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  1. P

    Need Addiction

    I think I've posted about this before. But I'm worried my safety blanket- alcohol- is getting to be too much. I spend a lot of money I don't have on it; I already have a spending problem, my wife does her best to control my finances but I don't always make it east... I spend a lot on...
  2. garbageg4

    Is anyone else hypersexual?

    I am very hypersexual right now, I can't stand it every thought my actions desires I want more. Can anyone help? Can anyone give me ideas to do to help curb this?
  3. T

    I think I may have ocd

    So, I am struggling with some thoughts... I know that I should see a therapist or doctor, but right now I don't think that is on my list. I have always been anxious (biting my nails, fiddling), but I went to a general practitioner and my mother mentioned one of my rituals, and the doctor...
  4. G

    Loving dangerously toxic people

    Listen I don't use that word lightly. Its almost like a swear word. Defining a toxic person, somebody who puts you in danger, says hurtful things, is careless and inconsiderate to the extreme. There is somebody like this trying to pry their way back into my life from a long time ago, an old...
  5. B

    New here

    Hi all, new here! I don't want to make this long, but joined in hopes of participating in blogs, and bouncing ideas and situations.
  6. 1

    self-help ideas?

    hey, ive been struggling for the past two weeks mood wise, i just feel low and crap all the time with no ups or high moments. my care team are aware of this and have prescribed prn medication for the past week, but even that doesnt seem to be helping. im not sleeping and when i do get my head...
  7. K

    Do I have schizoprenia or something else?

    Ok, I'm 19 yrs old and I had mental health problems in the past with social anxiety and mild depression but I never went to a shrink or something like that. So about a year ago I started having problems with obsessive irrational toughts that are iritating and are giving me problems in everyday...
  8. M


    Hi all, Im a newbie to the forum. I have suffered anxiety and depression for the past 18-19 years. I joined to maybe offer advice or even take ideas from like minded people. I still have dark days but accept them as that. Thanks Bazza
  9. Q

    potential manic depression ( runs in family)

    For the last month or so I've having these insane highs followed by crippling depression to go into further detail when I have the "highs" I feel super confident like I could haggle for anything I could go to university and study very complex things and I can converse with people I'd usually...
  10. B

    Idea's to get motivation

    Hello, I've lost motivation for most things. Even showering is hard work. Anyone beaten this feeling or got ideas to help me get going in the mornings?
  11. I_Want_Inner_Peace

    Hi Everyone

    Hello! I hope to meet people here for support or to learn from each other. I have suffered a long time from emotional problems/mental illness. I’ve seen therapists before but each one had slightly different ideas of what specific disorders I have. I also had an account in a forum called Social...
  12. speckles

    I am desperate. How do I get this into the News and Media

    I am desperate to get this petition into the media. We have been campaigning and people have signed the petition Petition . Jeremy Hunt: NHS Adult Eating Disorder Psychotherapy cuts: Patients at risk at Springfield, SW London . Change.org The numbers are slowly down it is hard to keep...
  13. C

    This 'Life' Thing

    I hate playing this game. I'm fed up of it. I'm tired of watching others succeed where I fail. Which is, at everything. It's so depressing to check your bank balance and see £0 because i'm absolutely s**t with money and no matter what, can't manage it for the life of me. It's over a week until...
  14. H

    Never saw it comming

    Well ive been dealing with psychosis for about 4-5 years now. Came in the form of ideas of reference mainly associated with music and TV. I think I had a few auditory hallucinations as well. Diagnoses as of now, all though they keep changing it, is bi-polar schizo effective. Finnally after...
  15. C

    Dr. Peter Breggin

    Has anybody ever heard of this guy? If so, what are your thoughts concerning his ideas?
  16. N

    Something Stronger Medication Type Brand - different - than lorezapam? Holiday senarios

    Something Stronger Medication Type Brand - different - than lorezapam? Holiday senarios Hi Folks, I have to make a GP Service appointment in due course anyhow, for a different set of my conditions, elsewhere about me, general health, in terms of anxiety and I was just loosely thinking, now...
  17. M

    Working to better myself

    So I've just had a rubbish therapy session, my self harm was the main focus as we have to prioritise life threatening behaviour (DBT). I more wanted to talk about what happened in my last session (I became quite badly dissociated and was responding to hallucinations) but didn't really get the...
  18. katya

    Anyone on Pinterest/tumblr/etc.?

    I love looking through people's collections - they give me so many ideas for hobbies and such. Here's my Pinterest.
  19. O

    Quickly going back down hill.

    Hi all. Have not been on for a while as I have been battling with some demons. Started off fairly well but over the past six weeks my mood started going up to the point where the moment I received any income I would blow it with out even thinking of the consequences then having major anxiety...
  20. M

    My friend

    Well she is really struggling at the moment and we only get to chat on FB. I asked why she is feeling so sleepy and she said "keeping myself medicated" Turns out that yesterday she took an overdose and I don't know what today. Any ideas what I can doif anything? m