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  1. L

    Advice needed

    My teenage daughter has recently been diagnosed with bpd. We’ve had no counseling or help yet. She is at her father’s house at the moment and has blocked me out of all her social media and won’t talk to me for some reason. I don’t know what to do. Her father knows nothing of her diagnosis and...
  2. A

    Advice to Help my Partner w/ OCPD

    My partner of 15years has always liked things done a certain way but we never thought it to be much of a problem. He cleaned, worked hard and was great at budgeting. But about a year ago, we moved. He couldn’t find a job, so I went to work. Him having control over the house and children has sent...
  3. L

    Developing friendships when you have agoraphobia and social anxiety

    Hi everyone. I'm new here and I think this is a heavy post for my first time posting, but here it goes. I'm hoping for some advice about trying to make a friend. I'm sure to a normal person, this would be super easy, but I'm not normal. :rolleyes: When I was in my teens, I was diagnosed with...
  4. C

    How can i go back to school!?

    hi all, i am new here, mostly because i iwanted some perspecitve on this "dilemma" (though in my mind - i dont have a choice) i dont know how iim going to go to university next year. i hate leaving the house - right now im doing contract work and its full time, the omnly reason i really leave...
  5. S

    Hearing voices from the heavens?

    This is about my aunt, but she texted my parents one day asking if she could stay at their house for some time. They agreed, and they started noticing that she was praying/ reciting words really fast. She said she left her house because God said it was "unclean" (I'm guessing from evil spirits...
  6. M

    Hello. I am not well.

    Hello all. As the topic states i have been sick with depression and generalized anxiety for 18 years. I am 43 years old and live in Denmark with my wife in a house with our 3 dogs. I joined because i was hoping to get some additional information that could help me.
  7. Funnyday

    Whats wrong with me

    I keep putting off calling my landlord so that they can send a repairman out. I keep putting it off. I don't know if its the thought that they are spying on me when they come round and reporting back with the news that my flat is a tip. I use to be very house proud. Since being diagnosed that...
  8. 5

    Council house application help!

    I have had problems for over 20years now and about 10 years ago it started spiralling completely out of control with a lot of negative ways of coping multiplying rapidly. I looked around for a suitable location and found one that should restore my health and enable me to start working again. I...
  9. N

    Turns out they moved a pyromaniac in our shared supported living house

    We had a new person move in. He has previous arson convictions which he openly admitted a few times on visits before he moved in. He had been in a forensic hospital for some years because of the arson/s. I had some concerns because he was an arsonist and would be moving into a shared house with...
  10. Poopy Doll

    My sons visit

    I had two sons come visit. One was easy to connect with and lots of fun to be with. But the other one changed after the first few days. At first he gave me presents and was nice. Then he went to the Irish pub on the corner. He came back and was over bearing and domineering. He insisted that he...
  11. Homebound87

    Tired of living in fear

    I'm new here. I'm scared everyday. I hardly leave my house. I've been hiding my fear of leaving my house and my depression for quite some time. I cannot leave my house alone. I'd I have too it's with my husband or my sister in law. There the only ones I've ever talked to but they don't really...
  12. N

    Forced into socialising

    After a week of severe meltdowns and extreme anxiety. My partners family invited themselves for a Sunday roast. The last thing i need not to mention i have nothing nice to say to one of his sisters or her partner as i do not think much of them after recent events. So too avoid the threat of them...
  13. C

    Trying to help my 15yo daughter

    My 15yo daughter was diagnosed about 3 years ago as having BPD, being on the Autism Spectrum, depression, and anxiety. She was out of control, doing drugs, sneaking out of the house, having sex, and failing at school. We finally put her into a Wilderness program for about three months and then...
  14. J


    My name is James I am 41 and have just been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and depression. I also have agoraphobia and am house bound. Glad to be here.
  15. F

    The mortgage is in my name, would he get half?

    Hi Can anyone give me some advice on this please? I have a mortgage that is in my name only and my partner lives with me. If we split up, would he be able to get half of my house? I moved into the house and had my mortgage before I met him. I hope someone can help. thanks.
  16. H

    Depression following a house move

    This may sound a bit silly but I wanted to move house and my wife agreed. I'd lived in the house for 17 years (she moved in 5 years ago). I hate the house I'm in now. The neighbours are noisy and the kids' school is a long drive away (they used to be able to cycle - I do the school run). I also...
  17. S

    I cant stop thinking about dying

    I want to kill myself. I cant stop thinking about death and the spirit world. my life is recently messed up. I lost my house and im stuck with my parents. i lost my money and i dont know when i can go back to my life. there is a lot i should deal with and all i can do rightnow is sit with my mom...
  18. J


    Hey.. so I had an email from this site yesterday as it was world mental health day, I must of signed up years ago I don’t even remember. But I’d really like some help as I’m starting to feel unhelpable.. here’s my story.. I’ve been on antidepressants for years on and off for what different GP’s...
  19. N

    Those Autumn/Winter nightime blues,/Fluxoetine treatment

    Hi Folks, Due to mental health problems whilst away, and also travelling back to home in all day wet on Saturday, I have been severely irritible, and leading almost which isn't at all like me, into slight depression, and what with the autum/winter nightime blues literally starting to bite, I...
  20. P

    Given up - Retreated into my own mind.

    It has taken so much to write this. I have retreated into a technique where if you were taken as a prisoner and that is to build in your brain. It doesn't matter what it is, a motorbike, house a car, I made a mistake of building a life. This life is somewhere I have stepped outside of my house...