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  1. Dayzee7

    How far should one go with Disengaging?

    I had a traumatic childhood, it was not always bad… but I went through a lot that shaped my mental physique and who I am today. I never had a strong bond with my mother; I was raised by my father and tossed around the family at times when they could not be present. My mother was always working...
  2. E

    The Holidays are Difficult

    Hello, hope everyone is having a good holiday (if you celebrate). Unfortunately, the holidays are a bit of a difficult time for me. My mom has schizophrenia. I grew up living with her but ran away when I was 17 for my well-being. Haven’t seen her since, but think about her every single day. I...
  3. F

    Any one else having Issues with these holidays

    I'm suffering from depression, PTSD (child abuse), lack of self confidence and self esteem issues. I hate these fucking holidays and anyone relate ??
  4. B


    I fuckin hate christmas
  5. Liza9560

    Sertraline Lover Needing to Increase

    Hi, all. Liza from Austin here. This Xmas has finally gotten to me, I guess! For years I’ve happily taken 25mg of sertraline a day, but my anxiety and its residual depression have reared their ugly heads again, and I believe I’ll up my dose to 50mg. I look forward to reading the stories here and...
  6. F

    Relationship patterns, intimate and non intimate, why?

    Can anyone help me to understand this please? I seem to have formed a pattern with partners and relationships. One relationship has intimacy and then the next does to start with, but it grinds down to nothing. The relationship with intimacy will be boring, apart from the intimacy (not much...
  7. L

    Esa assesment

    Hi I've got my esa assesment coming up soon I've no letter off my doctor as I rarely see her I get my medication on repeat so have no reason to go her so I don't think she would really help with a letter I'm going to the assesment empty handed basically an it's really effecting my anxiety which...
  8. maxny

    happy holidays

    I haven't posted here in a long time. Just wanted to reach out. Thank you for sharing your experiences, so we don't have to be alone in this.
  9. P

    merry freaking christmas triggers

    what did i do, to deserve, this cruel life live in one room, holidays, abusive father, mother didn't care friends married, homes, well, have families i have PTSD and all that goes along with it my neighbor woke me early banging on door, i asked him not to do it so he did it again, he is mentally...
  10. AliceinWonderland

    Article - Holiday Help for the Emotionally Neglected: Childhood Emotional Neglect

    Article - Holiday Help for the Emotionally Neglected: Childhood Emotional Neglect Holiday Help For The Emotionally Neglected | Childhood Emotional Neglect This bit struck a chord:
  11. M

    Don't want to spend the holidays with my family

    As the holidays draw closer I find myself growing more and more anxious. I simply do not want to go spend time with my family. I love my parents very much, and would have no problem seeing just them, but I have no desire to see my sisters or my extended family. I started dating this guy about...
  12. N

    Depressed and need someone to talk to

    I have a therapist but with my new job, I can't get in to see her, and I doubt I will. E able to before the holidays. I just need feedback from someone.
  13. I


    Hello everybody, by the end of this month I will be traveling to my village because of some problems I have with my lungs. I will be there for around 6 months, that's a really long time, my whole summer holidays... Maybe I will be able to travel back to my city once a month for 1-2 days but I...
  14. kyarahope

    Holidays :) Turkey - Dalaman

    Hello :) I thought I would on here if anyone of you had ever been to Turkey, Dalaman and if so what is it like? I am going in June for 10 days and would love to know if anyone has been... Thank you and have a great day! xx
  15. I

    Help scared

    Hi I'm scared I've got depression don't know what's wrong with me.i get paranoid all the time that I've annoyed people when there really not annoyed.ive got no energy to get up and do everyday things such as brush teeth get ready sort stuff out for work my rooms a mess I had turned to drink and...
  16. amathus

    9 ideas for coping with the Holidays when you have a mental illness.

    9 Ideas for Coping with the Holidays When You Have a Mental Illness | World of Psychology 'Stress can throw anyone off-kilter. But when you have a mental illness, you might be extra vulnerable. “The demands, pressures and expectations of the holidays can be felt more intensely by people with...
  17. T

    Depression or stress?

    For the past six months I've noticed that something isn't what it used to be. I have poor energy and motivation, I have trouble with reading and I can't concentrate on anything anymore. Since I was little I've loved writing stories but now I don't feel like doing it. I get bored when I have...
  18. Cerise

    Good days and bad

    I have been feeling so much better, really well and like I could put this long depressive episode behind me but I keep getting down days like today which temporarily make me feel like I'm back to square one. I'm really lonely and haven't got anything I want to do. It will soon be the school...
  19. C


    Kettering Bipolar UK Support Group Counties Community Centre Hertford Road Kettering NN15 6LG 1st Monday of every month (Except bank holidays) 7.00pm - 9.00pm Drop in
  20. C

    Greater Manchester

    Altrincham Altrincham Anxiety Group St George’s Church Parish Centre Church Walk Altrincham WA14 4DB 0161 226 3871 [email protected] Every Monday, 1:00-3:00 pm (except Bank Holidays) The Altrincham Anxiety Group is a safe environment to share personal experiences and...