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  1. Chris Walken


    Just read Purple Daffodils' thread, Here. And I got the craziest idea ~ 'crazy', because I'm the last person on earth to go on about crystals, faith healing, homeopathy or voodoo ~ But, I wonder if there are any state registered, recommended and employed by the health services, bona fide and...
  2. J


    I was diagnosed with a personality disorder in my teens that I don't have. I'm 40 now. At the time I was diagnosed, I did have symptoms, which went away completely within a month of the bitchy psychiatrist (who I only saw once) diagnosing me based on a difference between my version and the...
  3. B

    Mental health

    Hi, It has taken me a lot to come onto a site to tell people how I am feeling. I have suffered mental health now for many years, I struggle with the simplest of things and when I get stressed I self harm. I have awful scars but it has not stopped me doing it. In the last week I have self harmed...
  4. E


    has anyone tried hypnotherapy? I want to get rid of some old memories, ones that pop into my head constantly. I've tried some other things, not tried talking therapy (not properly) and i don't want to as I can't be honest with my therapist because my beliefs are too unreal (I'd be classed as...
  5. cpuusage

    Past Life Regression – What It Is & How It Might Work For You

    past-life-regression-might-work Past Life Regression by Keala Noel As a hypnotherapist at Aloha Healing Women for twenty four years there have been many occasions when it has been helpful for a person to review a past life to help them heal their present life. You may not “believe” in past...
  6. T

    Escitalapram for anxiety >>

    Hi all, just wondering how other people feel about escitalapram for anxiety? I have been on this now for nearly 6 weeks at 10mg - the first few weeks I felt god awful and had to take diazapam for the first week to take the edge off. I don't really feel it's had much of an impact, although...
  7. S


    Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone had ever tried hypnotherapy to help with eating disorders? I have been plagued by this all for years and have wanted to try this as I think it might help, although my doctor has been dismissive of it. I think I might go ahead with some sessions but...
  8. BlueGlass

    hypnotherapy person not got back to me.

    idk what to do. :unsure: it hasn't exactly filled me with confidence. i liked the look of him though more than anyone else in my area. he replied to my first email but not my second.
  9. T


    Has anyone here tried hypnotherapy to help treat some of the shit that affects life most, like anger? X
  10. S

    hypnotherapy for anxiety

    Hi, 1st post so be nice! Does anyone have experience of hypnotherapy for anxiety, panic or depression. On the waiting list for cbt again but wondered if it would be worth trying something different.
  11. A

    Unrepressing memories

    I have come to the conclusion that I have repressed the memory of being molested as a child. I have numerous reasons for these conclusions. Where can I go for the proper therapy in dealing with this? I have been considering hypnotherapy. An help would be great!
  12. Calisa


    I wish to look into hypnotherapy in my area, ive done the google search, ive emailed a couple of places with a few basic questions but how can you tell your in safe hands? that the people your wanting help from can actually provide it? I had one person email me saying they saw my question via...
  13. M

    weight loss hypnotherapy - for those trying to lose weight

    Im trying weight loss hypnotherapy tomorow........im a tad excited..........I will let you know how its goes.........
  14. A


    Hi guys n gals Just wondering if anyone has undertaken hypnotherapy for the treatment of depression - if you have what are you thoughts, is it helpfull or not ?
  15. pentagram


    I have got all sorts of memories which keep popping back into my mind which always depress me. Does anyone know if hypnotherapy would be a good way of treating depression, specifically to try to force memories back all at once and not bit by bit?
  16. L

    Hypnotherapy. Does it help?

    Going for hypnotherapy tomorrow to try & help with my anxiety & panic. Have tried in the past & it didn't work but I think that's because I went in thinking I could get rid of the anxiety without having to do any work myself. More prepared this time around & prepared to put work in. Has...
  17. F


    Does hypnotherapy work for GAD/social anxiety/phobia ? Because i don't often present with outward physical signs of anxiety(more inner dread/worry) the shrinks don't see it as much of a problem and don't offer much in the way of help. Sometimes the anxiety sweeps over me so strongly that i...
  18. F

    Hypnotherapy, Can It Work, Does It Work, Your Experiences

    Hi all a newbie here so please be gentle with me. I've suffered with depression for nearly 20 years now, i think i started originally with a panic attack (although at the time i didn't know it was a panic attack) i remember laying in bed my heart racing and thinking i was having a heart attack...
  19. D

    anyone tried hypnotherapy

    hello everyone i had a brain wave! with having paranoid scitzophrenia surely the illness is deeply ingrained and hypnotherapy may be able to help as it is after all, all in the mind i would welcome any ideas and experiences on the subject. should i put my £40 back in my pocket?:unsure: