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    supplement advice & help

    Hi I am 38yr old male and suffering terrible with depression, been like this for around 5 years, it all stems from constant bad heads and migraines and old sports injurys, where i am contantly in pain from them, this is whats making me depressed. I have come off meds because they were not...
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    Anyone tried Inositol?

    I have just been researching the above and it sounds interesting. I know of someone who is taking this due to anxiety and depression and it sounds really positive. They were on Venlafaxine so slowly tapering off. Apparently Holland & Barrett stock this med . I am going to look into this...
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    Are psychiatrists the least effective of mental health professionals?

    Psychiatrists the least effective of mental health professionals, says consultant psychologist Psychiatrists are the least effective of all mental health professionals, a consultant clinical psychologist has claimed. In a stinging criticism of the psychiatric profession, Dr Henck van Bilsen...