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  1. RainbowHeartz

    no idea if i have OCD but will talk to psych

    i do things like open every door and window, then i shut them all and lock the front door, i seem to then check everything, i cant sit still much, i feel i need to do it else something bad will happen. i cant leave things alone in peoples houses, i cant have stuff in middle of floor else i move...
  2. R

    Mind House

    My last girlfriend was talking about moving out of her flat to a mind house, i said for mind to get the hostel money it has to meet the definition of a hostel which is shared kitchen bathroom and toilet, i know haringey mind had baby bellings in the rooms, also i'm not sure if you can lock your...
  3. L

    thinking of moving home and worried

    im hoping to exchange a council home,. i live in a very quiet area where nobody talks to anyone and nobody interferes in anyones life. its actually hostile if I am honest, but in some ways thats good because no one is nosey,. every one is mature or elderly and there are no kids about,. i want to...
  4. Hellbilly

    Silly thought

    Hey guys Please don't take this the wrong way . I'm not trying to take anyone down or anything I was reading some posts this morning and had a thought Why don't we all swap houses for a week or two???? All the obsessive compulsives can move into the depressed and tidy their houses up all the...
  5. Calisa

    Any ideas?

    Im currently living with my partner, daughter and his parents (both mine have passed on) we share a room with our 7 yr old daughter and im expecting another child. ive been on the council list for 3-4 years and because i have G.A.D. i can only really bid on houses in my area because i dont drive...
  6. delatext

    constructing a fun place

    A friend of mine spoke to me recently about the notion of constructing a fun place in your head, a bit like the sims, so I thought yes that sounds good, thinking I imagined an island in outer, outer northern scotland I call outer weirdy beardy full of six legged sheep, large busted women and...
  7. T

    is anyone afraid of new situations

    i went to candle party 2nite and only because i only ken'd two people and it was a new house. i was quiet and scared, i am not like this when i am with my friends. it now means i dont go to new houses and if i do i am very uneasy i wont go out to the shops unless i ken it or wen i am with...