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  1. Urban Hermit

    Manic energy

    I'm feeling very energetic and over alert like my senses are wired and although it feels better than depression, I'm not sure if it's healthy or fair to feel so enthusiastic .... I'm trying to calm and focus my energy on productive things ... But it's so hard especially late at night, because I...
  2. H


    Hello everyone I am not new to the website cause I been here and mistakenly can't remember my other screen name.I think this name suites me better sense I can be hyper alot of the times. I am also social and called myself a extrovert
  3. M

    Anxiety is ruining my life.

    I have been a sufferer of anxiety for years. Recently I had a scope and it scraped my throat causing symptoms. The original symptom has subsided mostly but took several months. Now I am hyper focused on my throat and feel every little off thing. I now everyday am experiencing fatigued jaw and...
  4. R

    What is wrong with me???

    Hey. I've been suffering from depression and anxiety for many years now, mainly anxiety. Over the past year I've noticed my moods seem to be quick to change from hyper and productive to depressed and lethargic. When I'm hyper I make great extravagant plans then when I'm on a downer I just think...
  5. M

    Is It Normal?

    Is it normal to be really hyper after making a decision to end your life? Like proper hyper....
  6. I

    Inheritance of an undiagnosed condition, potentially exacerbated by my lifestyle.

    Inheritance of an undiagnosed condition, potentially exacerbated by my lifestyle. Hi, I'm new here. I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post but I have a few things to cover. I'm pretty convinced that my mother suffers from something despite never being diagnosed because she's always...
  7. L

    hypersensitivity and me.

    Really not sure were to put this thread. Moderators please feel free to move this thread if im not in the right place.. HyperS and me. As per useuall my sleep is broken again and im sitting her at 5.39am twiddling my thumbs.So i thought ild try and get across my hyperS and the pros and cons...
  8. F

    Feeling hyper

    Feeling hyper and happy but dreading next few days when I come down with a bump Is it normal to feel anxious and paranoid at the same time as being happy? Sometimes wish I didn't take meds jus so I cud hav area days of feeling really high.
  9. N

    Seroxat and feeling hyper!

    So I started taking seroxat (paxil) a few days ago. I didn't get any of the common side effects like nausea, digestive problems, anxiety etc. (I'm not complaining!) Instead I became extremely hyper. I'm not really complaining about that either - I don't remember the last time I felt so good...
  10. D


    I have a problem with this It can get me into trouble - Is it hyper sensitivity to an inward projection of someone else? Does anyone get that? How often do you go with your instinct? How right are you?
  11. L

    Discontinuing Citalopram

    Doctor is tapering off my citalopram. Feel really crappy. Very hyper and distracted. Anyone else discontinue citalopram?
  12. Rock_warlock

    Why i'm 'hyper' to get a girlfriend... ???

    :cheers: Hey guys.. My culture , family background and prescpective point of view are different..even my first language is not English yet i'm trying to share my problem...i hope u guys would see problem from my point of view... . I'm kinda ambitious guy so i used to focus on study rather...
  13. diamondshine

    is this the start of manic/hypomanic?

    I disappeared for a while mostly due to exams. I am going away camping tomoro. Slgihtly concerned that i'm kinda hyper. I'm not very used to mania (only had one hypomainc episode) but i think the warning signs are there. Been angry for no reason, not able to work out why or deal with it, went...
  14. painandlove

    BOOOOOOM I'm on a train

    When I'm traveling I feeel freee from everyone faster the train goes the easier it is to think :) I've been travelling for a few hours now I just hope I stay happy while I'm away working. My flat mate thinks I'm in a happy part of my mind again I couldn't sit still last night wanted to run jump...
  15. T

    Happy Halloween

    Morning everyone, Been up since 5.45, the dog was going daft running about wanting to play for some reason. hyper! Got the docs today about my sore leg, and hopefully getting some Alli. Anyone doing anything nice today?? Love Toona x:)
  16. T

    Getting higher. not so funny now

    well i had hardly any sleep last nite, spend alot of my time dancing in the kitchen to 80's and 90's tunes had a ball just woke up after a couple of hours kip and feeling pretty hyper again, cant stop giggling, and annoying the shit out of Ray. do you just ride it out yeh? should i tell my...
  17. T

    The interview!!

    Well it was a lot harder than i thought. She went through the course and then she gave us (there were two of us) a passage to read and then to answer questions on it. then we were interviewed and asked questions about scenarios on the wards etc. I have been offered a conditional place...
  18. A.m.b.e.r

    F*ing scared!!!!!!

    Really scared got a phone call from a police officer saying that I am going to arrested tomorrow for actual bodily harm (abh) !!!! Noooooo It is sending me hyper And I am worried it wE because I wAs provoked and I dripped coffe on a nurse I am do scAred kind off ahhhhhhhhj
  19. D


    Well that was short lived... I feel my energy level dipping down a lot as of late. I'm spending significantly lots more time resting my head on a pillow and I can't get up most of the time. My mind is slowing down too. What's a good way to avoid becoming depressed during this time...
  20. T


    I am sooooooooooooooooooooo hyper. I feel so excited it is unreal. woooooooooohooooooooooooooo.:clap::clap::clap: