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  1. polkadotscarf

    On the verge of a breakdown

    Don't want to OD so hoping that posting here will be an alternative to that. Feeling horribly sad and confused and conflicted. Tried calling for help today but have to wait at around 3 months. I need help now. Before I do some serious damage. Not the HTT sort of help. That's useless and...
  2. L

    Sorry but there Useless beyond belief

    htt dont no there arse from there elbow. Was told yesterday they were coming to see me today.so i sit there waiting for a call to confurm the time there coming. Nothing....... So i ring them for them to ask whats happening........... "Do you want us to come and see you then" to wich i said nah...
  3. S

    so i'm a liar

    my pdoc took me very seriously and refered me to HTT twice to get admitance through them. the HTT psych thinks i am faking me condition and wanting to be in the system and should just get a job and grow a pair and stop being silly i could probably carry this list on...................so i am at...
  4. jax


    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone here is on Clozaril to treat your Bipolar? I know that here in Belfast, there is only a handful of people with Bipolar on Clozaril. I was placed on it last year while in hospital as nothing else worked. I remained stable once on it for 10 months, which was...
  5. jax

    Lithium toxicity

    Hello all - I've been with the Home Treatment Team (HTT) now for 3 weeks due to a manic episode which is now a depressive one. The HTT believe that I got sick due to having lithium reduced about 8 weeks ago. I was on 1200mg and reduced to 800. Lithium was increased to 1000mg 6 weeks ago then...
  6. jax

    Back With Home Treatment Team

    I have been manic since last week. All happened all of a sudden. Today I have having my bloods done at the day hospital and they got the HTT to see me at home. So HTT have taken me on for now. I am relived as I have a lot of insight and know I am too high. Had my lithium increased last week...
  7. diamondshine

    Home treatment team

    So after going to A&E and then being kept in overnight (finally escaped late last night!), I've been referred to the HTT. They're arriving this afternoon at 3 ish. Just wondered what to expect really? I've had them before but it was years ago and I can't really remember. I've heard they're...
  8. jax

    Med Change

    It's obvious the Abilify is not working. Finally the HTT have decided to change my medication as iI have been on it 5 weeks and got worse rather than better :-/ So the brainwave the HTT had was to put me back onto the seroquel! I don't mind the fact that I am going onto that as it means that...
  9. jax

    6 Weeks on

    I've been with the crisis team/Home treatment team for about 6/7 weeks. I have had a much better experience this time than previous times. It's been rought for me. I am still with them and they have suggested hospital twice. I have been having both rapid cycling and mixed states. I can...
  10. angiebib1976

    Not a good Day :(

    I feel so low. My daughter hasn't rang me from her holiday with her Dad. I'm worried about her, but I'm toscared to ring his parents to see if they have heard anything, as they hate me since we split. I'm nicely trashing the only meaningful friendship I've ever had. And I'm sick of pretending...
  11. jax


    I've been with the HTT (home treatment team) for about 6 weeks now. Taken off my seroquel and put on the maximum dose of Abilify. TBH - I think I am worse on the Abilify and am having more swings and distruptive mood. I can have several swings in one day. I don't think the HTT believed this...