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  1. R

    How do you respond to a rude homeless person?

    On one hand I want to understand their resentment to society and on the other I don't want to let them get away with speaking to me the way they did. I have come from a poor family myself, not claiming its just as bad as being homeless but my sibling & I ran away from home into the city without...
  2. D

    Does Tough Love Work?

    My sister apparently has BPD and a drug problem. She is now homeless after being kicked out of a charity homeless shelter, so is not living with a 'friend'. But she has no income so always begs, lies or emotionally bullies my mum for money. How do we get her to change and take responsibility...
  3. Mark_01

    World Mental Health Day

    World Mental Health Day has come and gone, and if I am suppose to be happy about it, I am not. Am much happier I made a good pot of coffee this morning. I think World Mental Health Day is for mental health workers to have an office party and kiss each other and tell themselves what a great job...
  4. Fairy Lucretia

    if i don't get my benefits

    i will have to die PIP up for renewal next year and im sure i won't get it and im terrified of universal credit changing over im scared of not being able to afford maddie and being homeless why can't they just leave us alone? x
  5. B

    Progression, but still very early days.

    Hello everyone I have only posted in this forum a few times and usually this has been when I have been at a crisis point, I often feel somewhat guilty after posting my frustrations as it is just a form of venting. Following from my last post, I am now no longer homeless. I was staying in a...
  6. Mark_01

    Too Many Crazies

    I am lucky. Even so, there were so many people like me, homeless, and ignored. Every year, since about 1974, I have heard "We have to help the homeless mentally ill," it never has happened. Today, there is so much mentally ill awareness, I have to wonder. I see little public service videos, a...
  7. N

    It's not in my benefit to be mentally well.

    I heard that the ESA assessment people only except evidential documentation relating to your condition from the two years previously meaning anything before that is ignored. So basically this makes me think I should kick off now and again because if I've not used the mental health service in two...
  8. R

    homeless place

    i’m going to the homeless place, some women phoned, she’s going to get me a mentor befriender, i’m not sure i want services, never seen anyone who receives services get better, but guess better is a pipe dream then theres the stigma, those mentally ill ex cons who said they weren’t mentally ill...
  9. S

    I am homeless with mental health issues.

    Hi everyone, my name is Joseph and I am new to these forums. I have signed up because I would like to talk to people who may be able to empathise with me better as I am sure that many of you have shared some of my experiences. I'll give you a brief summary of my life, I was born in St. Albans...
  10. NicoretteGummed

    Have You Ever Been Homeless???

    I was homeless for two weeks in central London in July 1997. It could have been a lot worse-it could have been winter. I mainly got through it thanks to Woodpecker & Monster Munch. :)
  11. T


    Hi everyone. My parent has given me a fixed period to get out of his house so I Wanted to know if anyone on here has any information or advice in regards to finding somewhere to live or any help that's available if I can't find somewhere to live soon and become homeless. I went into my...
  12. cpuusage

    Another homeless person has been found dead on the streets of Milton Keynes

    Another homeless person has been found dead on the streets of Milton Keynes Another homeless person has been found dead on the streets of Milton Keynes - Scisco Media "A homeless man has been found dead in his tent in Milton Keynes. He is the third homeless person to die on the city’s streets...
  13. C

    ..Standing on the precipice.

    Hi...My name is Colin Im a 52 year old guy, and I feel like im on the very edge of destruction. I recently had to seperate from my partner of 22yrs, in a very painful break up. It left me homeless, broke, and broken...I now have to live in a homeless project, surviving on esa benefits, and...
  14. I

    Possible suicide

    If I lose my only source on income and I'm forced to move back in with my abusive mother I will kill myself! :cry2: I hope that doesn't happen! :panic: I can't believe what a loser and a failure I have become! I had such great potential before my mind sicknesses fd me up! I would just be...
  15. M

    Council Housing and homeless application

    Hi everyone. Hoping someone on here has been through similar and can help with advice. I have generalised anxiety disorder, depression and possibly bipolar. I've been registered with my local councils housing register for four years under Band C for no priority. This year they asked me to fill...
  16. S

    Anyone successfully exchanged tenancies despite ASB?

    That's my question. I've read several threads about housing issues re antisocial behaviour. I relate so much to the stress of it all. I daren't say much about my situation, it does me no good, and bit paranoid. But am feeling trapped here. Just learned it's very unlikely that I can move from...
  17. cpuusage

    Growing Homelessness issue in Dorset, Bournemouth/Boscombe areas

    Cllrs John Beesley - Leader Bournemouth Council Cllr Robert Lawton - Senior Cllr for Housing. Dear Cllrs Beesley and Lawton, To help you in your policies with regard to homelessness and rough sleeping I would like you to meet Laura and Colin. They have spent the last several months...
  18. J

    Am I allowed to checkout yet?

    I think the last time I posted something was back in 2014 but I need advice or help or something, I'm genuinely stuck in life.I've suffered from mental health problems for the majority of my adult life, partly due to drugs and substance abuse, partly due to the crazy environment I was brought up...
  19. P

    WhaT a doolally.

    The psychiatrist says I got paranoid schizophrenia, I say no I have a personality disorder. Every letter she sends me it says I have this SZ, mainly positive symptoms. They have me hooked up on this horrible monthly injection. The injection is pure torture with the pain and side-effects...
  20. P

    Advice on counselling

    Hi, I'm new here but I'll try keep this short and to the point. I had counselling two years ago for pnd. I have had a rough few years with anxiety/depression and have had a few relapses, so I'm starting counselling with a new counsellor next week. I always struggled to talk in therapy. I...