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  1. C

    Had A Rough Day...

    Can I just have a hug? I'm really REALLY struggling tonight. I can't...I just can't...
  2. I

    I hugged my therapist?

    Hey. So i've been in therapy (because of anxiety and some childhood issues) for about 1,5 years now. I usually do battle quite a bit to still keep control over what information I share and how I feel about things and I'm somewhat unemotional, I have not cried in therapy (but have once after a...
  3. mami5

    A hug

    With everything that's going on for me now I am in desperate need of a hug. So if I shared some group hugs would someone please be kind enough to hug me back? Please? :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  4. A

    i need

    a hug cos I feeling scared of life
  5. T

    In great need of a virtual hug

    Have had a really tough few days and tonight I've been unable to sleep. Experienced a bad trigger... One thing led to another and it spiralled me into being unable to sleep tonight; my thoughts are still keeping me awake. I'm so incredibly sad because I've had to live through the traumas that I...
  6. P

    The urge to hug someone

    2 years ago I had my first experience of visual and audio hallucination. At that time I was already being placed on 40mg zeldox as maintenance prevention. So after this psychotic episode where I almost completely lost control of my mind, the psychiatrist asked me to take 80mg instead...
  7. S

    My brother makes me extremely anxious...

    Last night and today my brother has been very... affectionate. He recently started going out with a girl and she told him he should be more expressive, and apparently that's triggered a wave of 'i love yous', hugs, kisses to my head or my forehead, and other gestures that make me extremely...
  8. W

    Need a hug

    I just need a hug. A big loving cuddle. Like a proper bear hug. I need a warm, tight, meaningful, loving, hug. A reassuring hug that says don't worry i'm here for you, its okay. A proper hug.
  9. I

    Attachment to therapist

    I am really struggling with strong attachments to my therapist. I've been in such a state these last few months and I've been desperate for a hug and she won't hug me. Im dealing with abuse from my past and she said she doesn't want to abuse me too. She won't hug me because of my feelings for her.
  10. prairiechick

    Obsessed with my therapist

    I adore my therapist and I think about her all the time. I want to be with her all the time, and I want to hug her every time I see her. I wanted to ask her for a hug the last time I met with her, but I wasn't brave enough to ask.
  11. D

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to everyone on the Forum All the very best progress in 2015 ! :hug:
  12. T


    Hope you're ok Bel xxxxx :hug:
  13. mami5

    Have my arms out...open wide

    If anyone out there has a hug going spare.....I'm ready.....and desperate......please?????
  14. Fairy Lucretia


    this is really pathetic can somebody hug me please I feel like im going to die from crying
  15. mami5

    Need a hug......please?

    Hi I need a favour ......... a gentle hug......please? Feeling fragile at the moment. Got a big red inflamed patch on my breast and it's painful. Been given antibiotics for it and co-codomols for the pain. I'm worried and scared. :low: Thank you Mami xx
  16. Tropical

    Group hug for Lucretia

  17. Zoe :)

    Are you okay?

    How is everyone doing? Felt like asking :) are you all okay? Feel like I don't help people enough .. :hug: to everyone No idea where I was to post this.. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  18. E

    Send me some hugs guys I'm not feeling well today

    My shrink is on vacation, so can't see him. It will pass and I did it to myself - I binge drank again last night and am feeling down, low and obsessing over the past etc as I always get when hungover. Also skipped meds as scared to take them with that much drink inside me. I have been fine...
  19. Mandy2608

    not been around much

    But wanted to send a hug to everyone who is having a shitty time x
  20. ms.beans

    Flying apart

    I'm lost in the memories One after another They hit me like waves I hug myself so hard I leave bruises Jaw clenched against the whimpers that want to escape I am aware of my surroundings The children want a snack The laundry needs to be folded Dishes washed I'm shaking I want to vomit Movie...