1. D

    Hi everyone

    Hello I'm new to this forum, I've been suffering from depression for a long time (25 years), for the most part I have coped with it but this last few months have been the worst I've felt. Thought I was dealing with it ok but it seems to have hit me hard again and it has been a struggle...
  2. L

    not safe

    shout out anyone around? I'm in a mess.. everything has just hit me, I'm not sure what to do.
  3. A

    Hi, I'm New

    Hi, I've never joined an online forum before, I don't really talk about my depression or anxiety but I though i'd try something new. I'm 20yrs old and have had severe depression and anxiety since I was 13. Been on anti depressants and went through counselling, but nothing really helped. My...
  4. qwerty1234

    I am too needy

    I email friends several times a day and I didn't accomplish anything today because of it. The anxiety is intense without the hit of social interaction.
  5. S

    Hi everyone

    Hi all. I've come here to find like minded Individuals that may go through the same sorts of things I go through from time to time. Because I'm sure as you're all well aware whether your have constant anxiety or depression when they finally hit you like a hammer to your soul you can feel so...
  6. D

    Why Do bad Things Keep Happening To My Family?

    It seems my family never gets a break, just one set back after another. I look at friends I went to school with and they seem to have wonderful lives. I have one friend and everything seems to go right for him and his family, where mine is just hit by disaster after disaster. I'm not...
  7. C

    Is this normal for depression?

    Hi, is it normal to feel physically sick, and so tired that I can barely move? It’s a complete nightmare because I have 17 month old twins and I’ve gone from having so much energy to have less than none since the depression has hit me square in the face.
  8. T

    Mental Illness as a Consequence of Head Injury

    Something I've wondered about for a number of years is whether my illness could have been brought on - or certainly exacerbated - by a head injury I received when I was in my mid-teens. The short version is that I found out the hard way why the rules of field hockey prohibit players from...
  9. A

    hi all,,at last someone like me,,,to talk too

    well i wont bore you all to death with my journey to this point ,but in a nut sheel,cared solely for mum until death,,didnt then realise anxiety taking hold,,just a glass a wine at night hid it,,then more until was 7 units a day,,,,,, i stopped on monday for good,,but my god my anxiety was bad...
  10. Bitterdregs


    I will be here periodically according to my mood I suspect. Can anyone tell me how to do the avatar/profile pic ? I hit it and nothing happens.
  11. Z

    Hit rock bottom

    My life was going so great until about a year ago. So many things have gone wrong since then , including my partner quitting his job so I have no money to see a good Psychologist. I have a 3 year old daughter , so I am pretty isolated, except for my fiance I don't really have anyone to talk to...
  12. A

    Am I mad?

    I enjoy hurting people and being hurt I live alone and have crazy hallucinations and hear voices I am so anxious and paranoid cos I go out and cause trouble I never got over being bullied and the way they made me feel so now I want other people to suffer I am so angry I have hit all my family I...
  13. S

    Weird Impulses...?

    im new to this place and i made this account for the specific reason of figuring out if i have some type of compulsivity or something. i have really strong impulses to do an action a certain way, and i can't really control it. when i'm walking up the steps, my right and left foot each have to...
  14. S

    How Long

    Im on medication, getting Anger management and counselling. How long are people usually on Medication for because I don't want this for the rest of my life. I really miss my ex girlfriend and I know i should not have hit her or grabbed her by the throat but I compare myself to my stepbrother too...
  15. T

    Friends and isolation

    Hello, Never have spoken to anyone much about this sort of thing but when i hit a low it seems to always hit me when i find myself thinking. I think back to all my old friends/relationships i have had in the past (i am 27 now) and why i have pushed them away either directly or indirectly. My...
  16. bippie71


    It had to be done. :eek2: Sometimes I can’t go and I refuse to take laxatives or any other oral medication to go. The quickest way to the problem is with an enema and it works immediately. I don’t have to worry about getting hit with the need to go, 3 hours later, when I’m sitting in my car...
  17. N

    Am I alone?

    Hi, I don't really know how to work this but I'm going to give it ago anyway. So A lot people say to me "everyone gets a little depressed in life" that maybe true BUT I am not "a little" depressed I believe I have chronic depression. I have always had anxiety even when I was a little girl, my...
  18. C

    I've quit smoking

    This is my sixth day without a cigarette. I'm using a patch and a vaper when I need a hit. I feel better already and the running is getting easier.
  19. D

    Bonjour, and some help pretty please?

    Hello everyone, My nane is dezza and i have come to this forum as I have no idea where else I could go for some advice, seeing my GP is the last thing I want to do. I have previously been diagnosed with depression and anxiety some years ago but now I fear could it be bipolar? I just need some...
  20. Prairie Sky

    Heightened empathy or lack of?

    I was just doing some Google research into the effect of Bipolar on empathy. It yielded some wildly divergent results. Here is a blog post that mirrors my own experience. I'm intensely sensitive to the feelings of others, to the point that I will allow myself to be walked on. However I...