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  1. H


    Hi all. Just looking for some advice. A few hours ago my partner started seeing things. He was very much not here and said it was a face with no eyes. The thing wanted his eyes and told him there are things he should nit see. He wrote this down on paper! He tried scratching near his eyes and put...
  2. W

    Is this how depression feels?

    I have struggled with this almost my whole life. I feel like I cannot go anywhere or do anything or interact with anyone with out everyone doing a million stupid things and ruining my day. Take today for example: It started with me calling my health insurance company. All their systems are down...
  3. A

    Why are my fight or flight symptoms lasting longer and longer?

    Im a 32 year old male and I've been battling this for years. Why does it seem my flight or fight response is taking longer and longer to subside. Ive been having panic attacks and depression for years, I know all about the biology behind it with hormones and nervous systems. I seem to be having...
  4. valleygirl

    Christmas Blues

    Have you got the Christmas blues? I do, but I feel like I'm sinking further down, past just being blue. I haven't been sleeping very well the last few weeks, and I've just been pushing through work with caffeine, and then on Friday I slept 14 hours. I went for a walk by the river for a couple...
  5. D

    valium or xanax

    i been on klonopin for a few years now and it no longer works last time i talked to my pdoc he just increase to 1mg but didn't help i was on 0.5mg two times a day as needed so basically i been on 1mg i did take it twice before. now i still get anxiety. i need something that will act quickly but...
  6. B


    Hi I have a CPN. She is very good but says she does not check her email s out of work time and got angry that I called her work mobile. I have crisis team to call but do not know them. Should a CPN be accessible to a patient out of hours ? when she is not working as I believe work does not stop...
  7. qwerty1234

    I psychoanalyze a lot and it leaves me feeling alone

    I am bpd and so I have a lot of emotions that I am always absorbed with trying to analyze. I also try to find deeper connections between things and so spend a lot of time thinking, from which I emerge ready to talk for hours or pages of email. I don't know other people who are like me, I want...
  8. N

    Looking at clinical notes?

    I have had major concerns my care team are keeping secret folders on me, this gets worse when I become unwell and it manifests into one big conspiracy against me. My community nurse arranged for all my NHS folders to be shipped to the community learning disability office, All 8 of the folders...
  9. T


    I don't fully understand the term but i am sleeping excessively. I am on less medication than i have ever been and ideally will be off all eventually. I think i can manage stress now but if i can manage work, that is another question. Right now, how do i sleep a more reasonable amount of time? I...
  10. H


    Hey everybody. I'm not totally sure what to put here. I'm 27, have a stable job and work 40 to 50 hours a week. I want to start therapy but honestly with my hours it is a hassle. I've tried therapy in the past and had bad experiences whether it is being forgotten about, overdosed or just told...
  11. Funnyday

    Blood glucose level

    I've had blurry vision for about a week or two now. I went to the optician and she said that she can't give me an eye test if my Diabetes isn't under controll. So she said for me to get a fasting blood test at my doctors as soon as possible and then come back to her in a couple of weeks time. I...
  12. L


    Hi, I am asking on behalf of someone. I not sure if this is the right place to ask my questions & if you cannot answer perhaps you could sign post me to some where I can get the answers I need. So it is regarding hypomania or mania. What is the difference between them both? What symptoms...
  13. jasmink

    bpd and other crappppp

    Took six hours to pick up my phone and get out of bed.
  14. J

    Wage problem

    So I've just had my first wage from my small part-time cleaning job. I work 12.5 hours per week @ £8.93 per hour. I'm paid fortnightly so I should get £223.25 per fortnight. I've just checked my online banking and they've only paid me £178.70 - does anybody know why this might be? I assume I...
  15. M

    Hey everyone!

    I am new here, future psychiatrist and extraordinaire survivor of sexual abuse and mental abuse. First of all, I am doing my therapy and it is ok, except the anger I feel whenever I think about my abusers which is pretty normal. I am looking for some insight because I think that it will help me...
  16. A


    I can't last much longer. I am on the verge of phoning 111, but not sure that will be too helpful as from experience if they take me to ED, I will be stuck there for hours and hours before I get to speak to psych liaison and I don't want that. I'm not sure how much I want help.
  17. 1

    self-help ideas?

    hey, ive been struggling for the past two weeks mood wise, i just feel low and crap all the time with no ups or high moments. my care team are aware of this and have prescribed prn medication for the past week, but even that doesnt seem to be helping. im not sleeping and when i do get my head...
  18. S

    Starting DBT and terrified

    So next Tuesday I start DBT. I'm really pleased I've been accepted onto it as I think its the only thing that may make a difference. BUT.... I'm freaking out. 1. Its a group thing each week for 2.5 hours. I don't do group things at the best of times but to be doing something that will make me...
  19. shaky

    9 hours in A&E, yet sent home without seeing a pdoc

    Yesterday I did some serious self-harm - the worst I've ever done So I went to the local 'Urgent care' unit (we don't have A&E where I live) to get it looked at. The nurse took one look and said 'we can't deal with that here'. She called an ambulance to take me to the proper Emergency Department...
  20. 1

    Out Of Hours. struggling yet again

    so ive been sat waiting now for over 2 hours waiting for a call back ... i dont want to call them again because i dont want to look needy. ive tried talking to my online counsellor like ive been advised but that seams to have made things feel worse. done the usual bull shit of go for a shower...