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  1. Jenbutterfly


    So I think I have a really big problem with snow and ice just the thought of it makes me panic so much. Before Christmas where I am had really really bad snow and ice we even closed the school where I work for 3 days plus the weekend and I ended up getting really panicky I wouldn’t leave the...
  2. E
  3. prairiechick

    Bad case of the blues washing over me

    Maybe it's the gloomy skies, I don't know, but my mood is steadily dropping and all I feel like eating is ice cream. Already went through 1.5 litres of ice cream in 2 days. Gross. Not interested in doing anything this evening. Just want to go to bed.
  4. Catwoman

    Addicted to self harming

    I think that I have become addicted to self harming...Almost every night I want to self harm, Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop? I have tried the ice cubes and elastic bands and distracting myself but they are not working. x
  5. I


    Hiya everyone, hope youre all well. Just thought id introduce myself, i dont want to give out specifics, so here my name is IceCreamSandwich, but y'all can call me Ice :D Going to have a look around and probably tell you my story x
  6. X

    Hadn't self harmed for 7 months but did it again the other day

    There was a time not long ago I was self harming every night. Things got better . Hadn't self harmed at all for 7 months , was so hard but i did it , i stopped and was so pleased but I've had a bad time lately and started having urges again. Squeezing ice can help a lot so I had been doing...
  7. M

    My risk of relapse has just gone through the roof!!

    Just found out some pretty shi$$y news about my health today. I spoke to a gp about it 4 weeks ago and he dismissed me and said it was just something minor,well its not,had an MRI this morning and I'm anything but fine. Out of action for at least six weeks and then I have rehab ahead :-( Even...
  8. Hellbilly

    please read

    hi everyone i found this last night and wanted to share it i defy anyone not to at least smile during THIS IS AN ACTUAL CUSTOMER REVIEW FROM A MAN ON AMAZON.CO.UK AFTER USING VEET HAIR REMOVAL CREAM FOR MEN. SOOOO FUNNY!!!: After having been told my danglies looked like an elderly...
  9. M

    ice cream

    I had therapy today. Getting there was harder than usual. Kept switching the whole way there. Had such a terrible headache. I hardly remember the session. Its all fuzzy. Getting home wasn't much better. I must have switched because I ended up somewhere else. I really hate this. I do understand...
  10. paul67

    try this before you self harm

    dont know if anyone has tried this ,but my psyc nurse come round a few months ago when i was really ill and said put some water in a little ice cream tub, freeze it and then when you feel like sh take the block of ice and squeeze it with both hands as long as you can.... this will give you pain...
  11. prairiechick

    Ice Cream

    I've eaten about a litre of ice cream today, and I'm afraid I might be swinging up up up! I've had insomnia all week and last night I listened to soothing music all night long and got snatches of sleep here and there. Really feel like I could just stay up all night long, even though I walked...
  12. S

    Advice from people with no ED

    Here's a tiny rant.. I hate it when u take like all ur courage to tell someone about ur ed in hopes for some type of advice, help or encouragement and all they can say is..well why don't u just stop? Ha!! If only it were that easy! Psh I wish :( This is why now I always appreciate advice from...
  13. Stiofain

    Stood on the mirror of ice............it won't take my weight...

    ...Just finished, hopefully, 5 days of migraine. Managed to abort them with good ol' Imigran, but I hate taking it successively like that, even though analgaesics failed. Felt a bit better this afternoon so started checking through some drawers looking for possible Car Boot Sale Items (definetly...
  14. prairiechick

    I just threw up

    I know I should be posting this in the eating disorder forum, but no one is around there. I ate a whole litre of ice cream, and felt so awful about it. I keep gaining weight, and I hate it, but I can't seem to stop eating. So I made myself throw up, and I think I got it all, because I started...
  15. prairiechick

    I think I got it all out

    Ugggggh! I am so disgusting. I just ate a whole litre of ice cream, but I think I threw it all up, because I started to taste the cucumbers I ate before ate the ice cream.
  16. M

    Side effects of Mirtazapine

    I have been taking Mirtazapine for a few months, a.I am putting on weight:( despite working hard not to b. I am feeling the cold really badly. I feel the cold in general but this is something different. Its as if I have a core cold temp, ice on my back/face. c.Twitchy legs when sitting and...
  17. goodnight

    Just had to break up with girlfriend

    Its been a long time coming, between my issues and hers, I just couldn't take it any more. the relationship was all one way, she had lost the ability to show any kind of effort and the last straw was realizing she was never going to make an effort with my son. I feel terrible for doing it, I...
  18. prairiechick

    A poem that speaks to me in the dead of Canadian winter

    This is a poem written by William Stafford Ask Me Some time when the river is ice ask me mistakes I have made. Ask me whether what I have done is my life. Others have come in their slow way into my thought, and some have tried to help or to hurt: ask me what difference their strongest love or...
  19. D

    Fear of slipping on ice

    Does anyone dread snow freezing? Big fear of slipping on icy pavements, especially slopes. I hear wearing your socks over shoes is good for ice. I'm waiting for a pair of yak tracks. If they don't come, I'll just avoid going out.
  20. pentagram

    coping mechanisms and clinging to life

    I have been depressed for 39 years. I wake up often and wish I was dead. I have nothing to live for. And yet and yet I still cling on. Due to my conflicts with the god squadders I looked for other ways to justify living and trying to live my life to certain principles. I used to be a...