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  1. E

    Do these fleeting thoughts classify as mood swings?

    Within seconds or minutes my mind changes from “let’s move forward, go to college, work hard and get a good job and better yourself” and then the next moment it says “don’t bother you’ll be dead soon, enjoy the remaining months of your life” And I have episodes of crying, irritability and...
  2. E

    Can someone help me out quickly please? What does this mean? I’m very upset.

    This is about my psychiatric nurse... This was ages ago. I told him that I was uncomfortable by his remarks e.g “you’re attractive” and “what’s not to like about you?” and firstly, he acknowledged it and he claimed he wouldn’t mention it again. Weeks later, I saw him again and he said “I was...
  3. N

    I'm lost

    I found out the other day that I don't want to kill myself. But I still want to die to be honest but in an accident. I can't kill myself. I don't want to either. But I do want the pain to stop. I still cry every day. I still think about her a lot. But hopefully that will lessen with time. I'm...
  4. Fairy Lucretia

    I don't know how to articulate my emotions

    so i hurt myself instead x
  5. O


    I looked this up and I think it’s what’s wrong with me. They say I have overactive imagination or that I have bipolar disorder, but the meds don’t work. I was about eight when it Started, fits of mania followed by long depressive slumps, and inbetween, the voices. One tells me to hurt myself...
  6. N

    I need fixing

    I have a beautiful wife of one week , I love her very very much, yet on our honeymoon I stared at other women and young women at that , I am not interested in them nor do I get arrowsed in any way , it is so disgusting and disrespectful , I have made myself sick thinking about what I have done ...
  7. F

    people judge me just because i have schizophrenia

    Hi im 19 years old and last year i was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Im feeling really sad right now because everytime i tell people i have schizophrenia they dont want to talk to me anymore. they think im a dangerous psychopath that will hurt them. i have never hurt anyone and i have never been...
  8. H

    Hi all

    Hi ive been reading some of your stories and its made me feel.like a weak fraud of a person.....i think im just too lazy to be bothered with life ....like maybe its just 2 much like hard work staying alive...being alive is hard work......felt like that since i was 9 or 10...if there was a button...
  9. Lolli_Liability

    To some of the greatest friends old and new

    I'm sending my love to all of you for everything you have ever done I thought coming back in here would save me once again but I cannot do this I'm sorry to let you all down let again . I do it to often. But I very much need to die . I hurt to much and I'm to alone .
  10. R

    I'm tired

    i'm just literally tired of everything. I'm tire of being hurt by the people i love and value the most. I'm tired of crying. I'm tired of getting hurt. I'm tired of having no control over the pain that's killing me inside. I'm tired and i just want to have a control on how i feel. It doesn't...
  11. valleygirl

    I don't know what to do

    So I've been really exhausted lately - I work full time at a daycare, and I haven't taken holidays in quite awhile because I can't afford to take time off. Now my mom is offering to take me to a really nice place right by the ocean for the weekend - if I can get Friday off. Now, you may think...
  12. Roo1983

    I can’t stand feeling like this

    Today is another bad day.Ive woken up feeling anxious,alone and feeling like I have no one to talk to.I can’t stand feeling like this!Ive pushed the only person away I loved because I can’t promise him forever.I have issues after a toxic relationship and I can’t get over the hurt it’s caused...
  13. J

    Help please i know i have bpd

    Hi I am 31 father of three, recently I have lost my partner, I know I have bpd but the doctor keeps saying its depression and give me anti-depressants, my partner was amazing and an amazing mother to two beautiful boys, she has put up with me pushing her away, having no respect, doing things to...
  14. F

    Am I in psychosis ?

    I've been hearing voices for a long time now. The voices became hostile about 8 months ago. They are telling to hurt/kill people because the DWP and the security services are planning to kill off all the long term sick and disabled people on behalf of the government. They can't do it up front...
  15. B

    i don't understand...

    This is how the pain starts: I think I meet my soul mate, they turn out to break my heart, but I am never at fault, although, I constantly break it off and start again. I can't seem to think straight when someone I'm interested in my presence shows me attention. I never think about...
  16. K

    Painful scar

    I self harm quite regularly and I've never had a scar hurt before, I injured myself about 5 months ago, it had to be steri stripped and glued, it healed ok but the scar is really painful, I've done it since then and had to have stitches and those scars don't hurt at all. Does anyone else...
  17. shaky

    In the psych hospital

    I've not posted lately cause I am in the psychiatric hospital. It's crap in here. The only good thing you can say about it is that it's difficult to hurt myself in here.(I was brought in because of uncontrollable self harm)
  18. Q

    Venting and Cataloging - Just wanted to post this somewhere and I am tired of trying to physically journal

    Venting and Cataloging - Just wanted to post this somewhere and I am tired of trying to physically journal Well let's see I am: Hearing Voices that just say my name. That's it. I am terrified to try and talk to them. Usually I just yell at them in my head to leave me alone and ignore them...
  19. L


    Wow they have really done one fucking over. I was banned of a social media site for feeling suicidal. They obviously don't know people with depression, EUPD fear abandoment and rejection, that people with EUPD will kill them selves because of this. This has deffinetly not got peoples welfare in...
  20. Midnight.Panda

    My Mother's Words From 5 Years Ago Still Hurt Me Today

    Hi everyone, I am going back home very soon, so I wanted to get this off my chest and maybe get some advice. To give a brief background behind this, I have always had a distant relationship with my parents. I think a big reason for this is because they are busy with work or doing something...