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  1. K

    Hysterical fits of crying??

    I've had them for as long as I can remember. I have anxiety and most of the time it is kept under control, but sometimes I get my mind stuck in this strange mood and I just fall apart completely.It doesn't happen often but when it does it is bad. I happened again last night and out of nowhere...
  2. C

    Struggling tonight

    So I've been fine all day, but then tonight when I've settled down in front of the TV I'm suddenly overwhelmed. My heart is racing, my mind is just spinning, I feel sick and I want to cry. I think that since booking the wedding, there are some worries in the back of my mind about money &...
  3. Jaminacaranda

    Generational gap

    Scenario: four people in my living room, eating. So it's a small living room and no, there's no room for me...even though I own the house. It's a very small house. I might have liked to cook a stir-fry or an omelette or whatever for myself but wait...they appear to have used every knife, pot and...
  4. K

    Carnt stop laughing

    Hysterical can't stop laughing at the horrors of it all and big debt incurred .., welcome to the life of KATSS signing off now cxx
  5. E

    I'm scared I'm going backwards.

    I'm not sure if "trigger warnings" are the norm here, but I'm putting one anyway. So, just be aware... So, I'm new. I just made my introduction post... I'm here because well, I'm terrified. I've made so much "progress", but recently I'm starting to get "old thoughts" again... I guess...
  6. K

    Wild wild and wild again, xmas madness wild....

    says it all hysterical with the whole xmas thing, bringing me to extestentialist wildness and xmas hysteria again, HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bring it on SANTA, ONE jolly well hope he exists, or this flipping overdraft will be in aid of nothing and obselete ONE HOPES. katss by the way why...