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  1. M


    Thought id start a new discussion if anyone is interested on HOUSEWORK. You can talk about dusting,hoovering,washing,washing up etc, wether you love it or hate it, the problems you encounter etc. You can evan share hints n tips. Ill start with my houswork; I cant stand it if i dont do it...
  2. worrymuffin

    feeling unsupported....

    I'm trying to sort the house out ready for Xmas for my wife. (she loves Xmas, I loathe it.... But I like to make her happy) I've worked my ass off for her trying to get it ready, and I've asked her to help me.... She won't fix the Hoover, so it's taken me over 2 hours to Hoover the house using...
  3. mrlaurel

    asy on a sunday morning (just)

    hello folks, hows it going? I have a shitty zopiclone hangover (double dose last night as I couldn't sleep) you up too much? I have to hoover up this place is shocking :( have agood day! stan
  4. M

    omg-they are coming to do an inspection at 11 and i am screweD!

    Just had answer phone message saying the landlord will be over at 11am as arrangend( i have no recollection of making this appt) and i cant see how they are not going to kick me out, there are marks all over the carpet, the cat has scratched the walls, there are marks all over the walls, the...