. R

    Does your OCD increase at important junctures

    Does your OCD accelerate whenever you have to make important decisions? I am having this problem currently and it's at a 9/10 which has been the worst since graduating college in 2008 (currently 29). Is there anyway to help cope with this? It is taking up around 70% of my day currently just...
  5. BlueBerry

    Finally saw a doctor :)

    Went to the walk-in clinic this morning and saw a doctor at long last. I told her as much as I could manage... I was feeling quite nervous about actually talking to someone in person about my problems. I told her about my self harming and showed her the marks and I told her I felt I was in...
  6. dubblemonkey

    i cannot do like ...i cannot do the other word

    ...I am selfish and a fraud! I only make attempts at understanding others pain just so that I can avoid mine. my personal damage is so extreme that I am questioning what I am doing right now! ...my fear of daily living is so painful to me!...that I continue to pollute my organs with...
  7. RainbowHeartz


    i love my bf but he aint half controlling so much so that if he is watching tv and im reading a book or texting someone he wants me to look at the tv and stop what im doing... also when i roll a ciggy or spliff he will tell me to wait as he aint ready for one yet.... why cant i just do my own...
  8. cpuusage

    Finding Human Life on Earth

    Finding Human Life on Earth | Mad In America Carina Håkansson, Ph.D. December 15, 2014 Through the ISPS listserve, I read a blog this morning written by Thomas Insel, director of the NIMH. The way he described people I daily meet in work and in my own life created a rising pulse, so I decided...
  9. B

    I feel very bad - carbamazepine

    After this http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread101212.html I talked to my pdoc. He made me to start medication again, carbamazepine. I took first tablet minutes ago. I really really don't like this. I hate this. I know I will be stupid in a very short time because that was the case with...
  10. M

    Introducing myself

    Hello All! My name is Megan and I am new to this forum. I am currently going to school for my bachelors in human services with concentration in addiction. My inspiration has been my brother who has been battling a drug addiction since the age of 13. After 10 years he was ready to go to...
  11. G

    7 year old son just dropped a bombshell

    Hi everyone I am a single Mum from the UK. My exhusband and I split up when my DS1 (7 years old) was 2. My ExH has personality problems (undiagnosed) and is a liar which DS1 has picked up on. I won't explain how it came up as it was over a few days and quite complicated, but basically...
  12. calypso

    Me again - can you sign a petition - Please!

    Hiya, as some may have seen before, we in Lancaster are fighting against the closure of female beds in Lancaster Psychiatric Hospital. We are told its temporary, but in fact its till at least March 2015 and longer if the second unit in Blackpool (nearly 60 miles away) is not completed by then...
  13. E

    Taking things less seriously?

    My psychiatrist told me to take things less seriously. I tend to take unimportant things seriously. So I put a lot of energy into completing them. So when there is important things I need to do, I have no energy left and as a result I do not pay enough attention to them. If I can take...
  14. P

    I don't know why I can not sleep.

    I don't know if I have put this in the correct area. I have been having trouble sleeping lately, like I'll be awake until after 4am I don't know what is causing this as it is rather recent and definitely NOT normal for me. I don't know if it is important enough to schedule an appointment...
  15. Gajolene

    Strategies for Coping With Trauma, self help tips,

    Emotional and Psychological Trauma: Symptoms, Treatment, and Recovery Emotional and psychological trauma recovery tips Recovering from emotional and psychological trauma takes time. Give yourself time to heal and to mourn the losses you’ve experienced. Don’t try to force the healing process...
  16. E

    Less and more serious

    All my tasks whether important or not cause me to feel insecure when not completing them. So sometime I have strong urge to complete unimportant task when there are more important task to do. How to overcome this urge and insecurity so that I can focus on more important task? Thanks.
  17. V

    Cant take it anymore

    These last days ive been trying to distant myself from this fact, but the truth is that the last few days have been horrible ive been getting this unnatural energy, a surge of bad vibes is what it feels like, it's entering my mind and poisoning my body, i dont get hungry either i just eat...
  18. Anime-Alchemy

    Work and People.

    So, yesterday I did a 8 hour shift at a warehouse. The work is through an agency. Anyways whilst working, there were two occasions where I was spoken to in an inappropriate way. The first was regarding me just standing there, the individual said something like "don't stand there, open the...
  19. Gajolene

    Some Scientists Are Calling This The Second Brain. It’s Very Important To Keep It Healthy

    Some Scientists Are Calling This The Second Brain. It’s Very Important To Keep It Healthy Some Scientists Are Calling This The Second Brain. It
  20. K

    was I part of a donor programme?

    years ago I had to supposedly have my thyroid cut out, by so called medics, they cut out my thyroid gland the most important gland in the body, it regulates everything in your whole body, literally everything. Then they tell me it has to be cut out surgery to cut out my thyroid gland? WHY? to...