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  1. A


    So my biggest problem right now is sleeping. With my physical health conditions make it bad enough, when I'm stressed and anxious about the abuse coming from my voices it make it unbearable. I was given ten days worth of a good sedative by my doctor but it's running out tomorrow, so night after...
  2. chesterking

    I do NOT have paranoid schiophrenia - Hypnosis made me say it LOL

    I strongly believe that I was hypnotised to say that, or classical conditioning was used on me. Hypnosis can make people say or do things they don't want to say or do. It is also called Mind Control. So that is hypnosis or substances or both.
  3. E

    Dream. Could mean something. Advice? (May be disturbing) help me

    You may need to read my thread Could this be related to DID? (does not mention details but mentions a resurfaced memory) in order to make sense of part of this post. I had a strange dream, but first I must tell another. A rabbit similar to the one from Donny Darko came to me in a dream. He...
  4. J

    Hypnosis for depression?

    Apologies if this has been asked recently, but has anyone had any success with hypnosis for depression? I'm most interested in hypnosis as a way of giving yourself "amnesia" (if possible) as a way of forcing yourself to forget certain bad memories, or repress them, whatever. Most of my problems...
  5. B


    When I was in High School, we had a senior all night party with a hypnotist, and other activities. I was very curious to see if hypnosis really worked, so when I moved in with Bobby(my ex-boyfriend in 1991), we were smoking some pot, and I asked him to hypnotise me. So he did. I thought he...
  6. J

    hypnosis and schizophrenia

    Hi All A question.... has anyone tried... successfully or not... hypnosis as a help for schizophrenia ? Is it worth looking into for someone who has trauma induced Schizophernia ( finidng his father dead in bed at the age of 16 and never dealing with the trauma ) Thanks for any replies !
  7. chesterking

    Is my father and sister using hypnosis on me and my mother?

    Please see other article, about being hypnotised in a mental institution. http://www.mentalhealthforum.net/forum/thread103815.html Father says 'Eat some food'. Was I under hypnotic suggestion. I decided to eat Weetabix instead of my mothers food. I told my father I noticed that when I eat...
  8. iamdave28

    Sleep or i should say lack of sleep

    I've always been a bad sleeper so I'm used to not getting a proper nights sleep. As I'm getting older i realise it's getting too much and i must get into a healthy sleeping pattern before i make myself really ill , I'm surprised I'm not already. I always wake up during the night with a bad back...
  9. firestorm


    Hey Everyone, I am new to "Mentalhealthforum.net". For the second time in a year I was recently admitted to a psychiatric clinic in Johannesburg, South Africa. At the moment I am re-integrating at home after being discharged a week ago. I was diagnosed with an unspecified dissociative disorder...
  10. J

    Hypnotherapy for helping with depression

    Hi everyone, Feeling a bit better at the moment after a few days this week buried under the duvet feeling well and truly sorry for myself. I just wondered if anyone else has tried hypnotherapy to help with depression. I've been seeing a therapist for the last 6 months or so and I have hypnosis...
  11. daffy


    Just wondered if anyone had tried this and if it had any effect. Ive heard about it conquering smoking and fears and phobias plus making people act like fools on stage, but wondered if it could help with depression or low self esteem. It seems logical that it should if in other circumstances...