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  1. ms.beans

    No one

    The realization that no one has ever been around to protect me And no one ever will Has just now hit me I don't think I've ever felt so alone and isolated I'm burning I'm hurting so bad If it weren't for the girls I think I'd will myself to die right here and now Would anyone miss me Probably not
  2. keepsafe

    They are doing me in

    My voices are pulling me to pieces, I don't know which way to turn or what to do anymore. I have them constantly but they are really hurting me just now.
  3. M

    How do I...

    Identify whats hurting me so bad sry if this is the wrong place to post this thread but I'm bipolar 1 and my therapist says I need to Identify whats hurting me so bad but I don't know how to do that help
  4. H


    Been crying all day ... feel like I can feel all the hate that's in the world....just want to stop hurting.....suicide seems my only option
  5. Fairy Lucretia


    when you have hurt somebody's feelings ,and you didn't mean to and you wish you hadn't how do you make them forgive you? if they say they have forgiven you but you don't believe them what should you do? how do you then forgive yourself for hurting somebody you care about? the only way I think I...
  6. S

    Where can i speak to someone for urgent advice regarding my daughter who has BPD. So confused.

    Where can i speak to someone for urgent advice regarding my daughter who has BPD. So confused. I really feel the urgent need to speak to someone who knows about BPD. I need to speak to someone sooner rather than later, i am so confused with it all. It is my teenage child that is suffering, and...
  7. G

    What can I do in an emotional crisis?

    I asked my dad for a ride home because I was afraid to be alone. He responded to my crisis and crying with pull yourself together and grow up. I've been angry all day for no reason, and then I burst out crying for an hour. Going home isn't really an option actually, but I'm home now. My mom is...
  8. A

    Suggestions Welcome!

    I am a 43 year old female that has OCD. I am currently seeing a therapist and take the following medications to help manage my OCD: Anafranil, Lithium, Geodon and Tranxene. I struggle with obsessions about hurting myself badly. I don't want to kill myself but some days the obsessions are so...
  9. M

    I Hate Myself So Much

    You may have seen my post in the Borderline Personality Disorder section. How I've been nasty to my friend. I sent her a little message just to tell her I hope her daughter whose in hospital will make a quick recovery. She basically bit my head. Gave me a list of things that stress her and added...
  10. loulabelle

    danger to myself and probably others

    Stuff is happening to me im thinging of ways to halm myself ive be sh again... and im havung foughts if halming someone im imaging hurting them seriously.... I dunno what to do the sh isnt serious atm and im still functioning just Dunno were my head is at
  11. M

    sick....very sick...

    Yesterday I had accidentally glutened myself so I was really ill for the whole day and night. I seem to be having fever now. I'm laying in my bed...tummy hurting and head throbbing. My body is so hot thaat my bed is hot. I had nightmares of maggots crawling all over. I want someone to come and...
  12. B

    I don't even know why...

    Why do we resort to doing this stuff to ourselves when bad shit goes down? :( I suffered physical abuse a couple of years back, and i can't understand why hurting myself makes me feel better, given my reason for doing it. I'm so confused and its scary :( Would appreciate any thoughts :shrug:
  13. sunflower

    He's hurting me all over again

    25+ years on. It's always there, and the consequences his abuse has had on my life, but he's never been held accountable. Never has and never will. I don't even know his name or where he'd be now. And hearing about J S on the news, it's bringing it all up again and making it fresher and...
  14. J

    Never been so exhausted

    I dragged myself to work today but i don't know how i got through. I am on auto pilot. My face must show that i want to die, that i cannot stand to take another breath, talk to another person, smile, i can fake all these things but they are just fake because inside i am rotting away, i am...
  15. M


    why dont it stop hurting why cant i except it :low: im sometimes numb about them going is it normal? am i ok to feel angry at them? why is all it happening at once and then i feel nothing for them the next? im there mummy whats happening i hate myself i hate the person i am.. im trying to change...
  16. P

    5 weeks gone.

    feel better for it ..but yet i still feel tense and self harm is hurting. why am i writing this? f*ck knows.. cause i certainly don't. WHAT A FAIL.
  17. mrlaurel

    will the real stan ogden please stand up..........

    hello folks, you ok? I am feeling wierd today, scared and alone yet calm and focused... not sure if that is good? Hilda, looks like we have run out of road together, she dosn't want to see me at present and any offers are being turned down and its hurting too much. my new therapist is...
  18. P

    Hurting Loved Ones

    Hi my 3rd post and any comments or advice are grateful whilst I try to understand the disorder from people with first hand experience, when a person has bipolar or bipolar episodes do they realise they are hurting people around them or does the disorder balnk this, I am trying to learn as much...
  19. B

    Do i need help?

    im not sure if im posting this in the right place or not. If not someone point me in the right direction please. Here goes! I seem to be getting bad thoughts about hurting people. No one particular just hurting random people. I lay there awake for ages at night thinking about it. I think of...
  20. P

    Bad thought. OCD?

    I have OCD as well as BP. The last few nights I have been having bad thoughts, thoughts of hurting our pets due to them just irritating me. Not their fault, but mine. I would never do anything to hurt them, so why am I getting these random thoughts of hurting them? Are they just intrusive...