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  1. E

    My Mother-in-law died

    My mother-in-law passed away two months ago. She has been my best friend for over thirty years. She has not been herself for a few years. This past year had been brutal for us both. As she battled death and lost ground each day, and I started battling severe anxiety. It was so bad, I...
  2. P

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone I have come here because I have been through a fair bit lately. Well, first of all I was sexually assaulted by one of my service users. I felt guilty about reporting him because I thought he was so lovely and friendly. I lost my grandfather in November last year. It was an...
  3. Gajolene

    New ted talk on empathy

    Buddhist roshi Joan Halifax works with people at the last stage of life (in hospice and on death row). She shares what she's learned about compassion in the face of death and dying, and a deep insight into the nature of empathy. Joan Halifax: Compassion and the true meaning of empathy | Talk...
  4. G

    Formal investigation into my lack of disclosure about my bipolar disorder.

    Formal investigation into my lack of disclosure about my bipolar disorder. I have posted before in this section about my difficult employment situation. I have recovered well from my depression and am stable again on medication. I have an occupational health appointment on Monday, and my sick...