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  1. R

    What does the MHT acronym mean?

    I have copies of my health record from my GP which state that I didn't ask for MHT referral and hopefully will ask for MHT assessment in a future appointment. What do these letters stand for? Is this acronym related to mental health? I was examined by my GP for different health issues but I am...
  2. B

    I'm about to lose my mother

    So, back in february while getting ready for a holiday in Norway, my mother collapsed and was rushed to hospital, unable to walk or balance. After weeks of testing, they have discovered a brain tumor. Within 3 weeks of it being found, it progressed from a small one on one side of her brain, to a...
  3. A

    Advice required-depression /chronic illness

    Hi everyone I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression about 1 year ago but was also diagnosed with crohns/arthritis/osteopenia. I was given mirtazapine for the depression after not doing too well on cbt. The mirtazapine helps me sleep for sure. Since being diagnosed with crohns I’ve only been...
  4. D

    Mentally Ill Mother

    My mother. I love her so much, but it is so incredibly difficult to be around her. She requires constant validation. Constant. Every little thing she does she has to keep mentioning to me until I give her praise for doing it. She is always fishing for compliments. It is terribly exhausting and...
  5. S

    Lonely, scared

    I'm lonely. I have no friends IRL and even online I feel people don't like me and don't want to chat with me. I have my parents still and I am lucky because they are good and love me, but they are old now and when they are gone, they will be gone. I'm also scared because I have a very dark...
  6. Bizzarebitrary

    Hello! Making introductions is awkward but I'm pleased to be here.

    Greetings to all from Northern California, or the darkest portion of it which happens to be wherever I'm sitting at the time. :low: From the Mental Illness Buffet, I've been served a generous helping of Major Depressive Disorder smothered in Treatment Refractory gravy, several large sides of...
  7. R

    how ill am i some thoughts

    i'm ill emough that the majority of women avoid me, i'm ill enough that when i work i'm considered unfit due to illness. whether i meet the benefit systems definition of illness, how many do? I am getting a certain level of benefits on grounds of illness, i'm not on job seekers allowance, i'm...
  8. FadeToBlack

    Being treated differently because of you label

    Does any else feel the undertones of condescension from others who know you have a mental illness? I find this a lot, but I am interested to know if this is experienced more widely? Health professionals I have found are the worst. They read your mental health history, and form an understanding...
  9. N

    Overcoming Bipolar Disorder

    Hi Everyone, I am Nancy from Ontario Canada. I am 33 years old. I am new to the forum. My only reason of becoming a member is to share my success story and encourage you if you are suffering from Bipolar or other mental illness. My bipolar disorder was/is really really severe, but if I am doing...
  10. R


    Hi folks, this is my first post, hello everyone, Anyway, one thing I have learnt since suffering from mental illness for over ten years, first diagnosis with bipolar and later changed to schizoaffective is the stigma attached. People don't want to know you, when you have a mental illness. A long...
  11. 1

    Mental health and face to face assessment

    I have been diagnosed after leaving the army with ptsd depression and anxiety with 3 different sychtrists. Long history of mental illness and now face an assessment with dwp and I asked for them to come see myself at home they refused . This is causing my illness to get to the point we’re i...
  12. H

    Researching illness

    Hi there. I am trying to research this illness and trying to better understand it. My partner is having a very hard time with understanding his adult child's diagnosis of being bi polar. So I am here to read and try to understand things and to ask questions. I probably need to find a group here...
  13. V

    Hi all

    Hi everyone! My name is Kaz, I'm 25 and I live in Oxfordshire. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder a few years ago, and after shockingly poor treatment from my mental health team I am turning to this forum to speak with people who understand what I am going through, and what this illness does...
  14. K

    To Tell or Not to Tell

    I work in an office were everyone is cool and seems down to earth. Their like family. I had to take months off because of my illness more than once. My coworkers thinks I'm funny and eccentric on my manic days. On the low days they ask questions. 'Are you ok ?, your so quiet?. I feel like...
  15. R

    reducing meds

    was talking to gp about reducing meds, said if i do get sectioned it'd help with the benefit claim, she asked what they'd make of my drinking i said i think they'd say if he can afford to drink, now think that was a threat she'd put it on the benefit reference i said the drugs it says they...
  16. InfiniteRectangles

    Are My Voices Caused by Illness or Upbringing?

    Just some thoughts I was having. Maybe someone can provide some insight or maybe someone has been wondering the same things. I don't know... Are my voices a part of my illness or a product of my upbringing? I wonder about this a lot. I was treated very badly as a kid, and I was often left...
  17. J

    Have You Learned Something From Your Illness?

    Hey People. : ) (I haven't posted for several months however it's wonderful to see all you Guys again.) I was just wondering have you learned something (positive) from your illness … And would you be willing to share it? Cheers.
  18. boudreauj4

    Something I read

    I think I read somewhere once that often, people with schizophrenia who can't tell that they are being delusional have no problem telling when someone else is being delusional. I seem to recall when I was in hospitals for my mental illness, I thought some of the other people were acting crazy...
  19. M

    Feeling guilty for my illness and not overcoming it

    I have intrusive thoughts. I fight them every day. It's an endless war that I'm not winning. It feels as though I've somehow wrapped myself into a loop of thoughts that I have become so accustomed to that I don't know how to break out of it. I think the emotional numbness is making it difficult...
  20. S

    Contents insurance cover for serious mental illness, any advice please

    looking for a cheap insurance to cover my flat, as I had no insurance last year and it was broken into, last year. I have found one, but its over 155.00, and its sixty days, may cover 4months if I told them at the start of it, if I was to fall ill, or go on holiday. but over that, I don't...