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  1. N

    Feel on verge of breakdown

    I'm really struggling again with the amount of stress I can feel all of the time. Everything hurts - muscles and joints etc. - and I feel weak and unable to concentrate. I think I'm just really struggling to keep up with life so I always feel like I'm failing. I can barely sleep at night then...
  2. S

    Jealous Housemate

    My housemate/friend gets very jealous and like an over protective parent over me having a boyfriend. This is the first I've had a boyfriend since we've been friends. From moment I first starting seeing my boyfriend my friend has been very negitive and picking holes in our relationship. If I'm...
  3. S

    New Relationship

    I've starting seeing a guy for just over a week now. Things have been going very fast, he has already told me he is looking for something long term leading to marriage eventually. He has been married in the past and has a child. He told me on the second date I can't go round his flat because...
  4. D

    Soteria Bradford

    If anyone has experienced, or is currently, experiencing voice hearing, alternative realities, hallucinations, different beliefs, etc and want to heal in a friendly, calming and safe atmosphere - then this might interest you. Soteria Bradford is a team of people who many of us have had lived...
  5. A

    My flaw is that I'm too generous people take advantage of me.

    I ordered two rugs by mistake and instead of sanding one back I gave one too my housemate without even thinking.
  6. G

    Advice to help a friend

    Hello, I think i need help to help my friend. He recently graduated and such and came to visit us recently. This friend,... let's say Neil, probably has some form of OCD and other things, to give a small hint: He will /constantly/ pace whilst constantly fidgiting with his hands (as he says he...