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  1. M

    Not Sure Where to go

    I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at one of my many inpatient hospital stays. I also struggle with anxiety and something called misophonia. Basically, stimuli bothers me (chewing tapping repetitive noise or movements). So much so that I had to drop out of college. It's one of the reasons I...
  2. B

    Extreme phobia: physically losing control + hospitals (long!!)

    Hello! I'm new to this forum, so I'm going to present myself just a little bit; I'm Bo, I'm 20 and I'm currently followed by a psychiatrist, I was diagnosed with bipolar 2/bpd, ptsd, anxiety and depression (I know, it's a lot lol) I've come here because no psy, therapist, or nurse could help me...
  3. M

    Trigger Warning SH/suicide | When am I back to normal after OD

    I went through a traumatic experience on Sunday which made me relapse and take an overdose, albeit a 'mild' one. At first I thought I was fine but then effects kicked in and I went to hospital where they did a full check-up, found nothing wrong and said it would just take some time to get out of...
  4. M

    Still in the Hospital

    I’m still in the hospital for an eating disorder and I’m really frustrated at this point. I’m eating what they give me and everything is fine except for my abnormally high heartrate. I have the urge to go back to restricting when I get home. I just really hope they let me go soon. I’m wondering...
  5. S

    Hello I am new

    I really dont want to give out my name but I have been suffering from EUPD for over 30 years now and as I am getting older I am becoming worse. I also am prone to taking overdoses of pills and self harming which is not good. I am on 14 different medications half of which are for sleep but sadly...
  6. M

    At the end of my rope!

    So I'm now at the max of Effexor (375mg) that the doc will prescribe which was increased from 300mg on Thursday. If this doesn't work I don't know what I will do with myself? :unsure: My doc said we will try another antidepressant I guess. I don't think I can wait for it to take effect though...
  7. M

    Back on Duloxetine :-(

    After a year of trying to get off the stuff, my pdoc has put me back on it. I’m on day three and I feel awful. A cross between a class A feeling and having the flu. Has any one else experienced unpleasant side effects of taking this drug. I know from my experience that for me coming off it was...
  8. qwerty1234

    The hospital and ex friends who have treated me like trash

    I complained to the hospital and want to complain again. Two former friends threw me out of their life in response to a more confident me and I am still reeling from their disrespect for human life.
  9. L

    My Introduction

    Hello. I’m LockedIn. So named because I haven’t left my house since May 2014. I’m currently 23 but my mental health issues started when I was sixteen. I felt very distant from everyone, fell into depression and when I was eighteen I was diagnosed with SchizoAffective Disorder which I didn’t...
  10. simonr1978

    Hi all!

    I'm Simon from Kent in the UK, had some issues in the last year or so which included an overdose and putting myself into hospital for a few days, so I thought I'd join and see what was happening here.
  11. soulsearcher

    do you have to let esa or pip know if youre in hospital?

    hey peeps i was wondering do you have to let esa or pip know if youre in hospital?
  12. soulsearcher

    driving licence has been revoked

    i understand why they did it especially with me going into hospital any time soon but i cant but feel pissed off about it :(
  13. S

    Voluntary hospital admission?

    Having been in a mental health ward twice I hated it, but the past week I’ve been getting worse, to the point I’m having to see my cpn every day. Has anyone asked their cpn to admit them to hospital? Is this something that I would be able to do. I feel I can’t keep myself safe, as much as I...
  14. A

    fear of going to the hospital

    "Hi guys, My mother is in her late 50's, and she is a very healthy person for her age. She enjoys a good morning workout, and frankly, I think she is more healthier than me. Lately, it seems, she is suffering from blurred vision. She is finding it difficult to drive the car and even concentrate...
  15. A

    Bored in hospital

    Hello guys 👋🏼 How are you all? Anyone fancy chatting and keeping me company while I’m stuck on section in hospital ..
  16. R

    Husband no help at all

    Anyone have any idea what to do with hubby who pretends there is no problem? Long story short... We've been married 18 years and have 3 boys and a girl. He, knowing full well that cheating would be the one thing that I couldn't handle at all, went ahead and did it anyway. Well, after walking...
  17. soulsearcher

    going to hospital, what to expect?

    hey peeps so the dr from home treatment team has deemed that im too high of a risk for suicide so im now on a waiting list for a bed, so i was wondering in regards to going to the hospital, what to expect?
  18. A

    I’m hospital

    So I’m back off leave in hospital, wondering how long there going to keep me for, there’s talks about me moving to a rehab has anyone been to a rehab? Am I right in thinking you can still be on section at a rehab?
  19. vanish

    I want to go home!

    Hey folks, still stuck in the hospital. I don't fit in here at all as it is a private 'retreat' style hospital. The patients are all fairly stable and chatter away amongst themselves. They found out my diagnonsense and want nothing to do with me. I sit in my room alone most of the time. I tell...
  20. M

    Stuck in Limbo

    I just feel like im going round in circles and stuck. Im on 5mg risperdone which has just been increased from 4 and 5mg aripriazole also sertriline 100mg and dizeapam prn. I cant cope with the three voices that are outside my head not inside. I got so bad the other week i wanted to go into...