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  1. S

    How common is imagining being someone else?

    I tend to do it mostly in the quiet moments before sleep when your mind wonders. It's not necessarily about being someone well known, although occasionally it is, it's usually about being someone who I imagine to be more successful and popular than I am. Is it common to fantasise like this?
  2. K

    Anxiety/OCD/??? - Hoping for some help

    Hi all, I'm not exactly sure if/what I have or even if I have anything but it is something that is concerning to me and I think it may be some form of OCD/Anxiety. Generally speaking I am very happy in life. Married, two kids, home owner, good steady job that I enjoy. This is the first time I...
  3. J

    Help me, why do I keep thinking these terrible thoughts?

    So, to cut a long story short, I suffer anxiety. I'm not sure what sort of anxiety or if there's another underlying issue I have or not because I haven't really ever opened up properly about all my thoughts, I'm afraid of being judged or loosing my family. Anyway... Every time I read about...
  4. Fairy Lucretia

    we need to help yellows

    poor yellows MR for ESA has been turned down ,please post here for suggestions we really need to try and help each other when things like this happen i feel so so bad for him/her ,imagine if out benefits were turned down uts even worse when it's ESA as that is main income x
  5. W

    I need an advice. is that a depression? Very overactive and vivid imagination

    I need an advice. is that a depression? Very overactive and vivid imagination Hello guys. I need some help and reasurrance. I don't know what the heck is happeniing to me. I am under a doctor's supervision, she told me it is depression, but... I have my boudbts. This post will probably be ultra...
  6. B

    Violent thought and phantom pains?

    I think this is a personality thing, I'm not really sure. Basically I'm usually really calm, not violent at all just usual me but then there are times when I get not even mad or anything just violent? Like I don't do anything or hurt anyone but I imagine it like I could do it, and that scares...
  7. L

    Do I have OCD - PTSD - Anxiety or something else?

    Hello everyone, Firstly. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Secondly. I would appreciate any of your opinions or advice. I have been suffering from an unusual problem since (that I can recall at least) around the age of nine. It's hard to articulate what I experience, mostly...
  8. Kerome

    Nothing whatsoever should be clung to

    When the Buddha was asked to summarise his teachings in a single sentence, what he said was "Nothing whatsoever should be clung to". So let's start with the easy stuff. Material possessions, books, dvd's, clothes. Furniture. Television. Slightly more difficult, bikes, cars, computers, houses...
  9. C

    Being helpless right now

    Hi everyone.. I need some serious successions. How can I overcome the problem of not being open up to my therapist after a period of 5 months.. still I m afraid of her and when I just imagine my upcoming session my heart comes to my throat and I feel like I m having respiratory arrest.. what...
  10. M


    Does anyone else feel like this?? Feel like no matter what bad things someone tells you.. you feel like thats nothing compared to you... That even the worst things you can imagine you can relate to? Having noone to understand..
  11. B


    hi i want to ask for myself how do urges for harm yourself feel like i always imagine harming myself and so on just want to clear that do i have urges or are they just thought because of my anxiety thanks
  12. K

    Covering up SH marks

    Hi! So I have quite a few SH marks across both of my thighs and am now having a huge panic as I do a lot of dancing and for which I need to wear a pair ballet tights on Saturday!!!! These are very thin, light pink tights so as you can imagine everything shows through them! I don't know what to...
  13. A

    Don't agree with my diagnosis at all.

    So I've been diagnosed with BPD for not long really, about a year now, and I just struggle to agree with it. I don't really have angry outbursts and my mood doesn't change that quickly at all. I'll feel fine for a month or so and then gradually feel worse until I become my worst version of...
  14. Not_Crazy_Yet

    Hearing Voices Talking Backwards

    I was sitting outside the other day and I heard the voice of an angel in the woods talking backwards. It sounded like a child's voice and it was echoing on like every wavelength at once as it spoke like you would imagine the voice of God sounding. Anyone else ever experience anything like this...
  15. V

    I want to know what I suffered from .

    Hi guys I have to let you know that I've completely recovered from the problem I'm about to disclose here. But still it always nags me to what exactly it is that I suffered from . Without much further ado let me delve right into the specifics clear and cut. Back in high school i was preparing...
  16. R

    So yes i'm pregnant!!

    I went to the Doctor today after doing a test at home. I can't believe it. I said i'd never have kids and here i am. I know i only have myself to blame. I'm just in shock. I'm against abortion so that's out of the question. I just can't see myself with a baby. I have really bad anxiety as it is...
  17. P

    Oh my i'm in hell.

    Never saw it for what it was until i had something to compare it to. This place is hell. Earth is such a horrible thing and place and there is nothing normal or okay about it. It's so so awful this place. We all come in thinking it's normal and okay. Taking our first steps i guess, starting...
  18. A

    How can I stop feeling this crippling shame?

    *Hello to all the people around here, I sincerely hope am posting this where it should be. Am gonna try and cut this as short as possible. *M/25 still in college(got in when I was 20). Only had sex once back when I was 21. The last 3-4 years have been nothing but a disaster for me, going...
  19. J

    Looking for clarity, issues with brother

    Hi I'm new here. My only brother died a week ago today and I didnt know about it until last Friday. We were estranged, hadn't spoken to each other in about 5 yrs. We never got along but for a fair while we had a sort of truce where we would communicate only by email, even tho we lived about...
  20. N

    Severe Death Anxiety, Please HELP.

    I just want to say that I just suffered one of the worst panic attacks in my life a few minutes ago because for the past three days I have had such bad death anxiety. I've always had a really bad feeling about death, obviously most people don't find it to be a very pleasant thing to think about...