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  1. B

    2 Months Off Medications

    I stopped taking medications 2 months ago. My main problem is insomnia, but it's due to the fact that I was on risperidone for too long despite the insomnia side effect. To anybody who has insomnia for long periods of time, say, more than a month and I mean acute insomnia, you'd better do...
  2. Pixie37

    A TRIGGER DIARY (for hyperarousal + hypoarousal)

    Hiya everyone, I saw my nurse this morning. Now i have to keep a trigger diary probably for a few months to find out what is going on for me to trigger my hyperarousal and hypoarousal states. I have to record the date, where i was, what was i doing, was i with anyone etc and bullet point these...
  3. Pixie37

    Understanding emotional states

    I've been given more homework from my nurse who is working with me on my BPD. I've been given a sheet called HOW CAN WE UNDERSTAND EMOTIONAL STATES? So at the top is: HYPERAROUSAL = Overwhelmed, panicky, racing thoughts, feel unsafe, anger, impulsive. In the middle is: "WINDOW" = Feel calm...
  4. Pixie37


    A nurse this morning says i'm suffering with hyperarousal just now. I asked her what this and she says "All of your senses are highly aroused". And she was saying i'm highly anxious, heart beating too fast, struggling to breathe etc. I've tried to find good info on this on the net but hard to...