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  1. S

    Did anyone experience anxiety out of nowhere?

    The first time even I had anxiety attack I was 23. I was studying at university and was doing my work placement, was in a good relationship I generally had no stress at that time. And boom anxiety hit out of no where on day. Imagine the shock of feeling all this unfamiliar anxiety, I never felt...
  2. T

    My mum overdosed today

    Hi all, just feeling really low today, got back from work to find out my mum was in hospital from attempted suicide, by overdosing. This isnt the first time this has happened but she had been doing so well this year. Its hit me harder today than ever before I dont know why. Just feel sick, and...
  3. G

    please help

    i was wondering if anyone could help me as to whether i should tell my doctor about these things? im terrified that i have sold my sell to the devil and that i have the power to make horrible things happen to people i care about because of this. which of course i really really dont want too...
  4. T

    Mental Health in relationship

    I've been in a relationship for nearly 10 months. I keep getting depressed not bc of the relationship its self or the guy im with but most of all its his friends. they're just so rude and horrible to me, sometimes tricking me to thinking he's been cheating. putting me down constantly and talking...
  5. L

    Struggling with life and my mind

    I am really struggling with day to day life. I have everything I ever wanted married the man that loves me and I love him. kids who I adore and love and just want to protect. As much as I got everything I want I struggle with my moods I don't want talk anyone I like to be alone. If wasn't for...
  6. D

    I'm a horrible person

    If anyone should be dead it's me. I am horrible to the only people who can stand to be around me. I just push and push people away and I'm nasty and vile. I think about killing myself every day and every time I try I chicken out why? Can anybody tell me why I don't have the courage to do it? I...
  7. C

    Association Anxiety

    So I went through a phase of intrusive murderous thoughts and stuff for two years and it was horrible, never happened when I was away at college it only happened when I was at home where I first had a panic attack and the thoughts, now every time I go home the thoughts come back, at first i...
  8. Bedsocks

    Hollow, vacant, empty, void, nothing, blank, gone.

    How did this happen? I have lost so many people. I had so much, so many people, but it has all gone. All of that love, fun, laughter, warmth, and it has gone. I have been nasty, argumentative, rude, critical, but I have learnt that from people who should have taught me better. I was also born...
  9. N

    Feeling Trapped and unhappy at home

    Hi I'm new here but I just wanna talk about what's going on with me so I'm 18 years old currently unemployed and desperately trying to find a job and for years my parents have had arguments that have often made the house a war zone..my mum has really bad anger issues (same as me but im not as...
  10. little rose

    fed up

    so i still having a hard day because i was feeling fearful i started shouting a little i dont see why i should have to try anymore this is horrible today and im tired of waiting for the difficult days to end.. shouldnt have to try this hard and ive tred today.. just feeling scared and in the...
  11. D

    My Mental Illness Journey Blog

    So recently, I have been so depressed and anxious and I am losing the will to live. I have been signed off work, again, I have been self harming - which I have never done before, and I have lost the will to live. I feel incredibly lonely. I thought it would be good to start a blog, something...
  12. B

    Long day w/o proper Nutrition

    It was a busy day and I didn’t eat until 3:30 pm. Had a medium iced coffee to sustain me all day. So right now... major headache and feel horrible. Just one of those days that got away from me and didn’t get around to eating. :doh2:
  13. Fairy Lucretia

    need advise-making me feel suicidal

    i have been feeling unwell for a while now and i don't want to be around anyone being around people makes me self harm my sister has been going through a difficult time and she wants to come and stay with me next week the thought of it makes me feel awful and scared i know im horrible but i...
  14. nickybow86

    Why do I keep doing this??

    I'm looking at horrible things online and it's putting Terrible thoughts in my head. Just when I feel a little better I get these impulsive intrusive thoughts and behaviours. I'm scared I will give into this urge to end my life ! I don't want to die but what is the point in life 😣 please go away...
  15. I

    cant stand my so called horrible dad i really hate him so angry

    Hi I'm so angry sorry I had to let it out.we got a new puppy who I'm so happy to have and love to bits but my so called dad is so horrible to.Me he always puts me down for everything I do.and makes me feel so stupid I stood up.to.him and hes threatening to.take the puppy back.im sl angry I hate...
  16. I

    fed up off family,at the moment hate them

    My family are being really unsympathetic about a couple off issues taking my brothers side number one my brother may have caught chicken pox and I've never has rgen in my life in trying really hard not to catch them ,for various reasons staying out off his way and my parents and him are having a...
  17. nickybow86

    Having a shitty day :(

    Feeling so down today. Been doing ok on 40mg of prozac but every now and then I get these horrible low days. I feel ashamed that I feel this way, like I shouldn't be allowed to be depressed , am I just pretending ? I just don't know how I feel anymore. I have pure o ocd too and over think...
  18. C

    New need advice please..

    Im new to this i may sound silly so i firstly i apologise for that. I am 22 years old, at the age of 16 i got into a relationship with a violent man he was 27. i ended up pregnant. I was abused physically, sexually and emotionally. The day i had the strength to get away was when he physically...
  19. M

    hospital AGAIN :(:(:(:(:(:(:(;

    Everything makes me paranoid my voices are screaming at me to hurt myself, to kill myself and most disturbingly to hurt other people. I see people spying on me taking notes about me for some insidious purpose and the shadow people putting horrible thoughts in my head. Mood wise I'm not depressed...
  20. J

    Bad anxiety in morning

    Taking quitiapine not sure if that's spelt correct During day at work I seem to get better and like last night felt not to bad then back to square one in the morning it's horrible I know what's got me into this position but can't seem to slow down any advice please would be helpfull