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  1. S

    Husband with anxiety has suddenly he wants to leave me

    Hi, I am wondering if someone can help me. My husband has out of the blue come out and said he wants to end our marriage. Until recently we have realised that he needed to talk to someone professionally because he has had issues with anxiety for some time which I felt was affecting our...
  2. M

    Can anyone reassure me

    Hi all I'm new here...My husband and I both get PIP (he has physical conditions and depression and anxiety) I have more mental health conditions with a couple of Iess severe physical conditions so my claim is predominately on the mental health side. My husband transferred successfully to pip...
  3. S

    Life Changing Bipolar Disorder

    This is long so be prepared. Where to begin! I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder about 12 years ago, but looking back I now know that I probably was that for most of my life. As you read over the symptoms and acts I just about hit every point there is. I have had risky behavior most of my...
  4. S


    hi all, does anyone feel like me ,i feel sad most of the time, I find it very hard to laugh or smile at the most simplest of things, I suffer with depression and at the moment I'm hurting the closest people in my life (my husband and son),so much so that my husband says the he can't live like...
  5. M

    Thought id start by introducing myself hi

    Hi im rosie. Ive been struggling for years with what ever i have. Ive always put it down to depression and anxiety but im thinking its worse than that. Im 24 and married with a child of my own and two step kids. Its hard. I met my husband in 2015 and it was just him me and my daughter then...
  6. S

    Husband Sectioned tonight 😞

    So managed to get husband a 2 night stay on a clinical psychiatrist unit tonight, but refused to go in when got there his family held him down and police arrested him 😫 How the he'll do things get better from this 🤔
  7. T


    Hi there. I decided to join here after a bad day. Its been creeping up on me for awhile. Today I couldnt stop myself from crying most of the day and was really irritable.I would never actually do that i have children and i wouldnt leave them. I tried talking to my husband about it but he is...
  8. LexLoofer

    When you're not a morning person...

    I've never been a morning person. I like my sleep. But I've been going through some medication changes that have made sleep difficult and I've been waking up about 2 hours earlier than usual. This has made mornings hard for me. I wake up either irritable or sad. I start feeling anxious. I...
  9. B

    I'm not sure I can move on from this double betrayal

    Hi, I've had bi polar for about 15 years now and my sons dad (my late husband) left me because of it. I was single for a very long time but thought I'd met the most amazing man (4 years ago) and we got married 3 months ago. I recently found out that he's cheated on me (which is bad enough) but...
  10. L

    In a complete state and very alone

    BPD has been bad today, feel very unwell. An argument with my husband, which resulted in name calling from his part (about my weight, very overweight due to meds) caused one of the worst episodes in a long time. Just became hysterical and shaved all my hair off. I am coming to terms with...
  11. F


    Hi everyone. I'm new to all this but need support and advice from you guys as my husband has severe depression and now started self harming
  12. S

    newly sober husband just now realizing the intensity of my bipolar

    hey all my husband just got sober and has been sober for 9 months. (YAY) We just had a conversation about my bipolar and he basically said he's just now beginning to notice the severity of my situation and he suddenly feels confused a bit, and not knowing how to relate to me in my various...
  13. S

    anxiety / depression screwing up family commitments?

    Hi everyone I just got back from a two week vacation with my husband camping on some land we purchased, which was awesome because - no people to deal with really! then we went to a music festival and my anxieties became increased, then gradually working back into society has been pretty weird...
  14. E

    Weary of life and just need to unload

    Hello all. I should start by saying, I don't need an intervention. I have no suicide plan. Suicide would distress my loved ones, whom I don't want to distress. Plus, I know of no method that seems sure enough, and I don't want to end up disabled or in a hospital. I should also say I've got...
  15. H

    How do you do this?

    You all are so strong! You have been through a lot dealing with this and you keep going and support each other. My symptoms are pretty tame right now (feeling bugs crawling on me, smelling things that no one else smells, seeing things darting away in the corner of my eyes, feeling agitated...
  16. S


    I believe a sh wound has become infected, it's in my leg and has become very painful after not being so and the redness around it has become bigger and bigger, I struggle not to limp with pain around the family, as at this point my sh has been secretly done. I don't know what to do as if I go to...
  17. S

    my bulimic girlfriend

    I am 73 and was married to my wife for 42 years until she passed away in 2010.In early 2015 I met my current girlfriend (aged 68) and have been with her ever since. We don't live together but go on trips (see below) together and really enjoy each others company. When we first met she told me...
  18. M

    My husband is recovering after a stroke

    Can someone recommend me home health care agencies, which can support my husband and help him to recover quicker?
  19. exyz

    Today, some posh kid tried to mug me off.

    I don't go out much, as I " look vulnerable":rolleyes: And I am, it's true. A "little old lady", these days, as I shuffle along. We went to the local Co op today. It's a safe place, the staff are kind, and don't diddle me. Husband parked up, I said to him, "don't fuss, I'll only be a minute."...
  20. I

    Toxic older sister

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to tell my story short eventhough I can't make it in just one thread. 25 years ago my mom died tragically. I was 11 living home with mom and dad, my sister 23 living with her husband. After some month my father and her decided that I have to go and live with her...