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  1. C

    I feel like I will never get better...

    I have been to so many psychiatrists, been put on so many medications, and I feel like I'm in the same rut I've been in. I suffer with an EXTREME phobia of vomit (aka - emetophobia). I am mainly scared of my kids vomiting and it consumes my life. I think about it 247, I cry, I panic, I literally...
  2. P

    I can't cope with this!

    I've been hearing voices constantly for well over a month now, having lots of panic attacks and finding even the easiest tasks almost impossible, I feel like I'm dreaming all the time, everythings hazy like nothings real and I can't wake up. I've been to the doctor twice now and been prescribed...
  3. B

    I just need to tell someone

    I started hurting myself recently. Self harming is for me the scariest, I do it with a clear mind and I love how it looks. And I dobt want to stop, it is not the only thing I use. I drink, alot, everyday. People know but believe my excuses. People have seen my scars, and know what they are but...
  4. M

    How do you do it? Why can't I?

    I'm sat here on a chair, on Christmas Day, with my two teddies next to me, at my parents yet all I can think about is the fact I just can't cope with life anymore. It all just goes on and on and on, for months at a time, getting worse as the days go along and each time these "episodes" go on...
  5. BrianHorlicks


    I haven't been on here much lately, Because my mum passed away, Early hours of Friday morning, Just gone. Even though, We really didn't get on, And I kept my distance, When I got older. It's hurting. Just got to make sure my dad's okay. They were together for 54 years.
  6. B

    my heart hurts..

    My son came for a visit today and we had lots of fun. When he left I was informed he's been really aggressive and waking up in the night to hide snacks. This hurts me because he's never been a violent kid and when he wakes up he crawls in with me. I feel so sad because his behavior tells me...
  7. S

    ending the pain

    How do you end the pain? I'm tired of hurting and hating. I hurt all the time. I hate this world and my place in it. I'm growing weary of the fight.
  8. T

    Loved and lost

    Hello everyone I'm not sure if I've come to the right place but I truly hope I have. Im a 49 year old guy who has just lost someone I love very much. I had a relationship with a lady(40) which lasted just shy of 3 months and ended last week. I've never felt so much emotional pain in my life as I...
  9. R

    Typical I don't know what to do.

    So it's my first time on this website because I really don't know what to do. I've been self harming since age 8. It got real bad between ages of 13-17 years; I'm 25, nearly 26 years old now. But in recent months it's all I wanted to do. I was abused by my brother as a child. I was bullied...
  10. S


    I cannot spell it i am sorry. I replied to your other thread but it has been removed and so i hope my posts went through to your email so that you can read them. I thought some of my suggestions were useful as they would prevent you hurting yourself or someone else, but allowing you to express...
  11. Tw723

    Self harm

    I feel like hurting myself again. I feel so low right now and it feels like a release to me. I'm afraid to talk to my husband or mother. The two close people I have in my life right now. I don't want them to know. My mother may be more understand but I don't think my husband will be. We've...
  12. myownveryone

    I feel like I'm fighting for my life.

    I don't actively want to kill myself, but it feels like each day is harder to get though. I feel like I am fighting for my life. Not every day. It keeps getting easy for a week or so, then it's back to this. And it's harder every time. I don't want any of this. But I'm not brave enough to take...
  13. C

    OCD Scary and Painful Thoughts

    Hello to old and new members, this is my first post. I have been struggling with OCD for almost a year, and thoughts have slowly gotten worse. In May, I graduated from college and now I feel all this stress is at a high because of all the pressure there is to find a job. I know OCD attacks the...
  14. T

    Using Your Imagination With Voices

    For a while I have been able to give my voices hugs by imagining hugging them when they talk. It often creates a feeling of warmth, maybe love, and some degree of comfort. I try to do this when we are not getting along, whether or not they want a hug. I also have imagined showing them how I feel...
  15. LoneKnight

    i never had sex

    i don't want to sound like a freak or anything but i never had sex and im 21 years old. i mean i not ugly and im a big guy 6'1 height and 245 lbs all my friends or people that i know are all in a relationship im the only one they always hooked up with each other but when it was with me never i...
  16. A

    Slipping off the edge

    Hi all, I haven't been on this forum in a year or so (haven't needed to be) lately the last couple of days have been really bad. I am a bit over two years SH free, but the last few days I've really really wanted to hurt myself again. I'm currently in search of a new job (with no luck so far)...
  17. M

    Feel myself becoming more iirtable / bitter / angry

    I've always loved people....... Speaking to people, being with people, making people laugh (or trying) and smile, putting other people first, being nice to people etc but recently I've found myself becoming more bitter towards people - how selfish and ignorant / arrogant people are, how cruel...
  18. The Big Dawg

    Am I human

    I dont know if I am 100% human but I've have a liking for raw beef I will eat steak raw and the more bloody the better and I find myself craving the blood from the steak, I also eat insects to from time to time. I have the reflexes of a cat and I can catch a fly in mid air but I wouldn't eat...
  19. M

    Lost in limbo, hurting

    I can't keep on drinking and hurting, I'm not allowed prn's. I'm lost
  20. BrianHorlicks


    I really am stupid. I was looking for the steak for dinner yesterday, For today's dinner. and I unintentionally left some of the food out, Didn't realise till this morning. I really hate it when I do things like that. I felt like hurting myself. But I didn't. So annoyed with myself...