1. pepecat

    falling down a hole

    pretty much says it all really.
  2. NicoretteGummed

    Trepanning-Does anybody believe this can ever be justified??

    For those of you unfamilar with this practice I'll fill you in on it. Basically before the "Enlightenment" ie//(1600's onwards) it was routine for people who were disturbed,who were then thought of as posessed to have a small Hole cut out of the skull to release the evil spirits from the...
  3. razza

    rabbit hole

    I just screw up time and time again. It's nearly 3am and I cannot sleep, my thoughts are buzzing. Take me out to the paddock and shoot me. There's a paddock across the road with horses. If only if only. I just want to sleep forever. Sleeping beauty although I'm no beauty. Down the rabbit hole...
  4. madmark

    Been a battle for 28 years with no medication

    hello to you all i am new to the site i have had manic depression for 28 yrs and tryed loads of different tablets but they only make me worse so no meds for me but what a battle it is i can change my mood in a matter of minutes with no control and my hole family suffer with me when i am...
  5. S


    I try so hard to be me, strong, happy optimistic... But then something comes over me, comes from nowhere and bam! I feel like I want to crawl In a hole and die
  6. J

    need more operations

    I had a hospital appojntment today regarding my ankle. I have 3 options I have leave it and pt up with the pain ans lost of movement in ankle and foot or have key hole sugery or have a ankle replacement. The key hole hods a high isk of 50/50 chance it will be better. I have decide to have the...
  7. L

    I don't know what to do!!

    I've had a relatively positive day, so I got settled and got into bed. I turned off my light ready to settle down, but as I did it I got a massive thud of reality. I got this really low sad feeling, it hurts :( I feel so down. I am so scared of what I am going through right now. I feel like...
  8. T

    Angry spells...

    Hi, I'm posting partly to see if anyone can hint at what is going on, and partly because... I really want to tell someone about this... I have been getting periods of very intense anger lately. They last for about an hour, are triggered by some minor irritation, and are alarmingly intense...
  9. S


    Hi I just wanted to introduce myself, I have been reading the forum for a couple of weeks and am amazed by how kind and helpful you all are and i wanted to say thanks for being here and listening.:thumbsup: I am 36 yrs old, married with 2 teenage girls whom i might add are fantastic. I have...
  10. intelgal

    cant pick my self up

    Hi, I am very new on here but wonder if anyone could offer me some advice. I have had depression on and off for about 10 years. My worst bout begun about 18 months ago but I actault sort help got new meds and was doing really well. I saw a counsellor and had made some real positive changes in...