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  1. R

    Anxiety about holidays and travelling

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to get some advice. I have struggled with severe anxiety for the past 6 years and have felt like this year/last year I finally got to grips with it and how to deal with it for myself. However I’m going on holiday next week for the first time in 4 years and already I...
  2. G

    Avoiding Holidaying with Friends - similar experiences?

    Just joined the group and wanted to post my story on here today in the hope that people reading this might have had similar experiences, understand or, if not, just think that Im not really going crazy or being a complete idiot, as that's what I think most people would think if they knew my...
  3. B

    Help determining whether I actually have depression or not...

    Hi all, I would love your help, this is my first time posting and I'm having a really hard time not knowing how I'm feeling in general. I've recently been on holiday and came back feeling so much happier, confident and just more comfortable within myself, and within a week later, I'm...
  4. P

    I'm new and unable to sleep due to P.I.P

    I was recently told I had to apply for pip as my DLA was ending. I filled in the form and gave my gp and psychiatrist as professionals to be contacted about my health issues. I saw my doctor today and he give me various letters to take to pip appointment tomorrow. I was shocked when I read...
  5. N

    September holiday/vacation

    Hi Folks, I am looking forward to my family holiday coming up, September time. Hopefully and all beign well, I'll do zumba on board, if it is too jumpy, too fast, I'll attend the once. I shall try to enquire if it is gold level. I'll also wish to take part in karaoke, so once I check the...
  6. Funnyday

    Holiday triggering voices

    I'm soon to go off on holiday to Gran Canaria. My voices have said that they are going to turn up the volume and intensity of their actions when I get on the plane. Any suggestions as to what I can do?
  7. Funnyday


    I'm going on holiday in a couple of weeks time. Hopefully, the voices leave me alone. Has anyone some advice as to what measures I can take for when I'm away. I'm really looking forward to it but concerned if I have a relapse when abroad in Gran Canaria.
  8. B

    Accute Stress and Anxiext owing to multiple berevament

    Hi. I am off work for 4 week's for Accute Anxiety Disorder triggerd by berevament. I booked a family holiday to leave August 17th 2018 . I booked it in May in hope I would be ok for my wife and 2 children. My doctor advised and has now documented I should not go. If i go I am uninsured and a...
  9. F


    :welcome: HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE! :peace:
  10. S

    Why me

    Why is it me who is depressed. Why is it me who has to take medication because of depression for being lonely and not having a girlfriend. Why can't my stepbrother be in my shoes or stepsister and then I can have what they have, a nice job, a gf and someone to go on holiday with
  11. B

    Don't no what to do

    I've lived with my family for 5 years now with my partner her 2 kids I have taken on which I love and my little boy we had together. She took me away on a family holiday of 14 all of her family and decided to break up with me 2 days in. She said she has known for weeks she doesn't love me and...
  12. W

    I don't think I can go on my holiday

    Hi all, I haven't had a holiday since 2011 and since then and now have had severe depression, anxiety and my GP has recently come to the conclusion that I actually suffer with Bipolar 1. However, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to book a holiday, abroad and go by myself. Why I ever thought...
  13. B

    Friendships struggling through anxiety

    I have never in my life written in a forum so here it goes. Im 29, my mother passed away just over a year ago. I was her full time carer and she had lung cancer. I have a history of anxiety issues that I managed to keep in control until a number of months ago. I recently went on holiday with...
  14. N

    Anxiety - Try Tai Chi!

    Hi Folks, I just happened to have been glancing, via my location where I help out, as admin volunteer, and attend classes of some sort or another, that they happen to have brought back Tai Chi, and read can greatly help the benefit of Anxiety. Hopefully, and all being well, I have emailed...
  15. N

    Re-arranging Time of Dose - Abilify

    Hi Folks, With the holiday in a matter of 13 weeks, now, I am re - arranging via self, when I take my doses. This is due to and most likely, if we're out during earlier afternoons part, say around 12 and 2/3pm, local time, for lunch, and any odd bit of shopping, by planning to take at a...
  16. Funnyday

    Holiday insurance

    As something to look forward too. I have booked a week all inclusive holiday in Gran Canaria next year. Can anyone recommend a holiday insurer as I am getting daft quotes from the ones I've tried.
  17. K

    Hello I’m new to forum and Bipolar

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to say hi and let you know a little about myself. All this is new to me and I’m still trying to get my head around things. I will start back in October 2016 although things was bad on and off for years before. My wife took me to Iceland for my...
  18. N

    Anxiety Med Lorezapam for Holiday Vacations

    Hi Folks, I enquired my chemist pharmacist, regarding whether if I could take Lorezapam, for in the daytime so that works better for me in the evenings, and he said, that if it isn't an issue, can cause drowsiness. I felt, oh well, on that note, I'll continue like I am just the abilify for...
  19. N


    HI Folks, I am very much looking forward to the cruise holiday coming up. I wanted to update and I'll verify with parents tomorrow, I seemingly have indirect confirmation at the moment, and they were apparently talking the other evening, that, we won't be going to our other holiday...
  20. E

    Feeling down on holiday

    Hello everyone, I am a 33 old. Throughout the year I work very hard. Occasionally, however, I go (like everyone) on holiday. I'm always looking forward to these trips. Last year, however, I took a two trips (one with my girlfriend and one with friends). In spite of looking forward to these...