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  1. S

    Hey there

    Hey everybody. I came across this forum through a Google search. I don't have a support system at home or the money to go to therapy, so I'm hoping to find a little help here at an overwhelming time in my life. Thank you.
  2. P

    Scared and need advice

    Hi all I wanna thank everyone that responds to this message in advance. I need advice and I have a mildy graphic story, I apologise in advance to anyone if my story and circumstances are not as bad as yours I just want help, insight and understanding. 7 days ago in short summary the person...
  3. Azelka

    Cyclical depression

    Hey, I was wondering if cyclical depression could be cured. I know the best for me will be to ask directly to my psychiatrist but I can't see her right now so I'm asking it to you hoping you will have the answer. I am asking this to know if I will have to take meds my whole life for treating...
  4. C


    Hey there everyone. I'm Cand91 and I'm new here. Hoping I can get some help :) Thanks everyone
  5. A

    Greetings and salutations

    Hoping to get and also provide help if I can.
  6. Firefly77

    Hi there, noob here!

    Hello everyone, I’m happy to have found this forum! I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for years, as far back as I can remember and I’ve been recently been diagnosed with BPD and looking back on my life I can see it started way back in grade school. Anyway, I feel incredibly...
  7. J

    Hi all!

    Hi all Long time anxiety and OCD suffer here. I am hoping to get some good advice from this forum. :)
  8. fazza

    Latuda anyone else on it

    Just had a med change to latuda as my diagnosis has been changed to schizoaffective. The pharmacy really strugggled to get it in. Does anyone else here take it. Just had my first dose. Hoping it works well. Andy
  9. C


    Hi I'm new to this site and nervous about being on here so hoping there are people that are going through the same as me
  10. A


    Hi. I’m new here. Hoping to make some friends & feel less alone..
  11. N


    Thanking for accepting me into forum,im new so havent used forums much at all so please excuse me ifvi stuff up will try not too hoping i can find my way around, i have depression anxiety ptsd
  12. P

    hoping for some direction please

    My therapist says my ex best friend represents something from my past. Does anyone know what this means? Also has anyone experienced this? And finally does anyone know how I can work that out for myself what it represents?
  13. G


    im now on a few different meds for my depression. this is new as ive never been on this amount before, so im hoping. im actually hoping that something is goner get better for me. Im thankful that ive found this site. Im able to be open and honest for the first time ever, as I was brought up and...
  14. I

    Isolated in North Wales

    Hello all, I'm hoping to meet other people in North Wales who are suffering from anxiety and depression. I'm isolated and have started Mindfulness and other things, but hoping to get involved in much more. Best,
  15. A

    Introduction from Manchester, UK

    Hello there I am from Manchester, UK. I am a 62 year old publishing professional who has recently been diagnosed with ASD and dyspraxia. I am trying to come off medication that I have been on since 1995 (Seroxat/Paroxetine). I was on 40 mg, then 30 mg for a week, 20 mg for a week and 10 mg...
  16. MichB27

    I am new here

    Hi. I have just joined, I am new here. Feeling very anxious but hoping this site will be useful. X
  17. D

    my intro

    hello bonjour hola ciao hallo etc. i dont actually speak all those languages, just a couple of them. anyway i think im late to the whole forum thing, and i dont know if anyone is really still here. im here now though, and i dont know what good this will do but im hoping anything is better at...
  18. lisa_wa

    I've had the worst few days

    It's not simply one thing, just things piling on one another. I lost it today, several times. Helpless, hopeless, isolating myself. I am hoping my meds will bring me back. I don't have a lot of support but I do have a wonderful therapist. Thank you for having me on here.
  19. P


    Hi there! I've just joined the forum - I'm a 35 year old man who has suffered from depression for most of his adult life, and finds it very difficult for people in my close circle (friends and family) to understand what I'm experiencing at times. I'm hoping to connect with people who have...
  20. B

    thanks for responses about caring for someone with hygiene issues

    Thanks to those who responded. I am trying to get this person to take good care of himself and am trying to also take care of him. He is on a lot of medication and I hope he can continue to be functional. He just got a job and I am hoping it goes OK. Sometimes I am wondering if the "grunge"...