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  1. L

    My boyfriend drives me CRAZY...is my therapist right, it could really be him???

    My boyfriend drives me CRAZY...is my therapist right, it could really be him??? I went to therapy (only 6 one hour sessions so far but she remarked on my open/honesty in telling how bad my behaviour was so we covered lots (she said)) and my therapist told me I was in a borderline relationship...
  2. T

    needs a hug

    Never needed one so much :’( :’( Really hurting inside. Need to escape
  3. B

    pain, empty, broken

    Im 28 and been treated for depression the last 2 years. Im think things are getting worse. I put on a good show but know one knows the pain thats inside. I want to die. I wont commit sucide but i hope i dont wake up. Everytime the doctor does blood work i hope for something terminal to come...
  4. S

    So annoyed with myself

    I've been really good, sticking to eating safe, feeling ok. Over at the inlaws today (theyre BIG eaters, and food 'pushers'). Was happy with my meal, turkey & veg (had to turn down seconds about a million times :mad:) but got talked into dessert. Wish I hadn't. I don't want it in there. Have...
  5. S


    I really feel like I need to hurt myself to try and make some sense of all these thoughts and feelings inside me I've tried all day to ignore it put it just keeps getting louder. Don't know what to do
  6. amathus

    Thoughts about stopping self-harm (self-injury)

    Do you want to stop hurting yourself? ... have you thought through why? Here are some thoughts about stopping: http://self-injury.net/information-recovery/recovery/deciding-stop-self-injuring qf.
  7. ABsea

    this is what she's saying

    I told you to shutup you fucking **** loser piece of shit. You fucking dumbass look what you did. You ruined your whole life you never take my advice now look. You are alone now. You can kill yourself and not worry about hurting anyone now. Its just us and I will be there with you. Better you...
  8. Starkey's mum

    I don't want to be here now

    It's amazing how quick you can go downhill. I am still grieving for my nan which doesn't help at all. But after a brilliant day on friday things have gone downhill really quickly. My partner told me on friday he would text me today just letting me know if he would be able to see me after he'd...
  9. tigerfish

    does it really help?

    you get to know someone, you learn to trust them, then you open up to them and then when they've had enough, they leave you torn apart, distraught and hurting!! (and no where to go with it!) we are alone in all this shit really you know!! :cry2:
  10. C


    am feeling really crap,didnt help not sleeping at all last night all because depressing thoughts/images kept playing over in my mind.. i feel like i dont matter and that im just exsisting im not really close to anthing i feel like something has drowned my soul in acid :( im numb and hurting to...
  11. M

    On the verg of snapping!!

    im gonna end up hurting someone... im sitting here shaking with rage... i cant cope
  12. L

    Why is he against bpd so much

    My partner has stood by my side for 5 years in terrible arguments, and me vice versa, in our disastrous relationship. It has been a journey of hell and had led me into mental health forums and then onto BPD and then onto literature and books and it has been a long journey. At first he was...
  13. L


    This is how I feel as I lie here tonight, Why do I feel it? So many reasons inside. I’m lonely because I’m lost, Lost because I’m confused, Confused because I’m scared, Scared because I’m hurting, Hurting because I’m fearful, Fearful because of the pain. But why the pain? Is...
  14. J


    Im hurting so much right now. I want this illness to end. I want my life to end.
  15. R

    Hello once again good people.

    Hello, my GP offered me the chance to go into hospital voluntarily and has also referred me to a psychiatrist as an out patient. I am self harming more regularly than I have before. I want to keep on hurting myself but I'm not suicidal. Shoud I go in or stick with it until my appointment? Help...
  16. Ghost89

    i need her

    Im so low... im broken inside and just need her to come back i cant help how i feel but she'll never feel how i feel for her... i want to die because i dont know how long i can live with these feelings, im really hurting, really hurting inside, i want to cry but physically cant i want to be held...
  17. jezcoleman

    your thoughts

    My therapist told me that smoking is a form of self harm as your knowingly hurting yourself, any thoughts? Seems logical to me
  18. Unelma

    and what then?

    Sometimes, when I look at my scarred body, I feel like SH:ing some more. Just because it gets me so down and depressed. I've already ruined my body there is nothing I can do anymore. Why did I do it? Why can't I take it back? I hate looking at my body. Sometimes I just get so angry with myself...
  19. defying_gravity

    Things are not good

    Right now everything sucks. Meds suck. Counsellor sucks. Bf sucks. BPD sucks. Life f*****g sucks and I want it all to go away and leave me alone forever but I don't know how apart from the obvious ways of hurting myself really badly and even thinking about it makes me feel a wee bit calmer and...
  20. Ghost89

    Hurting Inside

    I want to self harm, im going to self harm. i feel too stressed and upset and i feel i dont deserve to live.. im an asshole.. i want to hurt myself thoroughly