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  1. E

    Bottom problems

    My GP has referred me to the colorectal department at the hospital & I will need to have a camera put up my bum, the reason is that for a while I've been having blood in my poo, the GP examined my bum & said that I do not have hemorrhoids; my mental health is so bad & my living conditions are so...
  2. Artmuzz

    The council are useless

    I got a letter from the council this week telling me that I now have to pay five pounds a week on my rent even though I get full housing benefit. I phoned them up and was told that I got overpaid housing benefit away back in 2014 and I have to pay that overpayment back. What a I don’t...
  3. T

    Council housing advice?

    The past few weeks have really been taking its toll on me, and my depression is just way down, I have lost all motivation for anything, basically my nan has been battling cancer for the past 4 years and by the sounds of it she will have to go into care, my grandad is beside himself and I am...
  4. Tired Daisy

    Horrible letter from housing

    I just got a horrible letter from my housing office saying that they have set up a meeting which is next week to discuss my tenancy and that a tenancy check will be carried out on my property by some people from the council and the housing officer will be attending along with the tenancy...
  5. M

    Housing benefit help

    Hi, I'm new here, my husband has applied to council for extra bedroom as his medication causes severe night sweats and he can't sleep in our bed, anyway council are sending someone out to measure main bedroom to see if we can put 2single beds in, does anyone know what size the bedroom will need...
  6. jojo94

    Moving out of Supported Housing/Personal Budgets

    Hi I'm supposed to be moving out of supported housing soon. I am very anxious about it. Anxious about not knowing where or when I'm moving and particularly anxious and sad about leaving behind certain staff here (I'd say I'm attached to a couple of them.) I don't see how I'll cope on my own...
  7. R

    rent arrears

    my housing assoc sent me a rent statement, i decided that as the housing benefit is paid 4 weeks in arrears that i'm 4 weeks in arrears phoned up housing assoc saying i'd rather pay them off so i'm not technically in arrears, and that a past assoc when i got into arrears said you've been in...
  8. neorealism

    Housing application

    I have applied for housing in a bigger city, as my mum is moving away there and is currently the only person that helps me - However all my attempts to get a priority on mental health grounds & the fact my mum is moving to this city, have been swatted away. I have been awarded x amount of...
  9. D

    Marage breakup due to financial infidelity I can't see a way forward

    . I have been house husband for a number of years after redundancy, my wife was working but due to illness and disability wanted to stop however she didn't do it correctly and the council refused to pay housing benefit (they say she made herself unemployed) she kept it secret from me I only...
  10. Artmuzz

    Welfare benefits when sharing flat with friend

    At the moment and for the past 15 years I have been living alone in a one bedroom flat. However, since 2015 after having a severe panic attack and suffering severe anxiety, depression and panic disorder I am scared to live alone now. My friend suggested that I could move into her flat or she...
  11. Groot


    Hi all. New here, but don't really know what to say. The movie character Groot doesn't say much, and usually I don't either, but I will try. I've completely lost all direction and purpose. I'm a middle aged guy in the US. I worked hard many years but have nothing to show for that. Now I find...
  12. G

    I can't eat food around others/extremely self conscious

    I'm very self conscious and I can't eat in front of others anymore. So many people live in my housing that I literally can never eat by myself anymore, unless I eat in my room. It always seems people have conversation with me while I've got food. They ignore me at all other times of the day and...
  13. T

    Crawling in my skin

    Not doing great hit a depressive slump It's a shock because I've been happy for ages. I quit smoking for 8 months and started again yesterday But hey I felt like drinking and I didnt. It's physical I can feel pain like my spirit has been broken. Voices are so critical The main one they said is...
  14. H

    I claim a severe disability premium, could I get a 2 bed flat for my carer to stay over?

    I claim a severe disability premium, could I get a 2 bed flat for my carer to stay over? Hi I currently live in a ground floor flat that I don't feel safe in and I'm scared to open my blinds/curtains... I'm unable to work at the moment so it would be council or housing association, would I be...
  15. R


    i may have mentioned a few weeks ago i put 2 hasp locks with padlocks on the door and a cctv dummy camera, i was feeling vulnerable, people were banging on the doot in tthe eaarly hours, it’s abated a bit now, i don’t know why maybe the cctv camera is working as a deterrant Anyway i just got a...
  16. M

    Will I get support with housing.

    I have applied to the council to be placed on housing list. It is a different borough to the one I currently live in. I am completely isolated, in the last 4 months I have only been out of the house to attend doc/hospital apps. My kids live 200 miles away from me, and I need to be near them for...
  17. K

    Supported housing advice/experience?

    I would like to ask for some advice regarding supported/sheltered housing. I am currently diagnosed with severe depression and generalised anxiety disorder. I am currently living with my parents who care for me because if I am left alone I self neglect (basically I don't get out of bed) and also...
  18. A

    Life outside of psychiatric hospital

    Hello, I've recently been discharged from hospital after several years and am struggling to adjust. I'm wondering if anyone has any similar experiences they can share? Thanks:)
  19. K

    discharge from hospital and housing

    I'm waiting for discharge from a specialist mental health ward that I have been receiving inpatient therapy for and ED and BPD and I need housing before I can start my transition back into the community. The problem I have though is that I have been assessed.and put in band C by my local...
  20. Kerome

    Government scraps housing benefit for young people

    Homelessness expected to rise further as Government scraps housing benefit for young people | The Independent