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  1. Raina Walks

    I'm remembering and with the memories come the pain....

    At 42 years old...I am in so much pain and am so depressed that I cannot work. I have what my doctors call chronic PTSD ... it has affected my life especially my ability to go to work and to school...I finished college but I suffered the whole way...my nerves were shot by the end of it and I...
  2. Raina Walks

    My body is on strike...

    I spent most of my life trying to work, exercise and walk myself to sleep...trouble is I am still awake and my body had enough. I cannot work...I cannot socialize...I am hurting all over...my body is in a state of total protest... I suffer from PTSD and I would forget what happened from one...
  3. littlebit33

    Need to self harm to control this pain

    My face is hurting o so bad. I got a mole removed to get biopsied to see if it is milagnant or benine, and it now hurts sooooooo bad. On top of that, my leg and stmach are hurting too. I need to focus on one pain, to control a pain far lesser. I have been clean from self harming for about 2...
  4. sunflower


    O no o no o no just done something really stupid which leads to self-destruction city. Just had sex from my hubby who I'm separated from but still living with until I can find a place of my own. Dirty f**king tramp. Need to pay myself back now. Hurting crying gotta carve myself into tiny little...
  5. mixedupgirl

    Where do u go!

    When the one place u thought you mattered turns its back on you and you find out none of them cared about you anyway. where do you go when you find out people you thought were your friends just stabbed you in the back! where do you go when u have no one to trust or no one to talk to and it all...
  6. G


    My whole body hurts. It keeps happening and only SH really helps. I thought I was doing it because of exams but they are all over now. I don't know what the trigger has been and I dont want to leave the house or get up in the mornings. I'm not sleeping well and am very agitated.
  7. W

    anyone suspect they know what causes their illness but cant/wont do anything about it?

    anyone suspect they know what causes their illness but cant/wont do anything about it? I recently have come to the conclusion that I know what has caused me to uffer with depression and anxiety for all these years. But even if I accept that this thing is the case, there is nothing I can do...
  8. prairiechick

    Heart's breaking

    I'm in a funnel of despair that's taking me down. Why is he leaving his family like this? He's hurting so many people, so many more people than he can even fathom right now. And he has no idea how much he is hurting me right now either. I'll be talking with him in a week from tomorrow, but I...
  9. S

    Just need someone to talk to...

    Okay so over the last couple of weeks I've been self harming nearly every night. I feel like I just can't cope with everything going on right now. I'm in the middle of sitting my exams and they're really stressing me out, but the thing that is getting to me most is the relationship I'm in. If...
  10. G


    Utterly fed up of this now. Its hurting others and they dont understand I'm truly not worth it
  11. tjo73

    Really feel like I want to give in and SH

    My head feel like it's going to explode, the thoughts of punishing myself are running rampant through my head. I haven't sh'd in months but the pressure feels like it is too much tonight and all I can think of is giving in and hurting myself, just don't know if I can hold out.:scared:
  12. raven

    hurting, help please

    Sorry its only me again. I'm in a really bad place at the moment. I day dream about being in hosptial critically ill saying goodbye to my loved ones. Its a positive image which I know is sick of me. I did an ESA50 (benifets) form last weekend and it really has messed with my head. I was...
  13. B

    fed up with hurting...

    i do self harm, i rarely miss a day and sometimes if a day is really bad i do it several times. Im fed up with doing it, im fed up with hurting, when i get over one obstacle another one comes running along. Ive done it so long now i cant just quit with a click of the fingers like some people...
  14. G


    Today is very though for me I am feeling suicidal and depressed I really want to hurt myself and then go and rest. The voices inside my head are hurting my brain.
  15. Angels


    I had to hurt myself to stop myself from hurting her
  16. B

    A turn for the worse....

    Ive been struggling recently for a number of reasons with really bad anxiety and paranoia and as such was prescribed zopiclone and diazepam. Although I was unwell I was still managing to function to a degree, but today I have woken up and the bottom seems to have fallen out of my world :( And I...
  17. B

    To get over the past

    Does anyone else here have depression due to childhood or trauma, and if so do you ever really get over it, or just learn to live with it hurting a little less each day?
  18. G

    Unwanted Admirer

    In my journal I mentioned going to the cinema with a guy who later gave me flowers. Since then he turned up at my home unannounced (having asked a local where I lived)...I was out. And he turns up at my hotel when I am over-nighting there. Well, I was lonely and don't like hurting peoples...
  19. B

    Is this normal?

    Okay, so... here's the deal. I am finally coming clean with these thoughts I have. OVer the past few weeks, I have been having suicidal/homicidal thoughts. HOWEVER, I have never had the urge to commit these acts... but they do occur but not always on a daily basis. Sometimes they do, sometimes...
  20. W

    Diagnose me!!!

    Some people think I'm dumb, some think I'm crazy and some think I'm rude but the thing that bothers me the most is when I can't make friends and even if I do the relationships usually don't last. It is so hard, I want to be likeable if not loveable. I want to be like those normal people at the...