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  1. M

    18 traumas and counting

    5 years ago I was diagnosed with complex PTSD. Complex meaning I not only have flashbacks but disassociate on a regular basis for a few hours at a time in which I have no idea what I do. Sometimes i come home with injuries that I can't explain. They have been known to last for up to 6hours and...
  2. D

    is it possible for a bipolar gets crazy idea and keep doing it?

    hello, i got a friend who was diagnosed with BD2. she turn to 18 years old this year. is it true that she could develop huge urges for shopping and sex during her hypomanic episode? she doing sex for money with strangers or anybody willing to pay her, she keeps wants more money for her to go...
  3. M

    Cold turkey

    So I have come of all my meds for a week now.. I feel utterly rubbish and emotional. Im tired of taking meds all the time and all the side effects. Everyone thinks this is a bad idea and I will crash and burn no one has faith that I can beat this illness without meds. I just feel alone.
  4. B

    Trialing new antidepressants for PD

    I have panic disorder. I have not seen a psychiatrist for several months now. I have an appointment for February. I was just wondering, if anyone had any luck feeling better from trying different antidepressants, or perhaps other classes of drugs. I have tried zoloft, lexapro, effexor, seroquel...
  5. B

    New here

    Hi, I have been feeling really down lately. So much so that i haven't left the house in a few days. I find myself doing nothin, learning nothing. Like i am just here taking up space. I have 0 interest in anything, which is ashamed because i remember when i used to get excited for certain...
  6. qwerty1234

    I believe in telepathy but my father doesn't like me talking about it.

    I have been talking about it with my friends and my Dad thinks they are just humoring me. It lowers my self confidence a lot. I believe that the electronic waves emitted by the brain and picked up by EEG also affect human behavior, including our subconscious, and am interested in the idea...
  7. letmein

    reaching out..............

    hi guys, I don't post much because of a few issues.... but i need to reach out. I don't think I'm safe. I have anew S idea and on a pro-S site it says it works very well.. need to get more "stock"
  8. T

    What's my problem??? HELP FASSST

    I've searched for the awnser in the entire internet but found nothing: Since the last month my mind is forcing me to believe that my personality is fake, it can change any time, that there is something wrong with me.. i also have been feeling like i'm becoming more like people that i don't like...
  9. Zadkiel

    Empty, confused and without meaning

    Hello. Let's start off saying that, even if the title of the thread implies otherwise, I'm not neccesarily in a desperate situation. At least not in the way most people are, anyway. I didn't lose a close relative or a friend. I'm not going through a breakup. I'm not suffering from a terminal...
  10. R


    Hi, I post on here now and again so some of you will recognise the username... Over the past 12 months my depression has firmly cemented itself. No longer does it come and go but appears to remain with me day in, day out. My energy from my younger years has completely gone and it's taken my...
  11. T

    Eating disorders asessment

    I have got an eating disorder assessment for binge eating soon. Any idea what it's like? Xxxeating disorders asessment
  12. shaky

    Naked cycling - is it a good idea?

    I'm on one night release from hospital But now I want to go cycling naked round town It seems such a fun idea I know I've had some alcohol and maybe that wasn't a brilliant thing to do. But I need something FUN I'll end up back in hospital Or maybe not What to do :unsure:
  13. M

    Any here who took ayahuasca ? (I did)

    I just created a text, and got deleted, just wanted to see if any there is another here who also made ayahausca, i did it 6 years ago, and its been long time, but the other day i was remembering the feeling that when you are up on that, i dont like much the idea to do it again - i did it 3...
  14. S

    The psychological glasses

    I've done several experiments, My goal is to discover a non-pharmacological method to relieve the symptoms of schizophrenia. And here came the idea of the psychological glasses. Where they are designed to see objects very close, While not allowing to see distant objects. Because the patient with...
  15. F

    I’m autistic – don’t let anti-vaxxers bring back the culture of fear

    Posted by Karl Knights August 23rd 2018 Whether one just has autistic traits or meet a full diagnosis it is a source of strengths and difficulties. The idea should be to acknowledge and encourage the strengths while providing help and support for the difficulties. There needs to be a...
  16. I

    Hi all

    New here today. My boyfriend took his life last week after a long battle with depression and anxiety. I'm really struggling and thought it would be a good idea to come over here and get some support.
  17. B

    Fixation about a story

    I need help to "solve" an obsession. When I was a teen, I made a short home movie with my friend. The story was about a Man who meets a "lord of time", a magical person that shows the Man his past, his present and his future. Now im very anxious thinking about it. This story already exists...
  18. mami5

    Real or paranoia?

    How do you tell the difference? How do you know what is real and what is paranoia .......unless someone tells you....and do you necessarily believe them? How long does your paranoia usually last? So confused. No idea what to believe. What is true and real and what is not.
  19. R


    I have nö idea How this works is there anyone that has the patients towork me through this xx
  20. P


    Struggling tonight. Toying with the idea of ending my life. I’m stuck.