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  1. T

    Update on myself...

    So, about an week ago i was believing in unreal stuff: i was cursed, i was being controlled, having existencial crisis and more... All these thoughts won't stop popping on my head but i try to regain my consciousness of reality and they seem to disappear for somd time. Now i'm trying to ignore...
  2. A

    Do you answer your voices back or ignore

    So I am new to hearing voices and have found is so upsetting. I started hearing it say hello ... hello amy over and over. Then it kept saying do you know why I am here. Apart from telling it to go away I have not said anything back . Do you talk back or ignore your voices ? I am worried if I...
  3. Ivory_NK

    doctors refuse to believe im psychotic

    i tell them i have severe paranoia and delusions that ive had for 10 years but they diagnose me with EUPD and completely ignore what im saying i was diagnosed originally with schizophrenia, then they suddenly change it what am i supposed to do? im severely paranoid
  4. M

    I don't know how to communicate with people or how to make friends

    I don't really. I ve been trying many years but people just ignore me. Any pointers?
  5. S

    Get rid hearing voices.

    I know you will not be convinced that the sounds you hear are not true، But I can make you ignore it. In my opinion.... 1 - You are not cowardly, but taking these voices seriously is not courage. 2- Thinking about confronting these voices is not healthy. 3 - All patients in the world hear the...
  6. S

    Left to it

    So I'm wih the Early Intervention Team at the moment after my first psychotic episode. It was all great and we all got along to start with but now that most of my symptoms have gone they seem to be more pushy to do things and alot less caring. I have some sort of mood disorder that they are...
  7. A

    Psychiatric hospital

    Hi, I'm just wondering if people who have been in a psychiatric hospital could answer a few questions for me. 1) What happens if you refuse to participate in the group therapy? 2) What happens if you act aloof and ignore all the other patients including those that are in the same ward as you...
  8. K

    Self Harm

    I try to ignore the urge to self-harm but it never goes away! What can I do to ignore the urges? I feel bad about self-harm and bad about keeping it secret from my family and friends! But I feel ashamed!
  9. B

    How do you stop yourself thinking about death constantly?

    this is my first time using a forum, so I am not sure if I am doing this right... I have always had this baseline thought of dying since I was younger and nothing I do makes it go away. as in I will be doing something and start thinking about how to die, where to die, what the best way to die is...
  10. I

    Parents, grr

    Warning, this is a rant. So I was reading an article about a kid with cancer. In it, the parents were quoted as saying everything was just fine (no it wasn't, he had unexplained bruises) and then boom. That reminded me of kids with mental illness. Far, far too often, these kids reach...
  11. Funnyday

    Ignore me

    Can someone please ignore me so that I can feel normal again? Its too much to be seen so I crave being ignored. Please assist me in finding normality again. Oh for things to be normal and be ignored. Especially by women.
  12. BorderlineDownunder

    Put me on ignore, please

    I have issues because of my BPD, which means in the words of one therapist, I have a personality that Pisses People Off. ok. I KNOW THIS. you don't need to tell me. I can no sooner change it than I can my height. So. If you don't like me, PLEASE STEP AWAY. I am going to a Domestic Violence...
  13. D

    Need some answers on combating OCD/Pure O

    To cut straight to the chase, I've heard the real weakness OCD has is when you do anti-OCD actions, basically stuff you're trying to avoid. Somehow you've got to confront your fears yet ignore them (not do any safety behaviours) it's so hard though. I thought the idea was to ignore your...
  14. I


    I'm completely better now .those people still bully me they boss me bwt,make rumours and ask people when they think of me I answer them back and ignore them
  15. A

    Terrified of people's reactions.

    Hello everyone. I am so worried posting this.. I am 22 years old (Female) and have been diagnosed with PTSD with voices also have depression and a history of Self-Harm.. I am in counselling at the moment,mainly for the 7 years of Sexual Abuse I've been through. I have a puppy who is great the...
  16. E


  17. M


    Sorry for all the threads. (A tad ironic) I just don't know. Trying so hard to resist everything in my head, want to knock myself out and never wake up. Want to escape. Please ignore me, others are more important.
  18. Lincoln1990

    So stupid

    I'm so stupid. I've xancelled yet another appt with Sue. I just can't deal right now. Things are sp bad. I deserve death. I don't even know why I'm posting because everyone will just ignore this. I don't deserve any of you.
  19. mami5

    Strong urges

    I keep getting these very strong urges to do something bad and very painful to myself. Becoming hard to ignore them.
  20. Lincoln1990


    Scared with my thoughts. Scared of everything. Scared. Please don't ignore this. I'm very very scared.