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  1. Majulka

    I am lonely

    Hello, I would like to share my story. I don't have friends so internet is the only place for me. I am scared of people because they have broken my trust so many times. I have been cheated on by my boyfriend. Many friends just used me because I was a kind person. I was let down, betrayed...
  2. D


    I'm waiting to go to court and I'm alienated from my family. I was made homeless. I now have a flat but I'm completely alone. There's literally no one in my days or nights. I'm fighting some really dark thoughts about hurting the person who caused the chain of events leading to me being in legal...
  3. P

    never happened until lately- thoughts of hurting others

    Not sure if this is in the right section but I am unsure on where else to post it. Over the past few days I have sort of came to the realisation that life isnt going to get better. The constant ups and downs are just having my life. I was thinking of what I could do to help and then the...
  4. B

    I want to die

    I'm new to this and I don't really know where to turn who to go to or even what to feel anymore. I'm always sad I never feel happy I wake up crying with horrible nightmares of my brothers passing "he drowned" I feel like nobody likes me I have zero friends as I've pushed everyone away :( i...
  5. letmein

    thoughts of hurting myself

    are racing in my mind.
  6. O

    18 years old- harm OCD

    Hi all, As of about a month ago I started to have compulsive thoughts about hurting people. Just random intrusive thoughts about stabbing, strangling, hurting, etc. I'm 18 and have not had problems with this until now. I have always been an extemely empathetic kid, so obviously these thoughts...
  7. I

    Tired of hurting

    It's Sunday. Last Tuesday I fell down the stairs. No serious injuries, though I had nasty rugburn, hurt my elbow, hurt my butt and and did nasty things to all the muscles in my back. Without thinking I tucked my chin so at least I didn't bump my head. But now my elbow just won't stop...
  8. B

    I can't stop hurting myself.

    It started with self harming in one way, now I'm doing it in other ways. I seem to get lost in my head and do this stuff. One part of me wants to die but the other part just wants to feel the pain.
  9. R

    long post...

    sorry for the long post... think you all may need coffee to keep awake!.... and re read it ... sorry being sarky as its a long post... my mind is sarky.. but am hurting inside!!
  10. E

    I see Jesus laughing, let us show you .....

    Do you see what I see? Yeah he did not have blue eyes, he had eyes full of joy. You have to break away from the Orthodox Scripture, the sort that says those that "Laugh Now Shall Weep". Only in Gnosticism, in Knowledge which leads to Salvation (heresy), knowledge of what is above all the...
  11. M

    Personality Disorder?

    Lately, I've felt like I've has some sort of personality disorder. I don't know why, it has just come to me recently but honestly feel like I do. Here's some habits I have ; I lie, ALOT rarely do ever speak truth. I don't even realize when I'm lying because it comes to me so naturally. My...
  12. I

    Do I be brave?

    Those of you who have Bern following me will know I have had suicidal thoughts and feeling left out because of the way so called friends have been treating me neve wanting to see me well in thinking of texting them tonight telling them how I'm feeling because in still hurting I don't want a...
  13. K

    Being touched is painfull, also whole skin hurting without reason

    Hello :) To understand my current situation it is needed to take a look at the past. I had anxiety, depression & bipolar ups and downs. I remember being in school running around in pure terror, not being able to talk to someone or just stand in the near of somebody else. I remember being highly...
  14. L

    Maybe there is light..

    Or at least I feel like it some days... (it's going to be a long post, as I need to vent a bit, sorry..) I found this forum at my darkest time, I've read so many post, seen so many people struggle the same as me and it just breaks my heart. I just want to say to everybody having a hard...
  15. Frankie.Bloom

    Too Scared To Go To The Doctor

    Hi All I have just joined this forum today because I have been having some very bad days. I'm not one to say I have anxiety because I guess in a way I have always felt quite ashamed to admit it, but just lately I have felt that my brain is definitely working against me. I have just finished...
  16. L

    Relationship Breakdown

    My ex recently broke up with me. I am finding it very difficult to cope with the emotional pain. I feel to blame that he ended the relationship because of my recent mental health struggles. Before, the relationship ended I really tried on several occasions to save the relationship. Seen...
  17. G

    Trying to self destruct but cant

    I want to break up my marriage and to walk out of my job. Feel like I'm going to push a self destruct button. I've been unhappy for years but I don't think it's possible for me anyway so don't know why I should ruin everyone else's settled life. It's not spite as I want my family to be happy...
  18. A

    How to meet people with mdd that undertstand

    I suffer from major depressive disorder and no one seems to get it. They all say your a man just go to work like everyone else and stop complaining. I have been hurting myself at work over the years to not deal with the pain of my depression. People always taking advantage of me and treating me...
  19. B

    New here/Need Advice

    Hi. I'm new to this site. I stumbled upon it accidently but I'm so glad I did. I need some help/advice. I'm a woman in my 30's and 2 yrs ago my exboyfriend and I broke up. We had been dating/living together for 2yrs prior with his child. It was a very difficult relationship. We fell in love hard...
  20. T

    Coping (or not) with anxiety about work

    Hello, Sorry to complain, i'm looking for some help thinking and acting rationally and logically. I'm experiencing anxiety which i think is related to my work. I'm an enabler for people with learning disabilities and i love it. I'm also team leader there now. Basically i hate the extra...