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  1. Kerome

    Have you ever started writing your own holy book?

    It seems to be a recurrent theme, I've come across several people who have started writing a holy book while psychotic. In the podcast I've been listening to there was a guy, and I've come across one previously who said his mission was to modernise religion and write a new holy book...
  2. cpuusage

    Free PDF Holy Books

    Free PDF Holy Books - Download books, sacred, spiritual texts and e-books
  3. Weasel

    Holy Spirits

    Vodca agrees with me , but lager and wine gives me the shits
  4. T

    so upset

    have to go and do a welness program next week, still trying to come to terms with BPD, feel like such a failure and hope i don't make a holy show of myself, still trying to get my head round everything, sad tonight
  5. Lincoln1990

    He texted me...

    Holy hell. He texted me. I'm so done.
  6. S

    I need help

    Im a 21 year old girl. I've been going through many things. One of the main thing is some psychology problem. Doctors said im a schizophrenic. Am I? It started when I was at the age of 11, I hear weird voices asking me to do stuffs, I see people all around but no one else see them. My mom and...
  7. A

    holy basil for anxiety

    Have any of you used holy basil for anxiety or stress? It seems to work quite well for me and wanted to share
  8. ABsea

    high cholesterol :(

    My bloodwork came back, dr. Said everytging was 'outstandingly perfect' except he was surprised at my cholesterol levels!! (I was shocked, honestly thought my vitamin levels etc were gonna read that I'm dying) Now I'm so freaked out and so guilty i admitted I've been eating so much junkfood...
  9. bulbie

    Holy fish paste!

    I just found out I have a half sister. A half sister! WTH?! Like I don't have enough on my friggin' plate without having this dropped on me?!:scared:
  10. T

    Calling all Angels !

    Has anyone ever thought that they have ' Felt ' - a Holy Spirit ?
  11. D

    I know 'what gives'

    'Sorry about my choice of username; I must've been a bit upset at the time of its choosing. Life is chock full of travails, regardless of one's health. Here is what is true. You and I didn't make the World we were born into; it is far from perfect; it is profoundly infected with devilcraft...
  12. J

    New from THE ARCHANEGL GABRIEL to Ben Grey (for only the faithful!)

    Hi all, ( I'm posting this to Ben for all on the request of THE ARCHANGEL GABRIEL for only you believing only in the possibility that the boices you hear are from THE LORD and ARCHANGELS and not in any way a demon or other malevolent entity ) Hi Ben, JennyWW here but only for a second. It's...
  13. R

    Quiet on Holy Days...

    I've been hearing a male voice for 16 months and I have kept notes while trying to record this voice. I have noticed that this voice is less frequent on Holy Days, such as today, Good Friday. and for that matter this entire Holy Week. The voice is still there, but not as frequent as on an...
  14. D


    Hello and shalom aleichem (Peace be with you). I've finally worked out how to log in (I must have forgotten the password). I am a diagnosed psychotic (here in the UK they don't use such specific labels until a year has passed since diagnosis or I have had a third psychotic episode). I had my...