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  1. S

    The so called cure

    This is very bad your extremely unwell even though you feel fine. We'll lock you up and take away your freedom, we'll even look down on you and treat you as some one who is less of a human. You need this medication which will cause all sorts of problems and when you try to stop it you will...
  2. V


    My psychiatrist wants me to go to hospital for two weeks to be closely monitored whilst I start the clozapine. I've agreed but it does mean missing and getting behind at uni so it's a bit double to be honest. People say I should think of my health before uni but next week is really busy...
  3. E

    Has anyone ever been sectioned?

    If you've ever been sectioned, what event(s) led to your being hospitalised? What MH team were you with at the time (if any)? And lastly, what was your longest stay in hospital?
  4. S

    Getting out of a CTO

    I am trying to come off a CTO, or at least win back my rights to make treatment decisions. I don't want to be someone who in a mental hospital for missing an appointment with my doctor or not taking medication. Or phospital for not I'm not quite sure I fully understand CTO's even though I've...
  5. Booby

    What do I do ?...my memories are haunting me

    Yesterday I was contacted by social services to inform me that my file that they hold on me, was ready to view and I am able to see it at my local office, I made a request some time ago to see my file, it is something that has been on my mind for longer than I care to remember, I am scared, I...
  6. N

    Hi everyone :)

    Hi There, This is my first time to this forum. I'd like to say hello to everyone! I am sorry that the following message is so long but I have something very important to ask everyone. My Dad, sister and I are really worried about how we're going to support my Mum to recover from a mental...
  7. P

    Family Support

    If your family suffer from depression, what would you do? Do you have someone to talk to or go to psychiatry?
  8. sara2


    I was very ill and had to have an operation regarding my bowel. I had really bad thoughts and visions. i saw dead people and an ambulance in the middle of the ward. there is toomany things to mention, Anyway i have to go back for surgery again and i am scared of flipping again . It is so scary...
  9. G

    Still traumatised by hospital experience

    I was admitted to hospital in May this year as a result of a mental breakdown and although I was only in for 3 weeks I found the experience traumatic and cannot get over it - can anyone offer advice (I was South Lanarkshire based)
  10. G

    Poor care/service received

    Hi, I have suffered with anxiety and depression for most of my teenage and adult life. I have never asked for, or received help for my condition. On 18th June 2016 I attended a night out with friends, I had consumed approx. 6-7 drinks and had been feeling quite low, I went home where I took...