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  1. RookieatBest

    Willy's Baggie I, II, & III

    Go on Google and search up Willy's Baggie. Allen D is the founder of willy baggies I, II, & III with the ingredients list of possibly all 3. He has a holistic/homeopathy/vitamin way of going about your mental illnesses. Possible can cure them.
  2. T

    Want to help my partner

    My partner has a huge history with mental illness. He was officially diagnosed over 10 years ago with depression/anxiety. Since then, he's displaying signs that suggest this isn't the case. He's been to numerous psychiatrists and counsellors with a range of possible illnesses from bipolar with...
  3. I

    Good Jobs For People With Mental Illnesses

    Hello everyone. I was wondering. What jobs are good for people with mental illnesses? I have severe depression, paranoid anxiety, o.c.d., and anger. I was researching jobs for people with mental illnesses and found some I may be interested in. But I wanna know from your experiences. What jobs do...
  4. embleton

    The stick and carrot approach to psychiatric

    The stick and carrot approach to psychiatric intensive care units (PICU) and psychiatric care in the United Kingdom. Is a PICU, usually a short stay hospital. An establishment that will and does apply a stick and carrot approach to care acceptable in a setting these days, using only drugs? When...
  5. I

    Severe mental illness and work

    Does anyone on here with severe mental illness work? If so where do you work and what mental illnesses do you suffer with? I want a job but I suffer with severe mental illnesses. I suffer from anxiety, depression, anger outbursts, and mild hallucinations. But I fear my mental health providers...
  6. H

    question Help

    :confused:my son has has a mild form of autism, and also has adhd. what are some tips on how to better help him with it? and what can i do to make him not feel different? mind you i also deal with my own mental illnesses so i may not be much help to him without some advice
  7. nickybow86

    Do I even want to get better ?

    Sometimes I feel I don't even want to recover from My mental illnesses .. it's what I have known all my life. Does anyone else ever feel like that ?
  8. F

    Life expectancy in schizophrenia and years of potential life lost

    Written by Joanne Wallace April 12 2017 Life expectancy in schizophrenia and years of potential life lost
  9. B


    Hi there, I have joined Mental Health Forum in an attempt to gain knowledge and insight to best help those in my life battling mental illnesses. Have a wonderful day!
  10. A

    Questions about DID

    With DID Can alters know about having it while the main host questions it? How fast can the switches be, and can they be involuntary? Could they be sudden and seemingly without warning? Can alters have different illnesses themselves?
  11. cpuusage

    Sufferers with progressive and mental illnesses have benefits cut by the DWP

    Sufferers with progressive and mental illnesses have benefits cut by the DWP Sufferers with progressive and mental illnesses have benefits cut by the DWP | Vox Political
  12. Cat lady 67

    Toxic family

    Feeling completely alone and desperate due to continuous lack of support and negativity from my family. I feel like they're trying to say there's nothing wrong with me, that I should be back at work and my son who lives with me is derisive and generally treats me like dirt. We have as a family...
  13. confusedwanderwaffle

    Can I have some insight from others with depression?

    I've noticed a pattern in moods regarding when I take my medication and when I don't, which i'll get to in a second -short version: when I don't take my meds after about a week I notice I start to think suicidal, become infatuated with researching what other mental illnesses I might have, feel...
  14. E

    ellie lover

    Hi there, I am new here so not sure how it works but I have quite a few mental and physical illnesses. I'm hoping to find people who will understand me without the usual judgements. I'm an extremely caring, kind and loving person and would really like to make some friends... Please feel free to...
  15. J

    New to the forums.

    Hello, my name is Joel. I have a dual diagnosis. I have schizo-affective, depression, and alcoholism. I'm completing a 6 month intense 5 day a week therapy June 2nd 2016. I have grown a bunch since I started. The 5 days consist of around 4 hours of group therapy and once a week I meet...
  16. LadyInsomnia

    It's BPD awareness month

    May is BPD awareness month, does anyone have any plans for it? Ideas for raising awareness? I've not noticed any marathons for BPD just yet lol. But I would like to see more mental health campaigns out there for awareness an educating people. Would make life alot easier if people knew more about...
  17. F

    I'm tired of myself

    Hi, I've never been diagnosed with bpd but anxiety and dissociative disorder. I've been in psychotheraphy for over a year and by the time, I noticed that I have some characteristics of bpd. I realized that I am so afraid of losing people around me and if I do or think of such situation, I feel...
  18. F

    Mental health goals may not be met, audit office warns

    A government pledge to bring mental health services up to the standards of those for physical ailments will struggle to be met, the government’s official spending watchdog has concluded. The National Audit Office has examined the Department of Health’s strategy for bringing a “parity of esteem”...
  19. NicoretteGummed

    Is It Possible To Know You Are Insane And Be Aware Of It???

    Seems like an innocuous thread at first glance but this question is very contentious and reverse psychology afterall is a bedrock of modern psychiatry. My Own opinion for what its worth is that yes-unfortunately and tragically people are all too aware of the mental illnesses that afflict them...
  20. RefractoryLady

    This depression at night hits me like a tidal wave

    I live alone, rarely go out, and my Brother takes me to all appointments. I have been disabled since 1985 from Depression and other mental illnesses. Each night, I don't know why, around 5-7 p.m. this bout of depression hits me like a tidal wave. It is so horrible. Then I get anxiety or...