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    cold cost of heating

    it's cold i've got the heating on in one room 68 degrees 78 is scientific room temperature, i've got a jumper on, the savings should cover me, i've just subscribed to netflix a basic subscription of 5 99 a month Most places if you went to sit in a pub to keep warm you'd be expected to buy a...
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    Concerns for mother in home

    my moms in an elderly mentally ill home, doctor said dementia is when you lose control of that part of the brain that controls behaviour, felt the dr got something out of telling me that the home seems worse than highcroft, it's a private home the house was sold to pay for it so looks like i'll...
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    Changes of Attitude, Mental Health Authorities

    Coming into contact with Mental Health Authorities for the first time in over 50 years has been a very pleasant and surprising experience. The attitudes of reception staff, PALS, and the Doctor that I have met, are so caring, welcoming and considerate. I cannot believe I have been dealing with...