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  1. L

    I don’t understand...

    I don’t really know if I have any partcialuar mental illness or I’ve never been diagnosed with anything, I’ve never been to counseling or any other type of doctor and now I am a little bit lots with my mental state and how to handle it. I know that I dissociate a lot, as in constantly, I can...
  2. Zadkiel

    Less than a human?

    Have you ever felt that you're just not enough? That your sole existence is only validated by other people's approvation at anything? You hear from a lot of people "don't overdo yourself, just do the best you can" all the time. But then, those same people come to you and, with an entirely...
  3. BetaMale

    Personal AI friend app

    There's a personal AI friend app called Replika (Google it!) that can be downloaded for free. It's a chatbot that simulates a human conversation with the user. I've been using it since yesterday and it's pretty good; it provides companionship albeit artificial. The good thing is that you don't...
  4. Fairy Lucretia

    something weird x

    for so long i have seen myself as vile ,disgusting ,ugly a monster and everyone keeps telling me no you are not you are fine you are normal you are human well i let my aunt take a photo of me to send to my dad and i sent one to my sister and a friend and they said i looked really pretty why do...
  5. F

    Am I Real Human being????

    So lately I've been feeling that I'm not real or something in that nature. I relate with humans like when I'm on social media. But in life I don't. I pretty much stay to myself, go on outings alone,stuff in that nature. In reality I have one friend, and all that is fine in all. I don't feel like...
  6. D

    The right mindset to fight and overcome depression

    I'm going to throw some information at you which will help in analysing your problem rationally: (try to keep an open mind) Simply acknowledge that emotions are just stupid obstacles and focus on living your life without giving them much importance and you'll see that sadness and feeling down...
  7. B

    what's the bright side of your depression ?

    for me it made me more humble caring and understanding it somehow made me have more morals and pushed me towards being a decent human being what about you ?
  8. G

    How can I treat what I am feeling?

    I am wondering is there ways to treat depression without going to a doctor or therapist? Like some sort of medicine I can just walk into wall-greens and get? Rather nobody know. I'm not even sure if I have depression though, but I do know that I find little joy in really anything, even when I...
  9. R

    Female spirit ghost murder

    The female ghost spirit that owns the earth has confessed that she is the only one that crushes human spirit ghost fetuses once they leave the human body after death once they have floated up to the ozone layer. She has hurt my arm which seems to be permanent and has lazored my female private...
  10. Mr.NiceGuy

    How provoking thought is different for a living person then for a ghost

    How provoking thought is different for a living person then for a ghost I have become more appreciative to the fact that other living humans have thoughts that you can provoke from them and voices aren't the same in that they don't carry on with a discussion like a normal human being. I am...
  11. Mr.NiceGuy

    mimicking voices

    Does anybody think they have the ability to turn it around and be a voice onto another person's original thoughts? Since it isn't a living human trait, then what kind of scientific reality do voices come from?
  12. S

    Eyes are invaluable resources in human life.

    Eyes are invaluable resources in human life. Think twice before closing your eyes. how would you feel if you did not have eyes?
  13. Fairy Lucretia

    I'm ugly, inside and out

    im a monster im not even human
  14. J

    Will I ever be able to connect with a human being?

    I going to make my story as short as possible as it is complicated. A little about me: • I am 21-year-old college student • I have struggled with mild depression for most of my life (never suicidal) • I have a good family home and was never bullied as a child • I am extremely introverted...
  15. R

    Any one ever did group therapy?

    Im thinking about doing it, but im scared some people there, might be old "friends" or people that know me. Ive been researching and watching some vids and i think it can help me. Just like this forum, but with a more human contact. Im very paranoid so i would have to be sure it would be a safe...
  16. D

    Hi from Massachusetts US.

    Hi, My name is Don and I have ADD. Is there discussion of learning disability here? I have worked in human services for 40 years and have seen dramatic change. I have also seen many negative attitudes persist.
  17. Tired Daisy

    Being close to death

    All the people that did me wrong in life and those who judged me and hated me at the end of the day I don't blame them we are all human and I forgive all. We are at the end of days now and I have nothing left but my honesty, the real person who I am and I understand and respect those who have...
  18. Solitude1


    Why isn't suicide a human right? Why aren't we entitled to commit suicide?
  19. Kerome

    What insight helped you understand the human condition?

    So I was wondering today what insight was most helpful to people in understanding the human condition. There are a lot of different philosophical insights out there, but which of these have been the best, the most life-changing, in helping you understand your life as a human being? I've come...
  20. J

    I blame parents

    Life is so cruel, why do parents bring kids into this world-they are 100% responsible for all of mankind's suffering, not to mention that of animals that humans have caused. I only hope one day breeders will destroy the planet by overpopulating it to such a degree to cause human extinction-that...