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  1. fazza

    Need a complete shutdown reboot Falling apart

    Can't focus on anything. Can't switch my head off. 100000 thoughts an hour. Just had 4, 5mg diazepam but even that's not slowing me down. Can't help but feel like I need to press the off switch. Been for a drive and a walk today but that did not help. At the end of my rope. Can't go on like...
  2. C

    Hello I'm new here

    Hello I have just registered with the site I have suffered with anxiety and panic disorder for 35 years have tried every therapy under the sun. I'm also agoraphobic and next week I have to travel to a hospital over an hour from my home for a procedure that must be done, I've got to get there and...
  3. P

    Stressed by 2 hour phone calls from relative

    Hi, this sounds rather nasty of me! I have a younger relative, aged 32 to my 37, who I'm not close to, in the past I met her and she said some hurtful things to me. She recently said she is lonely and wants to ring me up, I don't mind talking for a short time but I have schizophrenia diagnosis...
  4. classy_flamingo

    Ever feel like therapy is a waste of time?

    I've been seeing my therapist for a couple months now and today I left feeling really annoyed. She spent the entire hour talking about the Paleo diet and what you can eat when you're on it, etc etc. Granted, she was encouraging me to change my lifestyle but for a whole hour?? In fact, I find...
  5. Zardos

    Nutty Fudgkins !!!!!!!!!!

    I'm manic and I really need to go to bed.. Got to be up early in the morning.. And I just spent the last hour having imaginary conversations with people in my head... :prop:
  6. C

    Advice please

    Feeling stupid but took an OD of sertiline and alot of jd and coke so feeling funny today well about an hour a go will I be ok �� If anyone is there
  7. Poopy Doll

    Stomach upset from taking my pills

    I always take my evening pills with food/dinner. On Saturday night I got distracted and forgot to take the pills for an hour. I took them thinking there was still food in my stomach. But it made me very ill. Like the pills were burning a hole in my stomach. I have taken the pills half an hour...
  8. N

    A Tad Touch of Paranoia

    Hi Folks, I hadn't been well this morning as you all might have gathered, in case you all missed it, Ihappened to have been aware very aware of a low helicopter hovering, approx 10.30am this morning, and below and behold, later, at midday, I had a t ouch of tad of paranoia flare up, and this is...
  9. P

    mood is uncontrolable

    So yeah, I am really struggling with my mood right now. I am having a shit time at the moment with lack of support and a good friend who has ignored me for months. I have messaged every so often and I have just realised it's ever since I told her about my BPD that she didn't bother replying...
  10. Kerome

    How long to meditate

    Lately I’ve been extending the amount of time I meditate, with some interesting effects. So I wanted to write a little about what to expect and what is appropriate. I always recommend people start out with very short sections, especially if they’ve experienced psychosis in the last six months...
  11. P

    Employer deterring reasonable adjustments

    Hi everyone :) I am new to the forum and this is my first post!! I just wanted some advice about my current work situation. I have been working there for 2 years but they are aware that I have anxiety and depressive condition (as confirmed by a GP 18 months ago), my sickness absence has been...
  12. B

    Is New York State cursed or what?

    Anybody that lives in New York State should know about this ridiculous minimum wage increase they have put into place that is supposed to end in 2021 with everyone (even fast food workers) making at least $15 an hour. I feel like its a curse because sure i will make more money; but the costs...
  13. scrappy-doo

    sleep ?

    Is anybody else having issues with sleep, every time I go to bed & shut my eyes iv got that many thoughts racing around in my head & that much worry I find it impossible to get a decent sleep, iv spoken to my GP & all they said is that it comes with anxiety n it will pass, but it's not that easy...
  14. J

    Is Anyone Else In Bed All Day with Severe Depression?

    I have only just managed to get up, have a bath, put washing on and cook some food. I feel there is no point in this Existence. I am Enduring each hour - not living it. I know I should take more exercise etc. but I have no Motivation at all. I hardly see anyone or go out.It is Frightening.
  15. L

    Is a 6 hour nervous breakdown possible?

    Hi, I have recently split from a 7 year relationship, I now believe he was a sociopath! My question is about 6 months ago my ex partner had a paranoid experience which lasted about 6 hours! We were at a family wedding and he went to the toilet and returned acting irrational! I couldn't make...
  16. S

    overeating disorder

    i usually overeat i cant stop that everyday i eat too much every hour to hour i go eat anydrug could me help with this disorder i also was or still i dont know schizophrenic thank you everybody
  17. N

    Schizoaffective Disorder. Am I having mood swings?

    I'm on pretty strong monthly depot antipsychotics, I have been doing well since last September since my last hospital admission. Mood has been stable. I found out after looking at the shift rota that I've lost one hour a week off my support ours without anybody telling me. I was very angry and...
  18. B

    Monday = medication day

    I take cymbalta once a week. I used to take 3 a day, plus 2 buspar. On my own, I've weaned down. I deal by not getting myself into situation or be around people who set me off. Whether my anxiety or depression. Many people are truly stupid as to how it all works. For example... I was feeling...
  19. A

    Anxiety after eating

    I'll be having a good day, my anxiety levels are low, then I have a meal, and ten minutes later, my chest feels tight and my heart beats fast like my anxiety level just spiked. I can usually bring myself back down, though it takes a good half hour or so before I feel normal. Sounds silly...
  20. N

    Anxiety or Reynolds - perhaps both?

    Hi everyone, Admittedly there was a low helicopter this afternoon, earlier on; for about the most of the best of the whole week, last week, I couldn't sleep very well, and this afternoon, my hands were shaking like a leaf, if I held something, the shakiness would be very strong. Then...