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  1. C

    Is There Something Wrong With Me?

    The past year or so I have been wanting to hurt someone or something. My anger has been getting way worse than it has in the past and the thought of hurting someone seems thrilling to me - the only reason I haven't hurt someone is because I'm afraid of the consequences of it. With wanting to...
  2. F

    Relapse as an adult

    Hi, I'm Cherry and this year I turned 21, got promoted, began a degree and had my biggest relapse yet. I self harmed as a teenager, from age 12 onwards and couldn't seem to find any way of recovering. I would momentarily replace one form of self harm with other of self harm and often let...
  3. letmein


    I'm hurting and feel so used. ready to end it all. just not got the balls to do it. or the means. i'm a useless coward.
  4. M

    Thoughts of hurting other people

    I don't know if this is in the right place so apologies if not. So basically I've always been a caring person who likes helping others / animals and I hate fighting, I think the only times I've ever fought is to look out for people who I felt were being mistreated and couldn't look after...
  5. I

    finally getting ears pierced

    Hi I'm finally getting ears pierced although nervous of it hurting and aftercare
  6. A

    Can’t beat the urge to self harm

    I’ve been suffering with depression for so long now but this last month has been horrendous. My behaviour has been out of control and I am hurting everyone around me without meaning to. It’s leading me to self harm on a regular basis and I just can’t take no more. :(
  7. R

    i've given up, i want to join my boyfriend in heaven

    I feel like shit. I don't even know why i am writing on here. I lost my boyfriend of 6 years 5 weeks ago to suicide, in the end our relationship was 80% arguments hurting each other back and forth. I had given up of trying to make it work by April, i still loved him but i felt everything he said...
  8. J

    How can you help someone when they are on a low

    Hello, my partner has bipolar 2. Her Lows are more frequent, longer lasting than her highs. She was prescribed lamictal but has so far refused to take them and each time she has a low its getting worse, particularly when she is on her monthly cycle. Had a great Bank Holiday weekend with her and...
  9. R

    hi everyone

    I am scared. I am alone. I am hurting.
  10. little rose


    been crying on and off all day for some reason felt extremely depressed since last night.. im feeling extremely alone and lost and confused i dont feel its fair that i have to keep struggling im getting tired of having to do trauma therapy and having to deal with my mental illness every day and...
  11. little rose

    had enough depressed

    dont understand what all this hurt and suffering is for i just dont understand this amount of hurt and struggling i dont get it anymore.. :'( why cant i be happy like others and stop hurting i tried so hard to day now sittin here cryin again
  12. U

    I get pleasure from pain, but my mental condition is perfectly fine

    Like you can see from the title, I get pleasure from hurting myself. I think I'm getting addicted to it. I know that when your body is hurt it releases hormones called endorphins and that is why I get pleasure from hurting myself. I don't have a depression, anxiety or other mental issues, so I...
  13. little rose


    in my bedroom crying feel like im being tested i cant keep trying and tryin im sick of hurting been hurting all day why is life doing this to me i dont understand
  14. G

    Self harm isn't bad enough?

    I feel ridiculous saying this but I have an issue with self harm and, despite the usual reasons of discomfort talking about it, I also struggle talking to people about it because I don't think it is bad enough? I am aware that hurting myself is bad and indication that there is an issue but I...
  15. Majulka

    My mum hates me

    So I finally managed to move out. I couldn't stand it all at home anymore. My mum was blinded by her new boyfriend and it was so painful. I am 21 years old and I felt so lonely, without a family. The worst is my brother stayed there and now he is there without me. I moved far away to a different...
  16. fazza

    Stigma Stigma Stigma

    I am not ging to eat your babies. I am not going to start barking at the moon. You have more chance of hurting me than I have of hurting you yet. You judge. My best friend told me that he is uncomfortable with me staying their because I have schizophrenia. He is scared that n the middle of the...
  17. B

    Loved one is in denial

    My significant other is (undiagnosed) bulimic she purges up to 7 times a day and says she will stop when she gets to where she wants to get. I don't really believe that and she already wants to lose so much... She doesn't think she has any problem I just don't know what to do everything I say...
  18. S

    life isn't worth living , why am i even alive

    i'm currently in my bedroom crying my eyes out , i see no purpose to a life with so much pain , all i have felt since waking up is pain , upset , emptiness and misery .. i tried doing yoga , it didn't make me feel much better, i am currently crying my eye's out , i don't see the point , i cant...
  19. S

    what's the point .. it all feels so pointless

    pain , upset, feeling depressed , feeling lonely , feeling sad .. hurting .. this isnt what life is supposed to be about .. so sick of hurting in the one and only life i get whilst other people are smiling their life away year in year out i hurt so much of the time it makes me question the point...
  20. S

    how is life fair when we spend so much time hurting ??

    ok , so having felt wrong inside since a little girl makes me really question this life , why im here , why ive had to hurt so much , why ive had to suffer , why ive had to be lonely , the purpose to my life , the purpose to pain if there is any which i can't see any .... my mum emotionally...